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The People At WHOBALOO Are Combining Both Art & Business


Why do we limit our imagination to the safe confines of our creative work?

The way we spread our message or share our art with the world can be just as imaginative and creative as the “work” itself.

Separating art from business is a terribly dangerous and destructive thing to do. The result is weakly palliative, insecure, introverted work that no one gets to see… OR… overly commercial, cliched, safe post modern pop that challenges nothing and really has no unique voice of its own.

The imagination must be the central point of our creativity where both our artistic and our business ideals collide with a seismic bang.

These are not terrible foes, they are brothers born of the same seed, growing in the fertile soil of your imagination, maturing to produce a crop of the finest fruit for hundreds, thousands or millions of people to enjoy.

Today’s blog post is bought to you by the fine people at Whobaloo who have used their imaginations to come up with a new way of combining both business and visual art together into one design program.


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The Mysterious Space Between Your Imagination & Reality

The mysterious space between what you imagine and your reality is termed “the imagination gap.”

Can you by simply imagining, turn something into a reality?

No, of course not. That type of thinking in my opinion is bogus; yet our imaginations can take us places, they may lead us forward, calling us to something better.

Is it simply our own imagination or are there other greater (more cosmic) voices speaking to us through images, words and stories? Good Lord is he talking about God?



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Creative Tips For Accountants Right Here

The social stigma around your profession maybe constantly telling you that you are not creative; it is lying to you.

There is wonderfully melodic music inside even the most theoretically gifted, numerically bound accountant on the face of planet earth. For crying out loud, numbers are incredibly creative, and order and precision can define your creative style.

A mathematical. systematic approach is a perfectly acceptable way to access the creative right side of your brain; it’s one I often use.

When developing a screenplay I will often ask myself the following type of question, “list 10 possible types of jobs that this main character could have?”

Then I often use the law of opposites (READ) to come up with a couple of really outrageously creative options, ” list 3 possible jobs this main character would NEVER do?”

How do you use a mathematical approach in your creative process?

art tips for accountants

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Increase Your Imagination In One Simple Step

An applied imagination is a powerful thing!

Many people feel imaginatively weak because their creative side was never encouraged in their childhood or their youth.

I am here to tell you that none of that matters. Just as a person can start body building late in their lives and see extraordinary results; so you may pick up your imagination today and start exercising its power.

Have you long had a dream to write, paint, act, sing, play music or movies?

Let me introduce you to the law of opposites and the next seven days of blogging on Seven Sentences that will be written specifically for you, and others who long to grow creatively.

The Law Of Opposites States: Imagine one thing, and then imagine the completely opposite thing and create that.


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P:S: Tomorrow Blog Will Be Titled  “Art Tips For Accountants”



That stink inside you MUST come OUT.

There may only be one place to find solutions to improving our world — creativity.

Creativity is a co-efficient of great love, and both love and creativity are desperately needed if we are going to change some of the dark problems that many people on this planet are facing.

It would be lovely to be a little more optimistic wouldn’t it?

Actually i am incredibly optimistic and I believe whole heartedly that we have both the creativity and the love necessary to change the world inside these mortal jars of clay.

In Fact:

The changes that really make any difference to our world need to happen first inside of us.

If we change our hearts, if we change how we think, if we can creatively remove the blocks and obstacles that exist inside all of us, then the love can flow and our problems will dissipate like the cool wind on Tuesday.


World Needs More Creative People

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Do You Want A Truck Load Of Web Traffic

Truck Load Of Web Traffic

Let Us Deliver A Truck Load Of Web Traffic To Your Address


Web Traffic is like “rocket fuel” to most modern day businesses; if the fuel isn’t getting through your businesses will quickly run out of steam.

The problem is there are many “sharks” out there in the web fuel market promising you results that look good on paper BUT they will do nothing for your bottom line. If you are not building relationships online with real people, then you really aren’t building anything.

You can’t put your head in the sand and hope the internet and social media are going to miraculously disappear either, if you aren’t in the same space as your competitors you are guaranteed to lose big time.

What to do?

The team behind this Seven Sentence Blog (Genuine Ink) have come up with a relationship based, integrity rich online marketing system that will help you eventually drive truck loads of relevant traffic to your website.

It’s risk free, book now for a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to see how we can help you in this new and challenging market.


Truck Load Of Web Traffic

Let Us Deliver A Truck Load Of Web Traffic To Your Address

How To Boost Your Imagination In Only Seven Sentences

The following is a very simple exercise that will show you how to boost your imagination.

Many people grow up thinking that they are not creative and that they have a weak imagination; this is not true, your imagination is more like a wild horse that has never been ridden.

The following is a simple exercise that will help you to harness your imagination, it takes only 5 minutes, do it once a day for seven days and I promise you that you will turbo boost your imagination.

Step away from the computer, grab a pen and paper and go some place quiet.

Now, write and speak out loud whatever images, words, colors, or thoughts that come into your mind.

What do you write?

Anything, everything, nothing, in any order that it comes out, don’t try and make sense of it, just let it tumble out…


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P:S: Destroy your piece of paper and start again tomorrow. I promise you that this works