The Secret To Being More Creative

A ramble is a fine thing.

An artist shouldn’t be afraid to ramble, to talk to much, to start and never finish, this is the work of the creative.

Mess is not always a bad thing, you can always tidy it up at the end of the day or at the end of a conversation.


Talk crap for an hour.

Don’t try and clean it up, your imagination is frozen and stuck in first gear. Stick it in neutral and take your foot off the brake and let the road take you where-ever it chooses


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The Sure Fire Way To Succeed As An Artist

There is only one way for an artist to succeed.


Only one way?


To be an artist you must pursue vulnerability with all your heart. You must tear down the walls, you must be prepared to stand center stage and expose your bleeding heart to your audience.

Start where you start… be insecure, be vulnerable and be afraid… the rest of your audience feels exactly the same way.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Artistic Success

The Problem With Not Being Playful…

Perhaps you read yesterdays blog and thought that I was been too serious.

Creative people must be playful.

AND to be truly playful you CANNOT take yourself quite so seriously.

Self absorption is a very large wall that inhibits your audience (Friends) from really getting to know you as an artist.

How do you knock down this wall?

There must be grace to fail and you must fail big and often.

We don’t fear walking, we fear falling and this fear can keep us passive and on our knees.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Importance Of Play

How To Be A Truthful Artist

You must desire truth.

If you see truth as an ambivalent, post modern, unobtainable, relative phenomenon then how will you ever pursue it and find it.

Likewise… if you see “truth” as an absolute, easy to find thing that you already have within your grasp then you probably won’t search for it either.

Religion has often muddied “truth” oversimplifying it and alienating people who really want answers.

A genuine artist must pursue truth.

They will search for it and they will continue to find it. BUT they will always search for more.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Truthful Artist


It’s Time To Pull Down The Walls

Walls are a terrible things. Walls, doors, gates, fences can often seem so necessary in a dangerous world.

AND in some cases, where the danger is abject and real… a bolted door is a necessary evil.

But the value of a wall is always to keep evil out; but often we fall into the bad habit of using it to keep the good inside of us in a self made prison.


Because we are afraid.

As creative people, we must pull down all our walls and let the good, the wild, the magical, the creative, the essence of who we are flow out.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Artistic Truthfulness

The Major Problem With Keeping Secrets

 The allure of an artist is that they often remain secretive, mysterious, aloof and unknown.

A lot of young punks (myself included) will try to appear artistic by being aloof, distance, diffident and unpredictable. BUT that just makes you a punk, it doesn’t make you artistic.

The major problem with keeping secrets, is that your duplicity will eventually find you out.


There is nothing like being a lizard in someone else’s skin, it’s like running against the flow on a travelator; if you are fighting to keep up appearances eventually you are going to get found out.

Here is the rub, mystery is created by openness, by a fearless vulnerability that exposes an audience to the inside of the artist.

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Your Unique Social Media Strategy – Right Here

I work with an artist who doesn’t paint in a studio; he paints outside, he paints in his living room, he paints at his friends place.

I was horrified to discover that “people” were encouraging him to get a studio.


They thought it would be good for his business, they were trying to take away the very thing that made him different, the thing that made him holistically artistic, the very thing that made him unique.

What makes you unique?

Many people can’t answer this question because they have spent their lives following the protocol or trying to live out some kind of success manual.

It’s time to burn the manual and use what is naturally you… it’s the only way to live and it’s the only authentic way to get attention.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Unique Social Media Strategy