Why The Creative Person Should Never Judge

Love really doesn’t exist in fairytales; romance exist in fairytales.

Love is a very different thing, and perhaps the most misunderstood concept (ouch) of the 21st century.

Love does not exist without grace, love never judges or condemns, love comes with great compassion.

But I thought this was a creative blog, why all this soppy talk about love?

Because love is the engine that drives the only sort of creativity worth owning.

Love is a gritty, persistent, dogged, unrelenting and difficult thing; but when you take ahold of it, when rest on its shoulders and let it carry you over the murky broken landscape beneath you, it is a remarkable thing.

The creative cannot judge the world, their characters, their story or their audience, they can only desire to know them and to love them.

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Should You Take Dirty Money To Make A Film?

Is money good, bad or neutral?

In the murky and sometimes dirty world of film financing we often forced to consider the question.

Is it okay to take dirty money to finance a great film?

Is that not simply taking something awful and turning it into something magnificent?

What if the finance for your film come from the mafia, from sex slavery or the blood diamond trade? Do you care?

I don’t have any answers; I’m just asking the question… where is the money coming from?


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The Importance Of Getting Untangled Creatively

It’s the hardest thing in the world to be simple. Intellectualism really has no place in creativity.

An audience connects with their hearts and not their heads; much like lovers.

A simple intention is perhaps one of the scariest and yet most utterly compelling thing in any artistic process.

Can you be soulfully naked in front of a crowd of people and be utterly unashamed?

We live under the cover of so much subterfuge, so much self-protection and with such a great need to control or manipulate the environment around us.

YET, none of this is useful when it comes to your creativity, it’s important that we find a safe space and learn to let go.


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The Secret To Being Original

Originality and uniqueness are two rare commodities in the creative world. Sometime the best we can do is take what we have seen somewhere else and transplant it into another world.

I hate this.

The genuine artist must fight to find and then express his or her own voice. This is why it often takes several years for many great writers, painters, filmmakers and musicians to mature and make their mark on the world.

What is the secret?

You must unshackle yourself from the thoughts, the opinions, the imagery and suggestions of others; throwing off everything that hinders until you are untangled and free.

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Electing The President In Only Seven Sentences

Today is election day in the United States Of America. It feels eerie, strange and uncertain here.

Like everyone is holding their breath as we collectively wait for the future to unravel. I can see it in the eyes of the man sitting next to me in the cafe.

America waits.

This strange land of immigrants and first nation souls, melded together in an unlikely dissident patriotic union simply… waits.

Breathe America… no matter what happens tonight this broken world will continue spin on the point of his fingertip.


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The Face Of Entertainment Is Changing

The screens are everywhere. Sit at any coffee shop nearly anywhere in the world and over 60% of people have a video screen in front of them.

Hop on a train in London and many busy commuters will be surfing the internet on the video screen in their laps.

In old entertainment the person who owned the screens (the cinema screens) had all the power. The times they are a changing.

Soon it shall be the content owners who once again have all the power…. Provided they know how to connect with the people in the coffee shops and the folks travelling home on the train.


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7 Prophetic Answers To The Film Industry Woes

Here are 7 prophetic statements about the future of movies, written in response to our post “Seven Problems In The Film Industry.” Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section…

1. The internet is changing everything… the power has always been held by the people who control the screens; right now I sit in a coffee shop and 50% of people have a screen in front of them that could play a movie.
2. Crowd sourcing is a fad… you maybe able to make your first film, or a film that is issue-centric by crowd sourcing it online, but financing a slate of films through this method is nigh on impossible; essentially the crowd sourcing model is not an even win/win, the filmmaker on most occasions wins and the donor loses.
3. Big screen cinema are not going to just simply disappear, people will still enjoy the larger, big screen entertainment experience… however through ancillary story telling methods, the people, by way of the internet will dictate what stories actually make it to the big screen.
4. Brands will heavily invest in online movie content and this will become one of the primary methods of financing movies; rather than having your cinema story interrupted by “banal and obvious” product placements, brands will find content, content makers and an audience that distinctly appeal to the altruistic goodness of their brand and company.
5. Stories will become bigger than just the onscreen movie experience (although these must still work as stand alone stories in themselves), back stories, side stories, and post cinema stories will live and breathe online, drawing audiences to the cinema and to the film story itself.
6. Social Media will connect fans together and empower their voice; while this appears obvious, the connection between social media and interactive storytelling has yet to be mined or used effectively by any filmmakers.
7. The result of all of this will see the democratizing of film with a resultant effect of creating films that once again have a strong voice, story again will become king.

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