Today’s Truth: Being Intelligent Has Nothing To Do With Being Creative

Intelligence does not by necessity equate to being creative.

Some of the most creative people on earth cannot even read or write; perhaps they are also the most intelligent?

I find it frustrating that people get so hung up on labels, he is creative, she’s not creative etc. It’s like we are forming some kind of exclusive club that satisfies a few and alienates many.

In my experience scholarly intelligence often impedes the creative process primarily because it’s always so damn keen on finding the right answer.

There is no right or wrong in the creative process SIMPLY endless roads waiting to be explored.

Scholarly intelligence is put into a person (learned) but creativity is simply allowed to flow out of a person.

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Working Class Man – You Are No Dudes Slave

This is your life.

It belongs to nobody else.

No one has the right to put you in shackles and to take you places that you simply don’t want to go.

Honor is not found in forced subservience.

Don’t listen to the voices that are constantly telling you what they expect of you.

What is it that you truly love, what is that satisfies you like no other?

Perhaps it is time to resign from the systems and the pressures in this world that force you to fit into another mans mold.


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How Working Hard MIght Be Keeping You Poor…

You won’t achieve your goals by simply working harder.

I have tried to muscle my way across the finishing line several times in my life; on occasions I have got very close, BUT when failure and major setbacks came I was too exhausted to get back up and keep on going.

I grew up believing that success was all about hard work; how about you?

There is another way, it’s called working smarter, working less, working more strategically.

In truth, I often work hard, applying myself to menial tasks to avoid doing the one or two things that would really make a significant difference.

This is usually a phone call or some other form of human contact that could result in rejection.

Perhaps it’s time to stop working harder and to start working smarter? 

life of hope

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Why It’s Still Important To Win

Sixty years ago nobody used the term fair play. Could fair play be synonymous with not playing to win.

I find myself often falling prey to this very oily, safe and seductive suggestion. The voice I hear simply tells me NOT to aim high, to simply persevere, that my success or failure is not really mine to choose.

There is truth here, but no tension, it leaves me feeling sleepy; it doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning.

Playing small and believing only in the process and not aiming for eventual success honors nobody.

Ambition that is birthed out of a fierce passion for making a difference in this darkened world maybe one of the holiest things alive.

2012 Seven Sentences – Copyright – Creative Success Key

The Desert Is Different For Everyone

This final blog in a seven part series we’ve written on the desert experience.

Some of you have been wondering ABOUT those eternally successful and entitled souls who never seems to experience a desert.

But the desert is different for everyone.

In fact sometimes it isn’t heat and sand, some times it’s a million acres of swamp and mud.

You don’t always die of thirst in the desert; sometimes you drown in a vat full of indulgence and wine.

The desert can be physical or metaphysical, it’s inside of you and it’s outside of you.

Don’t be distracted by the lives of others, for they have their own steps to walk; just put your foot in the sand and take another step everyday.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Own Personal Desert



Beautiful Things Grow In The Desert

Now I must contradict myself; for previously I stated that the desert was barren, desolate and dry. I implied that there was no life in the desert.

I was wrong about this.

Perhaps the desert is the most beautiful place on earth.

Something beautiful does grow in the desert AND yet something also dies in the desert.

We die and we grow; and in this lies the “truth paradox” of the desert experience.

That we must die to grow, that the hard, protected, self-indulgent outer kernel of our dreams must be cracked and parched by the hot sun; before the genesis of who we truly are as artists can really begin to grow.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – The Importance Of The Desert

The Hidden Secret To Escaping The Desert

My secret to escaping the desert; to conquering creative dry spells, to reaching your goals and bathing in the oasis of your dreams may surprise you.

A word of caution, I am still walking in the desert, I have not reached my goals, so perhaps you should not listen to me…

My secret to escaping the desert, is to simply keep on walking.

Sitting down in the hot sun will kill you, and going back the way you have already come is not an option.

Don’t over think it; it’s just one foot at a time, one or two tasks or lines of writing every day.

Is it possible that you will never escape the desert? Not if you keep walking one foot at a time.


2012 Copyright Seven Sentences – Beating Creative Blocks