Why You Need To Be The Good Black Sheep

The black sheep was never loved; the farmers who only wanted “pure white wool” would ship the newly born wooly rascals off to the meat works as soon as they made the required weight.

Pure conformity was the highly valued commodity.

Families, organizations and societies often value pure conformity more than anything else.


Because being different creates fear, it questions the current paradigm and challenges the value system of the status quo.

Fear needs to be challenged, paradigms need to be questioned and value systems need to be re-examined… AND…

…this is the life giving value of the good black sheep.



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Why You Need To Understand The Importance Of Subtext

Do you wish that there was no subtext in your life?

Imagine if the world was filled with people who spoke the truth, what said exactly what they meant 100% of the time?

Imagine a world without ambiguity?

I think it would be a horrible world, a colorless place without mystery or intrigue; the beauty is in the subtext, in the unspoken moment, in the feeling between the lines.

Listening most likely occurs when neither party are saying anything.

Although this is vital in our daily lives, we also need to let “subtext” infuse our creativity, to invite our audiences into our creative work as active emotional participants.

The more honest you are the less you need to say.


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How The Internet Can Make You Famous

Years ago if you were famous, almost famous or “trying” to be famous, the best advice anyone could give you would be to hire a PR Agent.

It’s not really a requirement anymore, and I think that this is a good thing.

The internet is fast democratizing fame, so now it’s possible for anybody with a good idea or a novel way of presenting themselves to attract attention.

If you are creative, then this opens up a whole new panacea, a brand new frontier of possibilities.

If you are making a film, you don’t have hire a Hollywood star to sell your movie; if you’re smart, if you’re creative, if you know what makes people “click” then you may be able to make your “characters famous” well before your story every reaches the cinema.

You have access to your own audience, you just have to have the right techniques to know how to woo, draw and then embrace them.

Remember getting famous online is not about “the technology” it’s about simply building a relationship with your fans.


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How To Start Writing When You Have Nothing

I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop in front of me AND I have no idea what to write.

Does that ever happen to you?

What do you do when you have nothing?

To be an authentic artist you have to start with whatever you’ve got… even if that’s nothing.

Especially when there is nothing, when you are empty and vulnerable, that is when you are most ready to be filled. Inspiration comes when we are devoid of hope, when we need it most.

It is a fearful, vulnerable place to be BUT it’s only when you have nothing left, that you are ready to begin.


How To Start Writing
How To Start Writing


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When You Are Feeling Stuck This Is A BIG MISTAKE…

I remember the first time I got a vehicle stuck in thick mud.

I panicked.

I put my foot flat on the accelerator, revved the engine, spun the wheels and sunk deeper into the brown stuff. Not satisfied I threw the car into reverse AND put my foot flat to the floor; the wheels spun in the opposite direction but I sunk deeper still.

Eventually a man with a tractor had to come and pull me out.

When we are stuck creatively, financially or relationally it’s super tempting to panic and put our feet to the floor.

DON’T… instead go super slow and inch by inch you will gently emerge from the mud.


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How To Use The Internet To Sell Your Art

Nobody is interested in you… at least not in the way you would like them to be.

You can’t sell your art, build an audience on your blog, or sell your music online by MAKING EVERYTHING about you.

Frankly nobody is that interesting.

Your interest in me MAKES is what makes you fascinating.  In a strange sense we love because we were first loved.

This is the only way to sell anything successfully on the internet… make what you do about others.

Enrich the lives of others with your creative spirit, make art that is about them, rather than introspective self focussed sop that is impossible to sell.


P:S: I’m going to continue this discussion in tomorrows blog “The Fatal Mistake You Are Making With Your Blog”

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7 Secrets To Kick Ass Twitter Profile

In response to yesterday’s hugely popular blog “Seven Mistakes People Are Making With Their Twitter Profiles”, here  are seven twitter profile tips to help you stand out from the crowd in this very noisy medium.

      1. If your twitter profile is for a business or a brand; use the photograph of the person who operates the account and put your logo in the corner of the image, it’s just good customer service to put a face to your business.

      3. If the above applies in the profile text say something like “John Wayne(employee’s name) deliciously tweeting on behalf of Cadbury’s Chocolate.”

      5. Furthermore, let your employee use their own personality within a set of  agreed upon guidelines; people want to connect with people, besides this way makes it more fun for your social media people.

      7. You should be able to read the text in any twitter profile at a single glance, 7-10 words only, with no #hash-tags or any other $balderdash.

      9. Choose a photo which represents the tone of your brand, the feeling you want to convey; but always use a photo of an actual person.

      11. Create a sense of mystery or tell a story with the combination of your photo, your twitter handle/name and your profile statement; this invites people to click on your website to find out more.

      13. Change it up regularly, with different photographs and profile pictures; don’t let it get boring especially if your twitter numbers are remaining static or dwindling.


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