Are You Afraid Of Touching Me

Recently I’ve taken serious notice of the urgency in which “the bar” is placed to separate my purchases from another’s at the grocers check out counter.

Seriously dude, did you JUST pull a muscle ONLY to make sure our items don’t touch, REALLY? 

In itself, it’s not a terrible idea to have a physical marker to distinguish what I’m buying from what you’re buying, however, lately I’ve wondered if it’s something more underneath it all?

We are becoming increasingly afraid of touching another human being.

Perhaps I have made a gross generalization but if it’s true, then I think there is cause for great concern.

If there is going to be any hope for our children and our children’s children then we (you and I) are going to have to really dig in and fight this compulsion to isolate, in an attempt to prevent others from rubbing shoulders (or groceries) with us.

Some of my winningest people moments have happened when my things touched my checkout neighbors items and I pray for many more of those moments where such awkward interactions cause me to smile, get outside of myself and connect with another human being.


Problem With Isolation
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The Day The Money Surgeons Separated Artistry From Entertainment

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

We published this blog post last year and now it is back by popular request!
A long time ago, in a world far, far away “Entertainment” and “Artistry” were siamese twins joined irrevocably at the hip.

Then some wise men came with money and decided to separate the twins; it was going to be a long, painful and costly procedure. The people with money thought that they could make more money off Entertainment if he didn’t have to drag his twin brother (Artistry) with him where-ever he went.

Artistry was a pain in the neck to those people who simply loved Entertainment; he was a nagging little miscreant who insisted that they tell the truth, he demanded to be taken seriously, he told them that his voice was just as important as that of his twin brother Entertainment.

But they didn’t listen, all this talk was slowing them down, it was getting in their way, it was stopping them from making real money.

So they went ahead with the operation and they separated Entertainment from Artistry; the really big problem was that nobody actually bothered to ask the brothers if they wanted to be separated?

Something died the day that the people with money carved Entertainment out of Artistry; I think it was their deep symbiotic love for each other.


artistic integrity
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Why “Writers Block” Is Just A Figment Of Your Imagination

There really should be no such thing as writers block…

It is impossible to go through a single day without hearing, seeing or imagining something that could provide you with the genesis of a great story. But unless you look, unless you are listening, you won’t find them.

It’s important to look because great stories add real value and color to our sometimes drab working days. People are stories and the crazier the person often the more remarkable their story.

But people are unpredictable and even the dullest soul may have walked an incredible mile.

Embrace the chaotic and the mundane people in your life today and listen to the stories they are trying to tell.


Problem With Writers Block
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Don’t Build Your Coffin Before You Die

Most people build their own coffins long before they die.

The saddest thing of all is that they call it their dream — to build a coffin and die.

There is no life in that box, just the slow, painful asphyxiation of the soul.

Our fearful tendency is to not build a life but to covet a death.

What on earth am I talking about?

I’m talking about this safe, selfish, white picket fence life, where we surround ourselves with people just like us, where we follow a system, where we’re plugged into the 9 to 5 and the 401K, while everything that was once wild and free about us, slowly dies, strangled to death by a cold heartless wretch called… assimilation.

It’s little wonder that the liveliest souls are the rebels who don’t play the game.


Risking Your Life
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Only Extraordinary Artists Have This Trait

If there is one thing that separates a great artist from a sea of ordinary ones it’s this… vulnerability.

Vulnerability = that sacred ability to let the rough journey of your life take a walk across your face.

Hardship makes an artist; but only if you refuse to hide from it.

Too many talented musicians, actors and writers wear a mask, a thin veneer that hides their pain and prevents the world from seeing the journey of their soul.

You have to peel it off.

Your vulnerability is the thing that makes you fearfully compelling, it’s the thing that connects you to those who are watching.

You cannot be afraid of who you actually are, anymore.


Great Artists
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Don’t Visit The Loneliest Place On Earth

Inequality is seldom about race or sex, it’s about something else, it’s about arrogance.

It’s about taking a high position and elevating yourself above another.

Don’t think you are above arrogance — we are all tempted by it in one way or another.

When we crown ourselves another’s teacher, when we value or posture ourselves above others,  we choose inequality.

Strangely enough the arrogant person is always on the losing side of the equation, to elevate yourself is to choose loneliness.

Pride is a terrible thing, it distances one soul from another.

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a change-maker or an artist, taking the humble position can only increase your knowledge of the world; in fact it will extend your reach and make the world a much better place.


Problem With Arrogance
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Only extremely HONEST people can do this

It is vital that you ship your products on time, every time.

Consistency conveys a measure of both value and respect.

But what do you do when you miss a deadline?

No one delivers 100% of the time.

What you do when you miss a deadline IS just as important as fulfilling your commitments.

Don’t hide.

Owning your own failures makes you trustworthy, succeeding 100% of the time means that you are inhuman.


Miss A Deadline;
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