Walking The Strange Road To Failure.

Work hard, save your money, provide for your family and your life will be a success.


Is that it?

Who makes people great? Themselves, providence, fate, God?

Let us be clear greatness is subjective and the desire for your own success may well be your undoing.

Even if you gain the whole world, what a price you have paid if you forfeit your soul in the process?


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7 Steps To Helping Your Blog Go Viral


1. The nature  of the content must be shareable; viral blog posts must offer something of value that encourages people to share it with others.

2. The title is paramount, it needs to speak to the common guttural human urges.

3. The content will mostly likely be about something other than yourself.

4. Numbered Steps or Lists are finite and feel actionable to the reader.

5. Blog posts that someone may wish to print out and pin to their notice board as a “reminder” each day are more likely to go viral.

6. You need to SHARE your viral blog post over the social networks at least once a day while it is still hot, this keeps the viral buzz going for longer.

7. Look at your old blog posts, see which ones were shared the most and work out why; you can always tweak them and republish.


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Don’t Forget The Voice That Called You.

Some time ago you decided to embark upon a great adventure. It wasn’t a fancy or whim that called you into the wild; it was a still strong voice.

Do you remember why you embarked upon this adventure?

Why do you do what you do? What is it you do?

Do not forget the beginning of your story, for that is where it all began.

In the beginning things were pure and unadulterated, void of cynicism, full of hope and life… remember.

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The Shitty Obstacles On A Dreamers Journey

Always expect obstacles as you stumble along the dreamers road. There will be hills too difficult to climb, crevasses too wide to pass, and deserts too empty and barren to cross.

For a dreamer dreams of the impossible not the possible.

Obstacles are not a sign that you stop, they are a sign that you should continue.

Getting lost, sidetracked, hijacked or kidnapped are vital parts of the dreamers journey, for they enrich and inform, they make the dreamers story great.

Don’t give up, you are almost at the exciting part, look again.

The hill is not to difficult too climb, the crevasse is not too wide to pass and the desert is not too barren to cross.


Creative Obstacles

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The Importance of Getting Rid Of Yourself

The world is full of people clambering for success, the last thing it “really needs” is my own golden success.

What do I mean?

I feel like I am getting broken down, piece by piece, day after day, month after month, year after year. Eventually there will be nothing left of me; no ego, no desire for fame, no need for personal significance, nothing that requires me to snatch and take for myself.

Perhaps then, I will be ready to tell a truly good story.

Yes, you can do anything in this life, but not everything is good.

Our creative dreams, need to be  about something other than ourselves for them to be of any lasting value at all.

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3 Things Essential For Social Media Success

If you want to use social media to build your business or your career then you have to invest something. For social media success you need to invest at least two of the following 3 commodities.

  • Money
  • Time
  • Creativity

If you have no money to invest in social media services then you will have to concentrate on investing your time & your creativity.  This doesn’t need to discourage you, with a creative approach there is so much you can do for zero dollars and it is almost always genuine and authentic.

If you have money but no time, then I would encourage you to sit down with a digital branding agency (check out our company here) and create a strategy that creatively and authentically reflects who you are.

And if creativity isn’t a strength, then invest your time and money by consulting with a digital branding agency, they are specialists in ensuring that your social media strategy.

If you want social media success you are going to have to invest something.


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Why Creativity Is Like Peeling An Onion

The world has changed.

I have a social media client who sometimes say, “but I’ve been doing the same thing for six years, why are my results suddenly different.”

You can’t keep on doing things the same way and expect the same result.

Movies, music, art, and business are all in a rapid state of flux. The only way to keep up is to keep doing.

Keep creating.

There are millions of people out there waiting to connect with your creativity online; it’s true creatives less than a quarter of a century ago would’ve killed for this opportunity.


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