Could You Change The World As An Artist?

Is it possible to change the world with just an idea?

Yes or No?

Does an idea have any weight at all, or is just “gas” until it is “realized” and put into action?

The genuine artist isn’t only interested in ideas. They are interested in the material substance of an idea, they make it tangible, believable, and beautiful in its truthfulness.

Such tangible beauty is often dangerous to the status quo, it moves us from where we are; it changes us.

The truth is found in our reflection…

Show Don't Tell
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How You Could Change Your Life In Seven Days

Have you ever felt stuck, unable to move forward, continually asking yourself the same perpetually unanswerable questions?

Who do you blame?

Other people, bad luck or your own propensity towards procrastination?

What if none of the above were responsible for your inability to move forward? What if there is a much simpler and yet more profound explanation for your lack of momentum?

In my experience, I get stuck because there is something in my way, an obstacle blocking my path and I simply do not have the knowledge to find my way around it.

Your life, your dream, your business could change mightily in less than seven days, if you simply gained the knowledge to find your way around the roadblock that lies squarely in your path… click on the image below.

Change Your Business In 7 Days
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Why Selling Anything Is Inherently Good

Sales people get a bad wrap.

We don’t like the idea that there is someone out there has designs on our money; we’re are naturally suspicious that they simply want to take from us and NOT really give us anything back.

But the sort of person who would do this is not really a salesperson, they are simply a shyster or a con artist; an amoral soul who would probably steal a cookie from your sleeping Grandmothers hand.

In fact knowing how to sell, is simply placing a product or service into the hands of a person who deeply desires the value that it offers them. They are not worse off for the purchase, in fact their lives are immensely better off for having invested in the commodity.

Buying and selling is very good for the economy, and as dreamers, artists, entrepreneurs and business people we would do well to embrace the honest salesperson because they can teach us how to add value to the world around us.

We should be passionate about what we have to offer, we should seek ways to increase the value of what we do, and we should be happy when our hard work enriches the life of another.

Click Here To Set Your Dream On Fire
Click Here To Set Your Dream On Fire
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The Importance Of Being Someone Who Changes Things

Contentment can be a dream killer.

Don’t get me wrong, I think being grateful for everything that you currently have in life is an imperative, but it is a totally different thing to simply settle and passively agree with the way things are in the world.

It is impossible to live a significant life if you are not 100% committed to being a change maker.

I know it’s somewhat anti-postmodern to want to change things, to have a strong opinion against the way that other people are choosing to live their lives. But without “affecting others” the life that you will write will just be a collection of self-authored, self-focused, quasi-ambivalent short stories.


Being a change maker requires that you open your eyes to the real problems in our world, to things like injustice, sex slavery, poverty, hunger, greed, discrimination and intolerance… for they exist just as surely as your ambivalence.

Being A Change MakerHere
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When the Problem With Your Business Is You?

The truth hurts.

If you are in a business that is failing it is easy to play the blame game.

The blame game doesn’t have to involve other people; in fact those of us who have more pleasant B-type personalities will nearly always avoid doing this, instead we’ll blame circumstances, or the economy, or just damn rotten luck.

It really doesn’t matter who you choose to blame because the result is still the same… your ship is sinking. If you are willing to endure a cowards shame, you may even hit a life raft and cut yourself free.

But unless you improve your seamanship, the next time you hoist your sails you will be headed straight for the same result.

Don’t fill up a leaky bucket with holes; first plug the leaks, take a look at your deficits and your weaknesses and pursue health in these areas… your business will love you for it.


My Business Is In Trouble
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Lie 7: You Need To Know The Right People To Achieve Your Dream

Let me be the first to say it… “privilege can be a real bitch,” but not in the way you might expect.

Often a dreamer may feel discounted because of his or her lack of privilege; if you don’t have a trust fund or you don’t come from a connected family, the mountain before you can almost seem insurmountable.

But privilege without responsibility is a dangerous thing; it creates a lazy mind and a fat uncensored body. Privilege can be a curse and not a blessing.

Whatever your circumstances, you must use what you have been given to shape your forward journey. Your past is your own, you can use it in whatever way you want.

Connection is an extremely overrated commodity when you compare it to the power of your creativity AND your ability to tell your own story in whichever way you wish.


Problem With Privilege
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Lie 6: It’s Impossible for Someone Of My Race, Age or Gender

In every culture there is prevailing demographic, that appears to have a huge advantage because they set the rules. I don’t discount the fact that the odds can be seriously stacked against the minorities.

But never use your race, your sex, your class or your age as an excuse for not dreaming; don’t believe the “impossible” lie.

After-all, if the game isn’t fair then the people in your world, all the more so desperately need your dream; your purpose has never been so clearly defined or more important.

Stamp your foot indignantly at the injustice of it all AND dream anyway. Isn’t what you are dreaming worth fighting for?

Be the first of your kind, the leader of your generation, a pioneer in your world.


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