The Advantage Of Getting Head Lice – READ

Let’s be honest, kids at school with head lice get treated a little different. This highly contagious itchiness is to be avoided at all costs and the poor little guy or girl is often put in some kind of social quarantine.

Being socially ostracized or left out can be extremely traumatic for children.

What is your point Geoff, you’ve only got seven sentences and “children with head lice” have nothing to do with “creative inspiration?”

My point is, the unusual and often painful conditions of our upbringing nearly always provide a fertile breeding ground for a person’s imagination. Painful experiences enrich our imaginations AND being socially ostracized CAN give you a unique perspective on life and the world around you.

How have the difficult situations in your life informed your creative process and given you a unique perspective?


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The Best Way To Avoid Stage Fright

Last Friday, I was in Monterey to perform a scene from “The Grapes of Wrath” at a Mumford & Sons tribute to Steinbeck.

In truth, I hadn’t officially acted for three years and I hadn’t been on stage in ten years. More frightening still was the fact that I would be a performing in a depression era American accent; an accent far different than my rough and ready kiwi (New Zealand) vernacular.

When we arrived in Monterey, I discovered that we would be performing in a packed house, a ginormous theatre that seated over 1000 people.

All the ingredients for stage fright were present, and I found myself wondering why on earth I had said yes to this freakin’ amazing opportunity.

What was my secret for avoiding stage fright and getting the job done?

Personally, I used a version of the nike saying, choosing to forget everything that is not relevant, the crowd, my inexperience and my kiwi accent… and I just bloody well did it without thinking too much!

avoiding stage fright
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Real Truth Will Cut You To The Bone

Every now and then it happens AND there is immense power in it.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about those indefinable moments when the truth cuts through the murky shades of gray and speaks directly to both hearts and our minds.

The Power of Truth can come in a moment of sheer cinematic genius, in the line of song, or in the hauntingly poetic image of a painting or a photograph.

Truth is the pursuit of artistry, it has to be otherwise a “soul connection” with others is not possible and we are just drifting off on our own, pontificating into the ether.

Surprisingly truth often comes when the artist least expects it, when we are lost in the personal truth of our work REMINDING us that in fact the best way to make a point, is to try not to make a point.

In what way has great art spoken truth to your soul?


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The True Artist Must Love Social Justice

Can you be a true artist and not love social justice?

No, it’s impossible.

For at the bottom of your soul, in the very echo of every hearts cry is a passion for others, for life, for equality and for justice.

Success is the enemy of artistry when it raises the artist above the people; when it separates the artist from the ordinary man, who spends his life fighting for his little piece of land.

Perhaps this is why many artists produce their greatest work when they are unknown and unsuccessful?

Self indulgence is a wicked foe, and our “celebrity culture” is a carnivorous beast that attempts to devour the dignity and the humanity of every soul that it touches.

Remember in everything that you do, that good fruit can only produced when you sink into the realization that your life is not meant to be about you.


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How Do You Deal With A Pain In The Ass

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that life would be a bed of roses if you didn’t have to live it with difficult people.

Roses of course grow on ugly thorn bushes.  People (including me) can be real pricks sometimes.

Winston Churchill used to surround himself with very insolent, challenging rule breakers because he believed that it was they who could truly change the world.

Lying in a comfortable bed for too long will make you fat, comfortable and lazy. Perhaps we need to celebrate the difficult people and personalities in our lives and not take their roughness so personally.

Life is a bloody sport  full of arguments, hardships, knock downs and occasional victories. I’m not so sure that is a good thing to want things safe and comfortable any more.


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Breaking News – I’m Performing In A Tribute To Steinbeck

I’m taking a break from our usual “seven sentences” today to share some good news that I have been holding pretty close to my chest for a while.

This week I’m travelling to Monterey in Northern California to perform a scene from “The Grapes of Wrath,” in a Mumford & Sons tribute to John Steinbeck. If you are in the area and you want more details, then you can check it out below…

Tribute to Steinbeck Mumford And Sons

As a non American, it’s been really good to dig down deep into the the words of Steinbeck and explore his deep heart for both compassion and justice for ordinary people. It reminds me that the work of any true artist is almost always about someone other than themselves.

It’s also probably why so many people are deeply drawn to the lyrics of Mumford & Sons, many of there songs are inspired by the writings of Steinbeck, like Dust Bowl Dance below.

I am both deeply challenged and profoundly excited about the task before me.

2012 Seven Sentences – Tribute to Steinbeck Mumford And Sons

Creating And Working From Your Place Of Passion

Place Of Passion
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Has your work and creative process become dry, barren and difficult?

Often outward difficulties are symptomatic of an internal illness; what am I talking about?

When we forget our purpose, our primary reason for creating, working, living, breathing or simply doing business then life becomes hard and dry because we are no longer drinking from the great well of passion and life that longs to live through each on of us.

So I ask you again, why is it that you do what you do?

A big thumbs up to Rob Sullivan, a Kansas city trial lawyer who answered this question in the most passionate and personal way in his lawyerology blog (read here). Rob’s heart for justice, his desire to fight for the little guy is the central authentic reason behind why he does what he does.

How about you?

Place Of Passion
When You Are Taking On Goliath You Want David On Your Side
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