I’m Sorry That You Feel Like You’ve Failed

Falling is an inevitable part of dreaming, the bigger the dream the further you are going to fall.

Have you fallen yet?

Why do we fall?

We fall because we are broken, because we are young, because we are weak, because our sights are set so high.

Everybody falls, the dreamers who say they have never fallen are lying to you and they hiding their wounds, do not believe them.

Falling is a magnificently bloody, wonderful sport, so fall majestically with all your heart; don’t you dare try and hang on and avoid the inevitable… fall goddammit FALL!

Falling is the fourth step in dream chasing, and it tears away the final remnant of any umbilical attachment that you may have to the ledge of security, falling sets you free.


The Bigger Your Dream

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Dreams 101 – The Crucial Third Step – Careful

The third step you take in following dreams 101 is a crucial one.

You are beginning to feel free, the ground is firmer than you realized, the ledge you were once trapped on feels less like a living room and more like a prison. You give a damn about the pragmatist’s back on the ledge..

Careful, pride could be about to cut you down; there is one thing to do, you must remain humble.

Yes, for the first time in your life you are really living, and yes it feels exhilarating and grand but you have yet to achieve anything and you are not yet ready to fly.

Humility is essential for all you have to learn; and there is much to learn if you are to achieve your dreams.

Remind yourself that the road is long and there are many obstacles ahead; plant your third step firmly on the ground and keep on walking.


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Put Your Hands Over Your Ears – Dreaming 101

Dreaming 101 – People will talk smack.

Pragmatists, pessimists, AND pragmatists and pessimists pretending to be “realists” love to stand on their own little concrete ledges and curse you for your foolish faith.

In my experience they are pretty much impossible to shut up. You can’t argue with them nor can you convince them to join you, there is really one option, simply put your hands over your ears and keep on walking.

When you fall (and you will) they may laugh at you, berate you, or offer you some form of cliched sympathy that patronizes the dreamer within you to your very core.

Don’t listen to them, ignore them and keep on walking, eventually you will be so far away from them that you won’t be able to hear them any more.

Your life challenges them, they are alone on their ledge, AND the only way to save them is to keep on walking.


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How To Take The First Step When Chasing Your Dream

The first step is a leap of faith; fueled only by the image of what you cannot see.

If you have never taken a leap of faith before, then you will find the first step terrifying to the point of paralysis. Even experienced faith walkers have trouble with their first step.

What to do? How you can you stack in the odds in your favor?

Dream friend, DREAM; let your imagination paint you a picture in vivid color, your dream will draw you from your lonely ledge.

If that doesn’t work, ask a friend who also dreams to push you.


dream chasing 101

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You Must Follow Your Dreams… Or Otherwise…

A dreamer walks by faith, believing in what they can’t see.

A pragmatist, unable to see and afraid to believe cannot step forward for their fear of the unknown chains them to the monotony of the already known.

A dreamer fails often; the skin on their elbows and knees is worn to the bone; their bodies often ache and their souls are in constant pain.  But there is and there always will be an eternal glimmer of hope burning in their eyes.

The pragmatist seldom fails. Their skin is as smooth and as soft as the day they were born; they are clothed in the finest silk; yet something is sadly missing in their eyes…

There is a fork in the pathway ahead, the road diverges into two and it will never meet again, there is a choice to be made…


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walks by faith

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Guest Blog – The Terrible Problem of Artistic Envy

Today’s guest blog is bought to you by Portland musician Emily Crawford. You can visit Emily’s Facebook page here or go to her website here.

There are few things more destructive than a spirit of Envy from artist to artist.

On the other hand, there are few things more inspiring than a person who faces their own insecurities while courageously choosing to become a part of a community of artists.

Envy is often the robber of community.

We must push past our feelings of inadequacy and not succumb to isolation and self-obsession. By surrounding ourselves with other artists that can help us grow, we are standing in the face of our insecurities and demanding that they get out of the drivers seat.

Envy will try and steal our joy, but what is lost can always be found again through equanimity.

Today pay attention to feelings of competition that may rise up in you, and try replacing them with positive and uplifting thoughts toward others.

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Set Fire To Your Security Blanket

“Set Fire To Your Security Blanket” is a seven sentence guest post by Chris Lovie-Tyler, a Kiwi writer who blogs at DistillingWords.com about writing, faith and digital life. You can follow Chris on Twitter: @chrislovietyler.


What is it that’s holding you back?

What soft, comforting defense is smothering your artistic growth?

Maybe it’s keeping your art to yourself, where no one else can criticize it. Maybe it’s staying safely inside the boundaries of what’s been done before. Or maybe it’s self sabotage, fueled by the fear of success.

Whatever it is, you have to let it go.

You have to set fire to your security blanket.



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