The Secret To Finding Your Niche And Making Money Online

Who are you?

Like attracts like and your niche(s) online will most likely be people who are similar to you; so the hidden secret to finding your niche is knowing who you are…

For example, for years on Seven Sentences (yes “for years” I am exceptionally slow sometimes), I tried to get everyone to like me. The result was slow growth, and displastic blog content, that was well written but did not serve a need on a consistent basis.

Who am I?

I am a creative person, who loves artistic expression, innovation business, entrepreneurship and the power of the internet.

Who are you?


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Why It Is Important To Be Niche

It is important to know your niche.

Remember at high school, how difficult it was to hang out with the wrong crowd and make them like you? Well, it’s kind of like that when your marketing your business online.

Art is a business too, so when you are creating, think of your niche and don’t run around the school trying to impress everyone that you know.

People outside your niche might not be interested in who you are and what you are doing; to be honest they might even hate you; BUT that’s okay because you were never trying to satisfy them in the first place.

Yes, you can have more than one niche, but the more niches you have the more difficulty you will have in marketing your business.

I know this for a fact because with Seven Sentences I target several niches and the progresses has been slower because of this.

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Knowing Your Story Will Keep You Straight

There is a piece of advice I give all any writer I work with; and typically what works in fiction also works in life.

Why are you writing this particular story?

What is the personal, internal, emotional reason for picking up the pen and choosing to express yourself in this way?

I am sure this is important for other art forms. There is both safety and power in intimately knowing the story that we are trying to tell.

You should be able to sum up your story in seven words or less; in actual fact your story can often be contained in a sound, like a groan, a cry, a laugh or a sigh.

When we know the emotional reason for our story, fighting for what we are trying to achieve is as easy as breathing.

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The “WHY” Is The Most Important Thing Of All

Always ask why?

But really ask the question; if you are not searching for something you will never find it.

I encourage all my clients who I consult with either in the business field or in the creative field to continually ask this question.

“Why” is not a theoretical or intellectual question it is an emotional, whole person search for the reason that you must do what you must do?

Why must you paint? Why must you write? Why must you share your thoughts with others?

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2013 – Your Dreams In Only Seven Sentences

Oh beautiful year what seductive promises will you make me?

I long for you AND yet I scorn you, for I fear your promises maybe like that of your just passing brother; that much will be offered and a little will be given.

But I still believe in you 2013.

Well, not in you but in the creator of you, in the purpose and the potential of you.

Still, I resolve to not make any resolutions about you, for you are an imperfect measure, an unknown child with a life of your own.

Treat 2013 well, give her the respect she is due, let her teach you, let her grow with you AND do not try and control or manipulate her through the force of your will.

Love her with all your heart and she may turn her goodness towards you… eventually.

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I’m Afraid Of Wasting My 2013th Year

The clock is ticking, when I close my eyes I can hear it’s monotonous beat.

Time is not given or bought.. it’s lent.

We should have a healthy fear of time, for it is limited and the end swiftly approaches for all of us.

I am saying that the fear of death is a gift from God; that we tremble with respect for the life we have been given.

It is not respectful to waste our years on apathy, or personal gain when there is so much to do AND so much love to discover.

Justice for all?

Not yet, not by a long stretch, the artist, the innovator, the thought leader and catalyst must use the clicking tock to drive themselves forwards to fight for what truly matters.

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The Only Way To Succeed In 2013

Success is talked about more than it is ever acquired.

It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Many a person pursues success or their idea of success only to find that the pot although made of gold is useless and not filled with anything that will ever nourish their soul.

What is success?

Is it not the nourishment of another? Is it found within yourself or outside of yourself?

If you are an artist, do something for others, fight for justice, bring laughter to the tired working man, put joy in the hearts of others in 2013. If you are a business owner, cherish the lives of those who work for you as though they are family, give life to every customer who walks through the door.

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