Guest Blog – The Terrible Problem of Artistic Envy

Today’s guest blog is bought to you by Portland musician Emily Crawford. You can visit Emily’s Facebook page here or go to her website here.

There are few things more destructive than a spirit of Envy from artist to artist.

On the other hand, there are few things more inspiring than a person who faces their own insecurities while courageously choosing to become a part of a community of artists.

Envy is often the robber of community.

We must push past our feelings of inadequacy and not succumb to isolation and self-obsession. By surrounding ourselves with other artists that can help us grow, we are standing in the face of our insecurities and demanding that they get out of the drivers seat.

Envy will try and steal our joy, but what is lost can always be found again through equanimity.

Today pay attention to feelings of competition that may rise up in you, and try replacing them with positive and uplifting thoughts toward others.

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Set Fire To Your Security Blanket

“Set Fire To Your Security Blanket” is a seven sentence guest post by Chris Lovie-Tyler, a Kiwi writer who blogs at about writing, faith and digital life. You can follow Chris on Twitter: @chrislovietyler.


What is it that’s holding you back?

What soft, comforting defense is smothering your artistic growth?

Maybe it’s keeping your art to yourself, where no one else can criticize it. Maybe it’s staying safely inside the boundaries of what’s been done before. Or maybe it’s self sabotage, fueled by the fear of success.

Whatever it is, you have to let it go.

You have to set fire to your security blanket.



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Why Not Seeing The World Is Bad For You

Not seeing the world is bad for you.

Living in a fish bowl is safe and comfortable, but your ability to experience different conditions and meet other kinds of fish is seriously limited.

A lot of people don’t travel. A lot of people travel and take photographs of the sites, BUT they never assimilate into the local culture. Just because you are in another country does not mean that you’ve left your fish bowl.

The true artist travels, if not physically then metaphysically into the lives of others.

It’s impossible to be truly artistic and live a safe life, do you agree?

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FINAL WARNING! Chasing Your Dreams Is A Filthy Business

Chasing Dreams:

Life has to be about having a purpose, don’t you agree?

Everyone has a purpose, even though at many times we cannot see it, or the image of who we are supposed to be is tarnished and deformed that we simply cannot recognize ourselves.

But none of this changes the simple fact that you were born to dream. But not to only dream, but to chase dreams, to find them, to paint them in , to make what is imaginary tangible, visceral and real.

The sad fact is most people choose either not to dream, or to only dream; following this road map can only lead to an emasculated life, filled with regret.

Chasing dreams is a dirty, bloody filthy thing; its real life, its war and it’s closest thing to heaven you’ll ever find on earth.

chasing dreams

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7 Drastic Steps To Kill Your Ego

1. For seven days, every morning wake up and say, “today I am not the center of my own world, I choose to make other people more important that me.”
2. Make a list of the despicable selfish things you’ve done in your life and add to it daily.
3. Tell 3 trusted friends your deepest darkest most shameful secrets.
4. Make a friend from a people group against whom you usually discriminate.
5. Sincerely confess and apologize to that friend for your prior discrimination.
6. Make friends with a homeless person, talk to them at least twice a week for a month. Listen to their story and then share your deepest darkest secret.
7. Give away your most prized possession to that homeless person.


7 Steps To Killing Your Ego

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WARNING: I have to tell you something

The honest and truthful pursuit of humility sentences your ego to a painful death.

This is the point I have been trying to get to over these last few weeks.

Ego must die, if you want to do anything truly significance.

The pursuit of your own happiness (a constitutional right), the desire for wealth, fame and significance; these are all wrapped up in our own foolish pride, controlled by our own selfish egos.

Ego is the enemy to a relationship of any depth.

If you want to find your life, you must first lose it.

The laying down of selfish ambition,  will fire up your creative soul like nothing on earth.


P:S: The killing of my ego will take take place in tomorrow’s seven sentences


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The Little Known Secret To Writing Anything

Sometimes I struggle with getting to the point and saying things succinctly. It’s the curse of being a verbal processor.

I would make a bad politician,  my mouth would always be in my foot :-)

Getting to the point SHOULD be the sole objective behind any rewriting process.

Rewriting is not about changing things, it’s about establishing deeper clarity, finding more power, saying what you really want to say!

I think that is the beauty of writing in seven sentences, the sentence limitation forces you to ask the really obvious, yet highly important question…

What is it that I REALLY want to say?


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