The Problem With GREED On Black Friday

Black Friday is the day in America where the hearts of consumers everywhere turn black.

By black, I mean there is an absence of light, an inability to see straight, to think clearly, and to perceive other people around us.

A sickness overtakes us, an epidemic of price slashing proportions attacks our brains like a highly virile virus, and our hands rapaciously and without thought reach into our wallets and thumb out notes as though there were no consequence.

If only it would stop… and eventually  it does… once the money runs outs.

The truth is we need so little BUT on Black Friday we want so much!


Because of greed, because of this insatiably dark desire to have and to have and to have without ceasing.

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The Importance Of Being Thankful For What You Don’t Have

Happy Thanksgiving America.

It’s typical on days like this to count your blessings and be thankful for all the things that you have been giving; to cherish all the good in your life.

But what about the things you don’t have?

Perhaps what you lack is an even greater blessing; in the world of social media and creativity, what you don’t have, your flaws, the tragic events in your life may actually be your selling point.

What could I possibly mean?

Assimilation to normal is the curse of the creative, the desire and ambition to have and to be everything you could be… is perhaps the most evil and sordid dream ever placed in the heart of man.

We must celebrate who we are today, cherishing the painful steps we have walked and dancing in a way that acknowledges our brokenness.

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To The Brave Souls Who Are Starting Anything

It takes a brave person to start anything, it is much easier to follow.

In the last two weeks, I’ve consulted with over twenty brave souls, all of whom have recently started some kind of online business.

What surprised me most was the love and respect that I felt for each person that I talked too. It was as though, in some ways we were part of the same family, connecting for the first time in our adult lives.

The same tribe.

A tribe of people who change things, a tribe of people who can’t simply sit back  and tick off the years doing the things  they are “supposed” to do, without ever asking “why.”

It is a fearful thing to step out into the unknown, and yet brave soul you do so with a combination of strong hearts and quivering hands… I salute you all.

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Why 2012 Has Been A Tough Year

This year has been a super tough year. We had our first child last December and he decided not to sleep at all for the first nine months.

Oh we love him, we love him very much… BUT…

We literally didn’t sleep for more than two to three hours a night for nine months, it was torture.

Sometimes the secret to success is simply surviving, breathing air and keeping on going.

In the toughest seasons, pursuing your dreams with any sort of vigor is next to impossible.

It’s important that in these seasons we refuse to let go of hope, simply keep putting one foot in front of the other, live from meal to meal, knowing that although famine has come, rain will eventually follows.

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An Unholy Fascination With Filth – Disgusting. Read.

It is difficult to consider morality when you are in the business of creating art… but I want to at least ask a few of questions.

Is art not the “honest expression” of one’s view of the world?

Why then do so many young writers create films about guns, prostitutes and extreme violence? Most of the writers that I know who write this way, know nothing of this world… yet they are drawn to it.

Why are we so attracted to the carnal, the dark and the hopeless; when at our core we are so unfamiliar with this world?

This is a very big problem… but not so much for its dark effects it may have upon our audience, but because of the terribly devastating effects it has upon our art.

When we write about something we know nothing about, we cannot hope to find any semblance of real truth; instead we end up creating an ambivalent caricature of nothingness.

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Why MISERY Follows Success Like A Guided Misile

Continuing from yesterday’s Living Your Story


What would be the point of creating the greatest song in history, painting the sistine chapel or winning three oscars if in the process you found yourself living a miserable life?

Let’s not kid ourselves here… misery follows success like a guided missile.

The stars of fallen creative heros litter the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard.

Artistic success maybe lying to you when it promises you a great life. Don’t throw your pearls so cheaply to the swine, who would so gladly trample you beneath their feet for their own shot at stardom

Be-aware of history and never prostitute your life story in the pursuit of your dreams; many hearts have been broken upon a casting couch made of bricks and stone.

Your story is greater than your dream.


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