Why Creative Snobbery Is Awful

Creative snobbery is evil because it denies other people their right to be seen as free and creative.

How does creative snobbery make itself known?

It is most often a vibe or a feeling given off by the artistic or the alternative that simply says that by comparison you are ordinary and that you can’t compete with me so don’t bother.

Every city has their creative residential zone; they are usually characterized by an extravagant use of hair die, multiple body piercing and excessive facial hair. These areas are supposed to feel creative, but to me they can often feel elitist, separated, oddly cold and alienating.

Creative snobbery is never truly collaborative, it is weak and anarchic, it connects only with a few and leaves the others feeling disconnected and dismembered.

We must not deny the universal truth that creativity is everywhere, and that every single person on planet earth has the seed of creativity planted deep within them; only the truly creative person can see and love the creativity in other people.


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When Been Called A Geek Is A Badge Of Honor

Have you ever been called a geek? For some, its negative feedback but for others it’s a badge of honor.

If you look up the word geek, Webster’s Dictionary defines a geek as many things, but one of the definitions I want to focus on is that of the “enthusiast or expert.”

Geek’s eat, sleep and live in their interests and they know what they love so well that they become content experts, that local guy who knows how to fix a computer, HTML code a website or take apart a car engine.

In middle school and high school, I was a weather geek and I didn’t care who knew it regardless of how quickly my popularity rating dropped!

But, the more I “geeked” out on Meteorology the better I got at reading forecast charts, weather maps and creating my own forecasts, all which later made me the go-to guy for weather updates every day.

Some are afraid of the label “geek” because it leaves an odd taste in the minds of people who want to be accepted by the world, but beware, if you hinder your “geekiness” then you are hindering your “greatness.”

Let me encourage you by saying that your geek moment may be someone’s guide moment and later people will recognize it all as a great moment!


Today’s Seven Sentence Guest Blog is written by Kendall Lyons, the writer at theCartoondailynews.com. You can also follow Kendall on Twitter here.


2012 Seven Sentences – When Been Called A Geek In a Badge Of Honor

Living One Handed

Living One Handed is written by Ryan Haack. Ryan created the LivingOneHanded.com community in December of 2011.  You can find him there and follow him on Twitter at @LivingOneHanded.


I was born with one hand.

It took me 34 years to realize that made me unique.

I finally realized that my “disability” opened the door for me to help others.

A lot of others.

It has changed my life.

Perhaps you’re struggling, trying to discover what makes you unique.

Keep looking; you’ll find it.

2012 Seven Sentences Guest Post – Living One Handed

Why Safety Will Always Kill Your Dreams


A stone ledge, jutting out of a rock face above a dark bottomless canyon below.

Imagine being trapped on that ledge, peering over the edge, staring down into the violent eternal chasm.

What if there was no way off that concrete ledge, no way back, no way up, no way down. Of course only a fool would say that there was no way down, its just that falling from a great height is never a pleasant option.

We all have a ledge in life, a place of safety and comfort that we cling to; it’s a dream killer, a coffin lined with the finest silk.

The “ledge” is where we all begin, it’s what we know, it’s what we are certain of, and by and large it’s a faithless, cold, miserably boring place.


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How To Succeed In Creative Dry Spells


I hate droughts whether they are creative, emotional, spiritual, or even environmental. Those seasons when you simply can not produce anything of any creative value; the more I resist this type of season, the longer it seems to last.

Droughts are a natural occurrence in the creative process; the sooner I realize this, the quicker  I can move through creative dry spells.

Remember creativity is always happening, whether it’s raining everyday or the ground is parched, dusty , barren and dry — there is no difference between the two. Don’t give up, when in drought find your oasis whether that be rest, meditation, a new muse or a different location.

What’s your secret when traveling through creative dry spells?


creative dry spells

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Why You Should Never Give Up Dreaming

Never give up dreaming. Yesterday I received a letter from a pragmatist encouraging me to give up on my dreams (read), today I write my response…


Dear Pragmatist,

Push the clock forward, wind it up as fast as you can, take it forward 50 years, stand at my funeral and read out the letter you wrote yesterday if you dare.

Answer me this question, does my life frighten you, does my dreaming challenge you?

It would make sense if it did because everyday I wake up frightened and very much challenged by my own dreams; yes it’s true I am shit scared and frightened 90% of the time.

But still I run after these incredible dreams, why?

Because they are in me, woven deeply into the fabric of who I am, and if i deny them I brutally betray who I really am. Because  the greatest inheritance I can offer my children is to be 100% who I am, to not play life safe, but to play it hard.

So instead I ask you the question, why did you give up, why did you stop running, why did you stop believing; it’s not too late, why don’t you join with me and keep on dreaming?

Your Friend
Always A Dreamer.


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Dear Friend, It’s Time To Give Up On Your Dreams.

Have you ever received a letter like the one below encouraging you to give up on your dreams,

Dear Dreamer,

I am writing this letter because I love you and because I care for you.

For a long time now I have watched as you have bravely and with much determination pursued your dreams. There is no easy way to say this, BUT it is time to stop with the dreaming. You have tried for long enough, and while we all admire your courage and while we all respect the sacrifices that you have made, surely now, enough is enough?

We’ve all had our dreams and we’ve all eventually had to face the fact, that our dreams although wonderful to imagine and beautiful to admire, do not put food on our table.

Dreamer you are in debt, you are not getting any younger, the clock is ticking; you have a family now, perhaps it is time to give up on your dreams and really start living?

Please understand that I write this letter only out of deep concern for you, and the well being of your family; I personally wish that you could chase your dreams forever, but we don’t live in a land of dreams but in a world of bricks and clay.

Your Friend
The Pragmatist.


P:S: Please help me construct a seven sentence response to this letter.

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