Where Is God?

Where is God?

He doesn’t live in that cupboard by my bed; I just looked, and he isn’t residing alone in the pages of a book either.

If God is anywhere then surely he has to be everywhere right?

Perhaps the question is just as important as the answer?

Where is God?

This is not a religious blog, so please don’t leave comments designed to sway others towards believing your own particular brand of truth.

A genuine artist is compelled to search for meaning, for purpose, for truth, for justice, for equality, too search for the deep truths that lie behind universal human pain.

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Please Take This Personally… Please

I have something important to tell you; could you give me a minute of your time?

Thank you.

We often exchange pleasantries, I often write inspirational little tit-bits BUT seldom do we go straight to the rock face and read what is written in the ancient stone.

“This is it.”

It’s time to stop letting the seconds tick endlessly by; it’s time to stop being afraid; it’s time to stop blaming your parents; it’s time to stop reading and start doing.

Otherwise you will regret it and become severely depressed and unfulfilled in your future years.

Excuses don’t change what is written in stone.


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You Are Making A Big Mistake – SLOW DOWN

Sometimes I feel frantic in my creative work, like a piece of wood tossed and thrown about in the white water on a very rough river. I fight for air, I battle against the current, I lose perspective, I have no idea where the water will take me… I panic.

In short I have forgotten to trust the water.

The water, like our personal creative journeys is wild in the rapids and calm in the great open expanses of nothingness. Yet still it flows steadily down towards the ocean.

“I’m not sure why I fight so much, I don’t know why I work so damn hard.”

The truth is, I need to spend less time thinking about my dream and more time getting to know the river.

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Today’s Truth: Being Intelligent Has Nothing To Do With Being Creative

Intelligence does not by necessity equate to being creative.

Some of the most creative people on earth cannot even read or write; perhaps they are also the most intelligent?

I find it frustrating that people get so hung up on labels, he is creative, she’s not creative etc. It’s like we are forming some kind of exclusive club that satisfies a few and alienates many.

In my experience scholarly intelligence often impedes the creative process primarily because it’s always so damn keen on finding the right answer.

There is no right or wrong in the creative process SIMPLY endless roads waiting to be explored.

Scholarly intelligence is put into a person (learned) but creativity is simply allowed to flow out of a person.

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Working Class Man – You Are No Dudes Slave

This is your life.

It belongs to nobody else.

No one has the right to put you in shackles and to take you places that you simply don’t want to go.

Honor is not found in forced subservience.

Don’t listen to the voices that are constantly telling you what they expect of you.

What is it that you truly love, what is that satisfies you like no other?

Perhaps it is time to resign from the systems and the pressures in this world that force you to fit into another mans mold.


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How Working Hard MIght Be Keeping You Poor…

You won’t achieve your goals by simply working harder.

I have tried to muscle my way across the finishing line several times in my life; on occasions I have got very close, BUT when failure and major setbacks came I was too exhausted to get back up and keep on going.

I grew up believing that success was all about hard work; how about you?

There is another way, it’s called working smarter, working less, working more strategically.

In truth, I often work hard, applying myself to menial tasks to avoid doing the one or two things that would really make a significant difference.

This is usually a phone call or some other form of human contact that could result in rejection.

Perhaps it’s time to stop working harder and to start working smarter? 

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Why It’s Still Important To Win

Sixty years ago nobody used the term fair play. Could fair play be synonymous with not playing to win.

I find myself often falling prey to this very oily, safe and seductive suggestion. The voice I hear simply tells me NOT to aim high, to simply persevere, that my success or failure is not really mine to choose.

There is truth here, but no tension, it leaves me feeling sleepy; it doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning.

Playing small and believing only in the process and not aiming for eventual success honors nobody.

Ambition that is birthed out of a fierce passion for making a difference in this darkened world maybe one of the holiest things alive.

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