How To Become The Most Valuable Person On Your Creative Team

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A team is like an engine, and on a creative team the spark plug of that engine is the Creative Instigator.  Here are some of the many ways I work at remaining a Creative Instigator.

Be the King of Random by following whatever rabbit trail suggests itself in your discussions, regardless of how seemingly unrelated the idea may be (unless it IS unrelated, such as “I want lunch,” or “Does anyone know why the Coke machine isn’t working?”).

Watch movies regularly and simply enjoy them without critiquing and analyzing (regardless how good or bad they may be), storing the images, concepts and feelings in your subconscious for later retrieval during brainstorming sessions.

Visit high end art dealers and galleries and observe paintings and art pieces of all kinds, feeding your artistic soul with beautiful images.

Surf Pinterest and create your own Pinterest boards, collecting images, designs, and concepts that interest you for fun.

In short, being a Creative Instigator is like attending class without taking notes, taking tests without cramming the night before, and sleeping well in between; the more you allow your subconscious to take over, the better you will be.

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Dream For Tomorrow

Dream For Tomorrow is a guest post bought to you by Seven Sentence reader Jay Belt. We love it… comment below and support Jay.


Dreams are what our future is made of…….

Without dreams, we only have what we see, or have seen…..

Today we have kids that live in a dream world of video games and do not see life as it goes on around them……

If we had no dreams we would still live in caves, hunt daily for our food and never have time to destroy other people’s dreams….

Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earnhardt, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, John Glenn and Barack Obama were all dreamers……

OK, I went one too many on the last list….

Dream for a better tomorrow.



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Let Your Creative Soul Sing.

Continuing from yesterday’s blog on the “creative process.


And so what does it look like to allow our inner creative soul to sing?

I think it may have to do with allowing pratical wisdom to have her say.

It means not always following the rules but allowing room for more moral skill to come into play — knowing when to extend morality over following the rules.

Often times our creativity is subjected to an inner voice that tells us to play to the weaknesses of our audience; it’s deceptive and immoral I say.

Our audience can and will appreciate your best work especially when it’s risky, daring and challenging. Lord knows we don’t need another mediocre piece of advice, art, writing or message to add to the tapestry of life.

How can you serve others this upcoming week by breaking your creative mold and maybe a rule or two?


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The Creative Process Is Best Kept Messy

No matter our station in life, we are often crossed with rules and scripts for how to maintain decorum,  often at the cost of a messy creative process. Messy creative processes that are likely to yield gems of wisdom, artistry and experience.

The truth is that while rules insure protection from disaster — they mostly certainly guarantee mediocrity as well. And too many rules prevent improvisation, originality and risk.

While there is nothing wrong in being courteous, proper and correct — there is something disastrous about being a cog in a wheel — simply put, mediocre. Our mediocre selves will never disappoint at being its best while our unique inner souls clamour in protest.

When was the last time you allowed your inner creative soul to sing out, even if off key?


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The MYSTERY behind why my EGO must die.

My ego is a clever little son of a bitch. It’s not like one of those brash cocky little bastards that runs a long the walls of a soul, shouting down at the minions below, demanding the servitude and worship of it’s owner.

No, my ego is more subtle, more cunning, more devious and understated, but just as insidious and twice as dangerous.

My ego is a game player, he loves nothing more than to clothe himself in false humility,  and to proudly show the world how humble he is.

I have finally had enough of his lies, which is why my ego must die.

My ego wants to rape my creativity; he wants to steal from it everything that is good, sacred and pure.

Creativity that does not live solely for the charity of others, is a deformed, twisted obsession that ambitiously gathers and claws as much as it can for it’s own selfish gain.



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Discover the SECRET Source Of All Inspiration

It doesn’t matter whether you like water or not, if you don’t drink it, you’ll dehydrate and die. Likewise you might not wish to drink from the source of all inspiration, but if you don’t partake of its substance, the creativity inside of you will also shrivel up and pass away.

Do these these uber-dramatic, semi-spiritual words drive you crazy?

No apologies.

You have to put gas in the tank of your car if you want to keep on driving SO you have drink from the source of all inspiration if you want to keep on creating.

Maybe this is why some artistic careers start off so brightly and then vanquish so suddenly?

If we’re truly honest, stripping away all ego, laying aside all self-platitudes, then we must admit, we are not the source of our own genius;  it comes from another place, from a voice mysteriously calling our name from the other side of the ocean.

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Why Creative Snobbery Is Awful

Creative snobbery is evil because it denies other people their right to be seen as free and creative.

How does creative snobbery make itself known?

It is most often a vibe or a feeling given off by the artistic or the alternative that simply says that by comparison you are ordinary and that you can’t compete with me so don’t bother.

Every city has their creative residential zone; they are usually characterized by an extravagant use of hair die, multiple body piercing and excessive facial hair. These areas are supposed to feel creative, but to me they can often feel elitist, separated, oddly cold and alienating.

Creative snobbery is never truly collaborative, it is weak and anarchic, it connects only with a few and leaves the others feeling disconnected and dismembered.

We must not deny the universal truth that creativity is everywhere, and that every single person on planet earth has the seed of creativity planted deep within them; only the truly creative person can see and love the creativity in other people.


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