How To Keep Your Day Job In Perspective

Let’s face facts… most of us have to do a day job that does not fully represent our dreams.

Hollywood is full of actors working as waiters, surviving off minimum wages and tips from patrons.

It’s all part of the journey.

It’s easy to get depressed when you are stuck in the darkness of the day job tunnel; when you really can’t see the light in the distance.

Resentment, bitterness, anger, hopelessness.

We can miss the magic in the moment, when we lay captured by the apparent futility of our dreams.

My premise is that the day job is vital part of your creative development… magic in the mundane is happening all around you, we just have to keep our eyes open to see it.


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Basic Instinct – The Power Of The Crotch Shot

Shock value. It’s probably the reason you clicked on this link or opened this email.

There is value in doing something that has never been done before.

It will get you attention.

Sometimes we are afraid of attention, so we keep our heads down, not wanting to shock anyone, offend anyone, or get noticed in anyway.

There is a major problem with this.

My premise is that unless you offend somebody it is impossible to change anything.

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Getting Rid Of Clutter Can Save Your Soul

Life is heavy enough without carrying around a whole lot of junk.

Junk can be physical, relational or spiritual; junk is simply stuff of no value, by it’s very nature it is worthless.

Junk could be bitterness or it could be 200 pairs of shoes that you will never wear more than once.

Junk makes a soul feel heavy. Junk makes it almost impossible to follow your tangible dreams.

Getting rid of clutter simplifies, the mind, the body and the soul.

What is it that you need to get rid of Dreamer?


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Understanding Your Journey Will Keep You Dreaming

Being too focussed on the result can be a bad thing.


Because when it’s dark you can’t see the sun AND when times are tough on the windy road we travel,  you can often no longer see the summit.

Understanding “your journey” can be a real “dream saver” in the difficult times. It’s what’s kept me going time and time again.

Setbacks are part of your journey, as is rejection, loneliness and a lack of familiar support (unbelieving family and friends).

Read the biographies of anyone who has ever achieved anything extraordinary and you will see that they too walked the very same steps.


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Pursuing Your Dreams In Stormy Seasons

When the shit hits the fan it can be difficult to keep dreaming.

Try screenwriting when you are moving house, or thinking big when you have just lost your job.

This is a predicament that many wonderfully creative people face every day as they wait to break-through and reach the panacea of their dreams.

What do you do in those terribly muddy times of transition?

Well, the one thing you must NOT do, is quit dreaming.

Pursuing your dreams is a difficult thing when times are tough, BUT it is vital that you keep going, that you keep moving forward, even if it is only one inch at a time.

Simply do “one thing” everyday, write a sentence, make a phone call, paint one brushstroke on the canvas.

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Why your Art Will Lead You To Riches – Part 3

Every substance that is truly valuable is pure, refined and rare. It is the refinement that makes it rare and valuable. The purity and authenticity of a product creates great demand.

Many genuine artists become disillusioned by poverty(refinement) and they give up in the dark of night, turning their backs on the works of their hands and the dreams in their hearts.

This can only be described as a tragedy, for the cliche is true, it is often darkest just before dawn.

Don’t you see it takes poverty to create a masterpiece; and in our ambitious folly we are faiingl to see what is clearly obvious…

The greatest piece of art, the masterpiece of all our creation(s), is not found on a piece of canvas or captured on a strip of celluloid… it is YOU the artist, refined through the toil of your years, made beautiful and humble in the years of your pursuit, glorious for all to comprehend.


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Why Your Art May Lead You Towards Poverty

Continuing on from yesterday bad news for artists….

Just because you can’t measure something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

You maybe destined to live an artistic life of poverty BUT riches must in no way influence the choices of a genuine artist.

But how will you eat?

You will find a way, I know it in my heart, and I have experienced it in my own life hundreds of times over.

The world needs you to be one hundred percent pure; they need your truth, your art and your music to light up the darkened tunnels of their dreams.

Perhaps this is the point of your journey towards poverty, to be refined, to be reduced, to be boiled down to only your essence; very soon you will be rich in way that transcends all understanding.

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