Do You Want To Be Successful

Everyone who’s anyone will promise you a pathway to success in the 21st century.

Of course everyone wants success; and wanting success is not necessarily a bad thing.

It simply depends on how you measure success, and one must look at the overarching path of your life story to know whether you are a success.

Is it not possible for a person to live a long and happy life AND yet get to the end of their days and wonder whether they really spent their life on the things that truly matter?

The story that is told at the end of your life is of much importance.

When life is tough when you are caught in the cold of winter that seems to never end… simply remember this… your story is not yet over.

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Neglected And Lonely HouseWives Searching For Love

Again this blog title came right out of my spam folder. This appears to be trying to appeal to some misogynistic kind of fantasy.

This has been the most difficult headline for me to use as inspiration this month.

I guess I am raging against the manipulation of a stereotype and it’s affecting my creativity. Use what angers you in your creative process.

We must be careful with our creativity and our online marketing strategies that we do not demean (the housewife) or take advantage of the vulnerabilities (the lonely man behind his computer) of others in any way.

It’s just not kind and it will dilute your brand and cheapen your story if you do it.

creative boundaries
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Tired of a Messy House – FREE Maid Service

Believe me, there are times in life when I would have killed for a free maid.

It’s not that I like making a mess, it’s just that I hate wasting time cleaning up… BUT… I feel so much better when the house is clean.

Right now my desktop is way too busy, way too cluttered AND I need to reorganize; I wonder if there is such a thing as a cyber maid?

Creativity is messy and there are times for keeping things a clean AND then are times to simply work through the mess knowing that you (or your maid) can clean it up at the end.

In general, in the early genesis of your creative process, don’t be clean, be messy. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, it’s impossible to complete the puzzle if you just pull one piece of the puzzle out of the bag at a time.

In the beginning get all your ideas out on the table, then take a survey and see what you have.

The Messy Creative
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Quit Your Job And Still Get Paid

This essentially an old story now BUT it is worth both repeating and clarifying.

If you are an artist, a writer, a creative, an aspiring thought leader or an entrepreneur you really have “no excuse” for remaining stationary in 2013.

Things have never been this good.

You have a platform and a megaphone at your disposal = the internet and the social media channels. Your voice is not being held prisoner, your skills are not being held captive, there is no reason that you can’t begin…

Only know this one fact… you still have to be good at what you do to succeed.

AND the only way to get good at anything is to practice… So START where-ever you are.

The Power Of The Internet
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Cupid Can Show You How To Find Love

No he can’t. Cupid might be able to point you in the right direction, but finding love is something every person has to do for themselves.

Love is a journey through heart choices.

I hate with a passion templates or recipes that promise you creative success.

Promises like… write your screenplay this way to get produced in Hollywood, 7 steps to a great blog (yes I’m guilty) or turn your business around in 30 days or less.

Bollocks, there is no prescription for love, and the heart of your creativity has to stem from a great love.

Simply, create from the place of your passion for an audience that you love.

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Keep Your New Penis Size Forever

Are you awake yet?

Relax, I’m not actually going to talk to you about penis size; I am however about to get a little metaphoric…

There is no place for ego, for having to appear bigger and more important than everyone else in the artistic world.

Ego is a terribly destructive thing and it destroys creativity, in much the same way that all this talk about penis size actually destroys real intimacy.

The truly creative person can see the creativity glistening in the eyes of almost any person.

Have we become so fixated on the projected image that we have lost sight of the real thing?

I only wish I had a spam box to which I could send those boastful creative egos that promise so much but seldom deliver anything of any value at all.

Dealing With Creative Ego
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The Secret To Writing A Beautiful Story

What makes your story beautiful?

Many people of a religious persuasion will often try and create beautiful stories to illustrate a point or a statement that they would like to make about the world, or about life or some other jazz. Strangely enough these stories are almost always never beautiful.

Truth is what makes a story beautiful. Deep human truth that resonates deep within the souls of the observer.

If you want to tell a beautiful story the only thing you have to do is simply peel back the layers and reveal the human truth in each of your characters.

To work from the outside in is to manipulate your characters in a cold and a capricious way that takes away their choices and makes you the foul controlling God of the world you just created.

writing beautiful stories
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