Why You Don’t Need To Be A Trending Topic.

We live in the world of the “new original.” The kind of world where pop stars and celebrities are always searching for new ways to grab attention.

If you are not a trending topic then you are no where.

The trouble with trending topics is that they don’t last very long and your five minutes of fame really is just that… five minutes.

Buzz is overrated especially when there is no authenticity, brand loyalty or actual talent to back it up.

So if you are not a trending topic or a Page 3 girl, who are you?

Your lack of attention may actually be a blessing,  drawing you away from the superficial and allowing you to concentrate on things of substance.


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You’re a Bigot! Go On Admit It.

No one is without prejudice, not you, not me, not anyone.

It’s strange that in the land of the free this prejudice runs rampant right through to the very core of the constitution. Total freedom for the individual implicitly allows for and legislates in favor of the individuals right to discriminate and to choose what is best solely for themselves.

I guess this is why black kids in hoodies get shot on their way home from the candy store.

We all have our prejudices, the value (less) judgments we make against the people groups or type of our choosing are obvious to anyone who chooses to travel with us in our motor vehicles.

The trouble with bigotry is not bigotry itself but rather the ignorance of it.

We have to own our bigotry; the sad, arrogant, ignorant part of each us that is quick to anger and too impatient to try and understand.

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You CANNOT Let This Awful Thing Win

Worry is a nasty piece of work, a malignant cancer on the soul.

Worry is a thief in the night that preys upon your worst fears, stealing your dreams and numbing the life in your soul.

Worry is a creativity killer.

Most creative people have to battle against worry over and over again; we cannot let worry win.

Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. Plan for tomorrow but do not worry.

Do not let worry steal the blue from the sky, the green from the grass, the warmth of a friend or the smile from a stranger.


be misunderstood

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The Joy Of Falling Into Nothing

I remember the day that I fell, I remember it as though it was yesterday. It was yesterday.

You can fall away from something OR you can fall towards something.

Walking is the art of throwing yourself off balance (falling) and catching yourself again.

I’m still falling.

I’m falling away from the ill conceived notion that freedom can be purchased or built with silver or gold.

That house on a hill could be a prison and not a mansion…


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7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Creativity

  1. Allow yourself to make big mistakes.
  2. Get away from your computer.
  3. Talk to strangers, engage with a different demographic of people.
  4. Make up songs in the shower and sing them loudly in the car.
  5. Don’t be afraid of appearing crazy.
  6. Stop trying to be someone else’s idea of perfect.
  7. Know who you are and refuse to despise your own beginnings.
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Understanding The Power Of The Unspoken Moment

Life is found in the unspoken moments.

It is what is not said that evokes emotion in a dramatic movie scene.

Comedians understand the power of the unspoken moment.

Rushing through the unspoken moment is a dangerous thing, both in life and drama.


Because the truth speaks in these moments; our vulnerabilities, our insecurities, our deepest loves and our greatest fears, twist and turn together in the giant whirlpool of our souls.

It’s beautiful, don’t rush, slow down.


the unspoken moment

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Seven Reasons You Can Become a Triathlete

If you had to bet a million dollars on someone like me swimming, biking and running her chunky buns across a half Ironman race, you would probably say, “That’s throwing good money after bad.”

But anyone in the world can become a triathlete with just a few small steps, just as I have done, fat bottom and all.

Most importantly, the first step is to adopt the dream of becoming a triathlete, to believe it, and to succumb to the dream.

Second, you should learn to swim and start swimming regularly in a pool, and eventually when you feel strong, take your goggles to the open water.

Next, pull that bike out of the garage or invest in a new bike, but either way, get outside on that bike (with your helmet) and ride like the wind.

Third, invest in some nice running shoes and begin to walk, jog and run your way to believing that you are a runner.

Finally, you will make yourself prouder than you ever could have imagined when you put all three together in one small event called a “sprint triathlon.”


Short Bio: Meredith (Swim Bike Mom) is a wife, mother, attorney, half an Iron-man, freelancer and social media maniac living in Atlanta, Georgia… and waiting for Triathlete Magazine to hire her. Blog: www.SwimBikeMom.com. Twitter: @SwimBikeMom. Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SwimBikeMom

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