That stink inside you MUST come OUT.

There may only be one place to find solutions to improving our world — creativity.

Creativity is a co-efficient of great love, and both love and creativity are desperately needed if we are going to change some of the dark problems that many people on this planet are facing.

It would be lovely to be a little more optimistic wouldn’t it?

Actually i am incredibly optimistic and I believe whole heartedly that we have both the creativity and the love necessary to change the world inside these mortal jars of clay.

In Fact:

The changes that really make any difference to our world need to happen first inside of us.

If we change our hearts, if we change how we think, if we can creatively remove the blocks and obstacles that exist inside all of us, then the love can flow and our problems will dissipate like the cool wind on Tuesday.


World Needs More Creative People
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Web Traffic is like “rocket fuel” to most modern day businesses; if the fuel isn’t getting through your businesses will quickly run out of steam.

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You can’t put your head in the sand and hope the internet and social media are going to miraculously disappear either, if you aren’t in the same space as your competitors you are guaranteed to lose big time.

What to do?

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Truck Load Of Web Traffic
Let Us Deliver A Truck Load Of Web Traffic To Your Address

How To Boost Your Imagination In Only Seven Sentences

The following is a very simple exercise that will show you how to boost your imagination.

Many people grow up thinking that they are not creative and that they have a weak imagination; this is not true, your imagination is more like a wild horse that has never been ridden.

The following is a simple exercise that will help you to harness your imagination, it takes only 5 minutes, do it once a day for seven days and I promise you that you will turbo boost your imagination.

Step away from the computer, grab a pen and paper and go some place quiet.

Now, write and speak out loud whatever images, words, colors, or thoughts that come into your mind.

What do you write?

Anything, everything, nothing, in any order that it comes out, don’t try and make sense of it, just let it tumble out…


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Boost Your Imagination


P:S: Destroy your piece of paper and start again tomorrow. I promise you that this works



The Hidden Secret To Becoming More Creative.

The not so hidden secret to be coming more creative is really quite simple…

You must be prepared to make giant, life changing, fall on your face mistakes.

But won’t that hurt?

Of-course it will, but you can’t be truly creative unless you are prepared to fail big.

Why are you afraid of failing?

Honestly it isn’t that bad; after a few falls you learn how to land without injuring yourself.

If you have failed, fail again; it’s crucial that you learn how to get back up, only then does the creative process become almost effortless.


more creative
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Seven Reasons Why You Must Read Brian W Foster

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Today we are pleased to promote the terrific new writings of Brian W Foster and his book Blackened White. You have to read this book, buy it from amazon here. Here are seven reasons why we think you need to read Brian W Foster…

1. Blackened White is a collection of essays, poems and short stories from a new voice, with a unique and authentic take on life; the stories ring with the kind of truth that is impossible to fake.

2. Because his writing style is both funny and raw, allowing you to escape into the far reaches of another’s heart.

3. Because we know Brian personally, and can personally recommend him as a writer of great talent and integrity.

4. Because you can see him reading his work on this video right here.

5. Author and Grammy award winning singer Kevin Max says Blackened White “Prods the flesh with electrodes of hyper emotion, dangerous subtlety and purposefully mannered archaism”.

6. Because it will look great on your coffee table and you will want to pick it up again and again.

7. Because for only $12.99 it’s an absolute steal; buy it here.


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Why The Greatest Men Usually Die In Battle

Great men and women don’t just drift off into the sunset; they nearly all die covered in shit and blood in some kind of battle.

They found something worth living for, something worth fighting for, why would they stop?

Why would you stop?

Never go back to that secure ledge, there is no life there remember.

As dreamers we nearly all begin with an end in mind, whether it be some gold statue called Oscar, or a prestigious appointment, or a significant award; but that was never the single purpose of our dreams.

The goal is not in the reaching but in the walking, falling, screaming, running, fighting breathing “soul battles” that transform our lives and invigorate our souls everyday.

That our calloused hands would carry a sword for justice, that our lips would breathe with firey love, that we would stamp our feet and the very earth we stand on would tremble with fear; that in our final moment, our dreams would break us open and we would fall one last time, open and alive forever more.

Dreamers Destination
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2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Dreamers Destination

The Seventh Step In Chasing Your Dream

You must stop walking, you are ready now, you must begin to run.

There is a battle ahead, who would have thought that chasing your dream would lead you towards war?

Have we learned nothing? Everything worth achieving must be fought for.

If you walk in battle you will die, if you run towards your dreams, if you embrace who you have become, if you fight with everything in you, you will surely win.

Who will you fight against, you will fight against the opponents of your dream, not merely flesh and blood.

You will take arms against greed, jealously, envy, pride, apathy, self interest and hate; if you have kept your dream pure then surely you cannot lose.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Finding Your Dream