Lie 3: There Is Only “1” Dream For You In Life

Do you ever feel like there is only one dream, only one purpose for your life?


Especially so, if have the wrong dream to begin with; or if life intervenes and that dream or purpose becomes physically impossible.

Remember, in its essence your dream is not tied to a career, a particular idea or an achievement; your dream is tied to your being, to the essence of who you are, to contributing and adding value in your own significantly unique way.

Hanging on to the one dream can be a dream killer; life shifts and so must we if we long to stay swimming in the stream of our purpose.

Don’t become overly committed to the first screenplay you wrote, or innovative idea you had 3 years ago. Your undying commitment should be to your talent and your creativity NOT to the works that it produces.

Only One Dream
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Lie 2: You Must Be Single Mindedly Focused.

Distraction is another form of deception designed to prevent you from living out your dreams. This is a friend (enemy) I personally know only too well.

Surprisingly, the greatest form of distraction is obsession.


That’s right, there is a wicked lie that insists that we must be single mindedly focussed and determined if we are to ever succeed with our dreams.

This is a wicked lie that often drives a dreamer to isolation, loneliness and divorce. Self-absorption closes our minds to the influences of others, it inhibits the sacred power of collaboration and it destroys everything that it touches.

Self Absorption Kills
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Lie 1: There Is No Purpose Or Dream For You

The biggest deceptions nearly always involve a slight of hand that insists that there really is no deception at all.

The power of a lie only exists when it is accepted as truth.

And, so a voice whispers almost imperceptibly… ‘you have no purpose, you have no special dream.”

Or perhaps it takes another form, perhaps instead it simply says, ‘you are ordinary and that special dreams are for other more talented people.”

These are lies, filthy lies designed to keep you in a place of stasis. How do you escape the lie and begin to journey towards your dream?

You must do something different, you must verbally and openly refute the lie, opening your mind to the truth and acknowledging that although you do not yet know it… there is indeed a special role and purpose for your life.


Finding Your Purpose Or Dream
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The Terrible Yet Never Talked About Lie

What is it that you want?

For most people the answer is “purpose” or “value.” This answer can take many different forms, whether it is expressed as a desire to make money, win an oscar, or make a significant difference in the world through business or innovation, etc.

Even if your own answer is simply… “I don’t know,” the truth in your answer is that you “wish you knew.”

We want to matter, we want to be significant, we long for our lives to count.

The truth is that we each have a purpose and a reason for existing– there is a vital role for each us to play… BUT there is also a grand lie shrouding our eyes, dimming our hearts, attempting to steal what rightfully should be ours.

We’re going to spend the next week on Seven Sentences, dismantling the lies, cracking away the facade so that we can all do more than just dream… we can truly live.


P.S. Tell me if I am wrong in the comment section below.

Lies that steal dreams
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Why Content Is Like Personal Character — Without It, You Have Nothing

Have you ever met an apparently perfect person, a fast talker who promises you the earth and yet never delivers?

This sort of person is like a lot of internet marketing strategies, thick on promises and thin on substance. A general rule of thumb to keep you safe is this…

“Don’t trust a person without character or an internet marketing strategy without content.”

Both content and character are substance issues, they are inherently sustainable qualities that build both loyalty and trust.

What is content?

Content is the “value” you freely give away to others through your  online channels; if it’s not free then everything is purely about making dollars and you have no virtual character at all.

effective content marketing

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Why “I Don’t Know” Is The Best Answer For Anything

Ego has to know the answer to everything; the smartest people on earth are often humbled by their ignorance. The more you know, the more you understand that you actually know very little at all.

We are often afraid to remain in a perpetual state of ignorance, and this fear of appearing stupid prevents us from asking great questions.

It also inhibits us from seeking help, it prevents us from tapping into the collective wisdom of others; we must know everything.

It’s stupid

Living in the place of “I don’t know” is the only place that we will ever find real life; it’s a place of unabashed curiosity and creativity.

The next time someone asks you a tough question, look them square in the eye and answer unashamedly… “I Don’t Know”

The I Don't Know Answer For Anything
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You’re Never Too Dumb To Dream.

Everyone has dreams, they are not only the pursuit of the lofty, the privileged or the brave.

You are never too old, or too dumb to dream. There is no such thing as dumb anyway, that’s just some crappy label, that a misguided fool threw at you because of their own judgmental and insecure ways.

If a dream calls to you, chase after it, but do so with the wisdom of your heart; pursue it because you love the very essence of it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a soul who sings with her whole heart — whether one is on pitch or not, does not really matter.

Our culture of excellence dementedly insists that only the beautiful should act, only the musical should sing and only the exceedingly gifted should attempt to conquer the tallest mountains.

This, itself is folly, for the logic with which it presents itself, dies a sad death in the prison of “the opinions of others.”

Too Dumb To Dream
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