The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword But LOVE IS Greater Than Them All

Imagine falling in love for the first time; you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t think about anything other than the one you love; your artistic life has been wrecked and you can no longer create.

This kind of love is a dangerous thing… for it forces the artist to face the truth, life is about something far greater than his or her own art. For though the pen maybe mightier than the sword… glorious love is greater than them all.

A pen may write a million words in a fervent search for love, and yet it may never find. For love can never be found on a page, or a stage, or inside a frame. Love is found not in the work of our hands but in the very fabric of our hearts…

Pardon the interruption… but when love comes and interrupts your creativity… take heed for love has not come to steal it has come to… love…

Creative Sentences About Love
Creative Sentences About Love


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My Very First Seven Sentence Blog Post Ever

Below is our first blog entry from February 7th, 2009. 1000 plus posts later… I had to edit it a little, because back then it wasn’t even seven sentences.

I have a big dream and tt’s crazy, illogical and marvelous.

I want to make films that reach out and touch the world, the world is of course ordinary people just  like you and me. I want to make the world richer and better for knowing me, some of you reading of this may be thinking… “He’s such a dreamer!”…of course I am.

This week I was struck again by the notion that it is the truly small, innocent acts that change the world. Summer showers get a lot less publicity that tropical cyclones but they do a lot more good.

It’s the little interactions in our daily lives that have the great exponential power. The people you pass on your way today are important… enjoy them.


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What if there are no coincidences… READ

Perhaps there are no coincidences, perhaps life is not a random stream of chance interactions and unorganized events?

To think this way is both a blessing and a curse.

If life is “simply random” then there are people who cross my path for no specific or ordained purpose. I am therefore free to ignore that homeless friend and I am free to follow my dreams refusing to be distracted from the path on which I walk.

But if life is ordained and ordered by some higher power then I am forced to consider that the people I meet are important and these interruptions may have been “arranged.”

The absence of “co-incidence” can weigh heavily on our shoulders because for some, an “ordained purpose” confers with it an overt sense of responsibility.

But perhaps what we actually owe the people who interrupt our day is still entirely up to us; the absence of coincidence does not infer a “life time commitment” to every person who crosses our path… maybe all it requires is a smile.


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WARNING: The Danger Of Worshipping Your Dream

Don’t fall in love with your dream or fantasize about artistic success, riches, power or prestige.


Most dream chasers are naturally drawn towards the spotlight, but when we crave it, when we worship the idea of it,  something terrible happens…

We lose the purity in our art and the soul goes out of our music.

The moment we choose/make “our art” all about ourselves, we taint the purity of our creation with our own self-indulgence and we lose the trust of our audience. The strong tendency to self-absorption and self promotion affects every artist, it doesn’t matter who we are, or what we have achieved; we have to work hard to fight against it.

The problem begins when we aspire and obsess about our dream, focusing on what it could do for us, rather than what it may lend to our audience.


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The Secret To Being More Creative

A ramble is a fine thing.

An artist shouldn’t be afraid to ramble, to talk to much, to start and never finish, this is the work of the creative.

Mess is not always a bad thing, you can always tidy it up at the end of the day or at the end of a conversation.


Talk crap for an hour.

Don’t try and clean it up, your imagination is frozen and stuck in first gear. Stick it in neutral and take your foot off the brake and let the road take you where-ever it chooses


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The Sure Fire Way To Succeed As An Artist

There is only one way for an artist to succeed.


Only one way?


To be an artist you must pursue vulnerability with all your heart. You must tear down the walls, you must be prepared to stand center stage and expose your bleeding heart to your audience.

Start where you start… be insecure, be vulnerable and be afraid… the rest of your audience feels exactly the same way.


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The Problem With Not Being Playful…

Perhaps you read yesterdays blog and thought that I was been too serious.

Creative people must be playful.

AND to be truly playful you CANNOT take yourself quite so seriously.

Self absorption is a very large wall that inhibits your audience (Friends) from really getting to know you as an artist.

How do you knock down this wall?

There must be grace to fail and you must fail big and often.

We don’t fear walking, we fear falling and this fear can keep us passive and on our knees.


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