Alone This Holiday Season – Find Somebody Special

Everybody needs somebody; this is especially true in the area of our creative process.

It’s tempting to try and go it alone… don’t.

When a creative marriage occurs between two or more souls carrying the same kind of vision incredible things can happen.

Besides nobody really, truly wants to spend their whole lives creating alone?

What am I saying?

Don’t walk these steps on your creative journey alone, find a mentor, find a partner, join a group, take a class…

Find a safe place to both listen and share and your own creativity will grow exponentially.

creative marriage
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The New Year Romance Is On – Join Free

Do you feel lonely?

Will 2013 bring you the love that you have been looking for?

What are you looking for?

We are all in need of a little creative romance. That the thing we do, that creative expression of who we are that simply brings us to life.

Without creativity we are simply following a recipe or playing a part in a cold, remote God’s giant human algorithm.

I don’t believe God is cold and I do not believe that you are NOT creative… remember your first love…

The Creative Romance
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How To Use Junk Email For Blogging Inspiration

Your inspiration can’t run dry.


We can be inspired by both the things we like and the things that we can’t stand the sight of.

It’s all about perspective and whether you are prepared to accept that the “being inspired” part of the equation is actually the easiest part of all.

The difficult part is doing the work.

For a example a great to place to look for unique blogging inspiration is in the trash; that’s right take a look at the titles of the emails in your junk folder… could you be inspired by them?

Remember, inspiration is not about looking for a fire, it’s simply looking for a dry piece of wood that could start the whole thing.

Unique Blogging Inspiration
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Why It Aint Easy Parenting Artistic Kids

I’m sure that I confuse my parents quite a lot.

After going to college(university) and graduating as a Veterinary Surgeon; my future was apparently safely mapped out in front of me.

I would never touch poverty, I would most likely always be gainfully employed in a profession that was easy to comprehend and simple (and with some pride) to explain to others.

Then I went and gave it all away.

From their perspective, I am sure this was a foolish mistake, risky beyond measure, difficult to understand.

From my perspective, it was an obvious choice, to waste my years doing something that I liked BUT that didn’t fullfil my passions; or to take arms against a sea of troubles and give into the dreams that had been in my heart ever since I could remember.

Yes, I have touched poverty on more than one occasion, I have walked, I have stumbled and I have fallen and I have failed far more than I have succeeded BUT at least I have been faithful to the dreams inside of me.

parenting artistic kids
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Why My Wife Won’t Let Me Lose My Accent

I once knew an actor who went to New York from New Zealand and within 5 seconds had picked up the worst New York accent that money could buy.

He didn’t just use it on the stage… he spoke with it all the time.

I once asked my wife before we got married if she would still love me if I didn’t have this accent; she replied that she would not.

Why would you love someone for not being themselves?

Appeasement is a dangerous road to travel on the internet or in Hollywood.

If you lose your voice, you lose yourself and you might as well just go hop in the big old box in the ground and pull the lid over the top of yourself.

Your tone may change, but your accent, what you believe, how you look at life, that is your unique gift and you should never ever give it away.

finding your voice
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The Secret To Finding Your Niche And Making Money Online

Who are you?

Like attracts like and your niche(s) online will most likely be people who are similar to you; so the hidden secret to finding your niche is knowing who you are…

For example, for years on Seven Sentences (yes “for years” I am exceptionally slow sometimes), I tried to get everyone to like me. The result was slow growth, and displastic blog content, that was well written but did not serve a need on a consistent basis.

Who am I?

I am a creative person, who loves artistic expression, innovation business, entrepreneurship and the power of the internet.

Who are you?


P:S: People connect with people, please contact me here about our corporate blog coaching program.

finding your niche
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Why It Is Important To Be Niche

It is important to know your niche.

Remember at high school, how difficult it was to hang out with the wrong crowd and make them like you? Well, it’s kind of like that when your marketing your business online.

Art is a business too, so when you are creating, think of your niche and don’t run around the school trying to impress everyone that you know.

People outside your niche might not be interested in who you are and what you are doing; to be honest they might even hate you; BUT that’s okay because you were never trying to satisfy them in the first place.

Yes, you can have more than one niche, but the more niches you have the more difficulty you will have in marketing your business.

I know this for a fact because with Seven Sentences I target several niches and the progresses has been slower because of this.

social media niches
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