7 Tips For Achieving Your Dreams

1. Constantly re-imagine your dream coming true; your vision is dynamic and your dream moves, grows and deepens.

2. Cultivate friendship with likeminded people who understand your journey and will encourage you to keep going.

3. Be certain that your dream is yours and that you were made to do it; you can’t chase someone else’s dream.

4.  Be motivated by a love for others and if you are passionate about what you do then you are less likely to fail.

5. Live a balanced life and just breathe; everyone needs relax, enjoy the company of others and to look after themselves.

6. Close friends may insist you give up; their fear for you is an obstacle you must overcome.

7. Acknowledge the growth happening inside of you, the things you are learning, the strength that is forming, this is all part of the dream.


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Chasing The Dream



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Why The Best Movie Characters Are Real People

This maybe controversial BUT in my opinion people of a religious persuasion often struggle when they endeavor to break into the arts.

I know actors that refuse to swear and writers that insist on having a Jesus or a priest in every scene.

Quite simply, it’s ridiculously stupid.

If your faith is real, then it exists in the slums, in the mansions, in the brothels and the bars, there is no place on earth where it cannot be found.

Real faith is gritty, it isn’t sanitized or purified in anyway. It’s the dirty, filthy, messy truth that involves people just like you and me.

Don’t hide the truth, don’t cover the dirt, be humble and don’t judge anyone… especially your own characters.

religious characters

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Who will stand with the brave…

The brave stand in the center of a field, surrounded by enemies and called out by mockers.

The faithful few stand alone, against all odds they remain standing wide-eyed and weaponless, full of faith but cloaked with doubt.

But still they stand.

If you want to do anything great, if you want to fight for anything that truly matters you have understand this fact… many will call you stupid, many will turn against you, and the majority will call for your surrender.

Do not surrender, do not give in, for the victory belongs only to those who remain standing.

The victory belongs only to the brave.

Take a wide stance, feel the ground underneath your feet, feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and drink deeply from the rivers of hope in your heart… remain standing and soon you will be victorious.

The brave blog post

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I’m Not As Successful As You Might Think

I am not as successful as some people may think. You can create the “illusion” of success online; all you need is a good blog and a great social media strategy and all of a sudden… 20,000 Twitter Followers later you are “somebody.”

But what have I produced? What compelling piece of content have I created?

I don’t want to simply write about creativity… I need to create. But I don’t need to just create… I need to put food on the table for my wife and newborn son.

Creativity is valuable but simply just writing about it although helpful is not really that productive.


The Illusion Of Success

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I Don’t Want You To Read This

People don’t like to read anymore… not on screen, and not unless they are hyper-passionate about the subject they are reading. Think about this…

A computer is a screen or a viewing platform, people primarily watch and listen (as opposed to reading) when they sit in front of a computer, it is now designed to be primarily an auditory and visual experience.

On a screen people prefer to read small amounts of text, text that is immediately engaging, text that evokes images and stirs their imagination.

Have you ever wondered why people struggled to read your long winded travel blogs? Instead write a very short story, or tell it on video or illustrate it with photos.

Think about your reader, respect their time and attempt to engage with their imagination.


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The 7 Secrets To Chasing Your Dream

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


1. You must begin – nothing will happen unless your start.

2. You will need the help of others – nothing great can be accomplished on your own.

3. You must love the work as much as you love the dream – the dream gets you started, the work helps you finish.

4. Know that there will be obstacles along your path – they are a normal part of the journey.

5. Listen to others - but remember that your dream is always your responsibility and not theirs.

6. It will almost certainly take longer than you imagined - don’t be disillusioned.

7. You must finish - the last mile in the marathon is always the hardest, just keep going until the end.


Secrets to Chasing Your Dream

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