Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Why did God make Mosquitos?

Sometimes the things that cause us discomfort and pain, really seem to have no higher purpose in this life.

But they exist and they bite, and they suck and they itch.

It’s difficult to rest when you are covered in mosquito bites; they irritate us.

Irritation is an essential component of any creative process, it stops us from entering complete rest, it reminds us that we’re human.

Would life be better without mosquitos?

Yes it would be; but their presence keeps us alert to the fact that there is still much to do and that earth is not yet heaven.

Why did God Make Mosquitos
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Why Boredom Is A Valuable Thing

Contrary to popular thought, boredom is a great tool in any creative process.

Never ever discount your own boredom, it maybe trying to tell you something.

If you are creating anything, working on your business or simply having a conversation with another person and you begin to get that “boring feeling” STOP, take your pulse and listen.

Boredom is a pain point, shouting out the story of your own disengagement.

If you are bored then you have taken a wrong turn… STOP, don’t keep going on and on incessantly.

Boredom is a road to hell.

Value Of Boredom
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Why it is IMPOSSIBLE to measure creative productivity

What are you most afraid of?

The ticking clock terrifies a lot of people; it terrifies them into submission.

I myself, am seldom satisfied with how much I achieve everyday. This is a bad habit.

When it comes to the creative process, sometimes there is just no point rushing. The value of an idea is not measured in how many hours were invested into its conception, the value of an idea is simply in the idea itself.

It’s possible to earn a million dollars in just one moment of genius AND conversely it possible to go broke with 10,000 hours of fruitless work.


Creative productivity
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Why Your Age Is Just A Number In Your Head

Age is no barrier to following your dreams; it doesn’t matter whether you are 7 or 89, it really is just a number in your head.

In fact the very things that we feel may disqualify us; our age, our color, our lack of education, are often the very things that make us different, that cause us to stand out, that propel us forward.

Is there anything more inspirational that an 89 year-old doing something for the very first time?

Your bravery at overcoming “apparent obstacles” invokes passion in other people and it causes them to open doors and believe with you on your journey. And we need this support and belief of others BECAUSE it is impossible to do anything significant on our own.

We are often tempted to use our obstacles as excuses to opt out of the journey. But to opt out is to give up and the world desperately needs you and your dream.


importance of laughter blog
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Allow Yourself To Make Big Mistakes.

How big are you prepared to fail?

Creativity is about making big mistakes. Without the ability to fail big, we are simply following a recipe that doesn’t involve risk and so the rewards will be slim.

We’re all afraid of big mistakes, but are we prepared to fail anyway?

What is the worst that could happen?

Genius often exists on the other side of a mistake, if only we will risk enough to step into the unknown.

Don’t be right, try and be wrong on purpose.


Big Mistakes
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Quit being someone else’s idea of perfect.

If there is a problem in a popular culture it’s the presence of other people voices in the expression of an individual’s art.

It is of course the popular voice, the voice that sits in the middle of the bell curve that offends no one and challenges nothing. That’s why it’s popular…

Fortunately for us, the genuine artist isn’t in a fraternity anymore, popularity isn’t that important, they’re searching for something that dwells underneath the surface of culture.

They’re searching for their own indigenous truth, those things that makes us all inherently human. It’s more universal than it is popular.

Your real voice matters more than you could ever imagine; you have to work to find it BUT once you have it in your grasp you will never let it go.

Creative Perfection
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Don’t Despair – Courage Always Finds A Way.

What critical qualities define any sort of achievement?

It doesn’t matter whether achievement is winning an oscar, learning to sing, starting a business or raising a child; nothing good ever happens without overcoming multiple obstacles.

It is impossible to achieve anything without attaining the personal qualities of both persistence and determination. When obstacles come and pressure builds, these two qualities enable a person to continue to seek progress, to ask the right questions, to find their way around or through their road block.

Can you build courage, can you learn persistence, can you become increasingly determined?


When obstacles appear, do not panic or flee, simply remain, stare down your foe and wait for courage to come.

Persistence And Determination
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