When Following Your Dreams Drives You Crazy

Can we agree that being driven is a bad thing?

Probably not right?

What I’m talking about is that all consuming angst that often consumes the creative to the point of self-absorption and beyond.

If you think that your life will be a failure if you don’t achieve a specific goal, then in my mind you are heading down a road to hell.

It’s not really about the dream, it’s always meant to be about the dreamer.

The dreamer knows that there are many dreams, many roads, many challenges, failures and victories along the road they walk.

They are captivated not by achievement BUT instead by the process of exploration.


Faith to Let go
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Your Story Is Not Yet Over

Imagine writing 9/10th’s of a novel or almost getting a film financed and then stopping because…

Why do we stop just before the edge of success?

I stop for two reasons, either one, because I am afraid of success or two, because I don’t value myself and my project enough to see it through.

Are you more afraid of failure or success?

It is better to be afraid of failure, it is better to be terrified of finishing life with a half written story or an unfilled dream than it is to simply stop at the edge of success and never enter the promised land. Such terror, such fear of failure can drive a person to success.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey or how long you have waited in limbo… your story is not yet over.

keep on going
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There Are No Boundaries To Your Imagination

Nothing gets my blood boiling like an emasculated imagination… especially if it’s mine.

Your imagination is limitless, that’s what makes it an “imagination.”

It’s possible to grab, steal, twist, dig, create and breathe life into anything you wish with your imagination. You can solve impossible problems, escape harsh realities and develop a new life script with your imagination.

That’s what makes your imagination so wonderful, the fact that it sees beyond current realities.

The imagination is a fearful thing for those, who like to control or manipulate, they can’t measure it, they can’t predict it and that frightens them.

Don’t let anyone limit your infinite imagination, it’s your gift not theirs.

Infinite Imagination
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Wait patiently and it will come.

Wait patiently and it will come.

It sure seems like a dog eat dog world; it’s often tempting to be the most aggressive beast in the room to make sure that you stay alive, to give yourself the best chance of winning.

I’m talking about that excessively repulsive human trait of being driven and entirely focussed on oneself.

Repulsive in that it repels others away from you. What is the point?

Success that is earned in this way is unrewarding, because in actuality it has been forced and not achieved.

It’s like ‘trying’ to make somebody love you, it doesn’t work.

Breathe, relax, do the work and wait patiently, if it is meant for you it will come.

P:S: What is patience for you? Share below…

Importance Of Patience
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How Your Life Could Change In A Single Moment


Life is fickle. One moment you may own the world and the next moment you may not even own the shirt on your back.

I’m not one of those who stands on the back of prosperity doctrine. I don’t believe you can have something by simply thinking positively; although positive thinking is to be encouraged.

Journey is perhaps what makes life such a remarkable thing to savor and experience.The ebb and flow of fortune should keep us from arrogance.

It is only the humble who can truly savor every footstep on this crooked journey, for their hearts are open to finding life in strange places.



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Nothing Will Happen Unless You Start.

There really is no value in an idea. On its own an idea is a static, ambivalent, motionless thing.

Just as a hen sits on a egg for 3 weeks before it hatches; it is normal for an entrepreneur or an artist to sit on their ideas, so they can incubate and develop for a period of time.

But the incubation period does not last forever AND if you simply sit on your idea for all eternity, then nothing good will ever happen.

It is pointless to fearfully protect your ideas, to never share them, to never trust others with them: if you do this all they will ever be is a bunch of ideas.

When your idea wants out, don’t push it back inside the egg, let it break through the shell, welcome it into the world.

Nothing will ever happen with your idea unless you begin.

Starting Anything
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Why You Won’t Find Life In A Box

Maybe I’m just claustrophobic, but I hate the sight of a bird sitting in a cage with it’s wings clipped.

Do you ever feel like that bird?

I think sometimes the bird doesn’t even know that it was made to fly, it’s got so used to being in that cage.

Often, the bars that have been placed around us are more metaphysical than they are real. The opinions of others, our own negative thoughts, or our own dismembered sense of self.

There’s no life to be found in your cage or box. It’s time you made a run for it, it’s time you risked your life for your freedom, it’s time you actually flew.

No Life In A Box
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