This Mistake Is Making You Unproductive

After all is said and done at the end of a work week we face the most difficult tasks of our existence: to pause and to rest.

What is it about rest that trips us up and renders us feeling unproductive?

Many of us spend our lunch breaks and nights pondering and ruminating … work.

When DO you rest my friend AND when was the last time you left your work to simply be?

Leaving behind the seriousness of your art, your company or your clientele for a few days rest is imperative if we are to really excel in everything that we do.

To constantly chase the carrot of believing that you have to always get it ALL done is the lie that robs you of true rest and peace; taking a second glance after much needed rest can often yield the best results.

So take a break this weekend and enjoy the cadence of silence and if anyone asks who gave you permission, just send them to me.


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Knowledge Obesity is Killing Our Generation

Identifying and assimilating with the leading voices in our niche has become a common practice today.

As leaders, we want to be “in” on the latest trends of thought and theory.

“Knowledge IS food for the soul” and yet I can only imagine Plato turning somersaults in the grave because we have in fact become gluttons for knowledge.

The ease of obtaining information on the internet has allowed us to grow fat with knowledge while our practitioner muscles have slowly atrophied away.

Obviously there is wisdom in being informed by seasoned, trusted thinkers BUT there is something even more valuable in stepping forward with the knowledge you have acquired and putting it to good use.

As we search for charismatic leaders and heroes to “show us the way,” numerous opportunities are being missed; the opportunity to hone your voice, the opportunity to expand your skill-set and most importantly the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of others.

It’s time to get up from the table, to dig your head out of the pot of knowledge, to step back, look up, digest, and give away what you have acquired; there will be plenty of time for seconds and thirds later. 


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The SECRET to finding heaven on earth

Is your fist clenched around the steering wheel of life?

Are you fighting your neighbor to make certain that you get your piece of the pie?

You may get your piece of pie but will you find your peace on earth?

Heaven isn’t a fancy home, a successful career, or a certain amount of wealth…

And you won’t find your heaven through fighting for it, insisting upon it, by exercising discipline or through some self-empowerment secret.

If your hands are tight, if your body is tense, if your soul is anxious THEN you are most likely heading in the wrong direction.

Peace is found in the surrendering of everything, trust the driver, be the passenger for awhile…look, listen, believe and relax.


secret to finding heaven on earth
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The Worst Employers in the World Have this Problem

Criticism is a worthless and vile thing.

Nobody likes to be criticized.

Criticism drips uncontrollably from the lips of the world’s worst employers.

It is a lazy way of working with people, it crushes creativity and it destroys workplace culture.

I can already hear the voice of the critic arguing with me, “yes, BUT some things, some people deserve to be criticized!”

Is this simply an excuse for your own inability to stir up and cajole the creative magic in those around you?

Criticism provides no solutions.


P:S: Feel free to email this post to your workmates.

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Why Keeping Up With The Jones Is An ESPECIALLY BAD Idea

You remember the Jones, our friendly neighbors who have all that we want and everything we never imagined needing?

I hate to rain on your parade but the Jones are a fictitious meme created to keep you shopping and buying at an unnatural pace.

A pace that encourages us to NOT practice patience, persistence and self -control.

My friend keep this up and you are bound to get into trouble —  your very soul risks being undermined.

There is nothing wrong with having it all RIGHT NOW except you were made for more than a life of hoarding and envy. 

Life is meant to unfurl herself like a beautiful satin ribbon, slowly, gracefully and naturally.

With time and  perseverance, you WILL have all that you set out for in your journey and even more,  I promise.


an especially bad idea
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Shove it up your A#S — High School Is Over

In life, we are often persuaded even pressured to do life the way others have assumed is best for us.

Listen, we are no longer in high school and this adolescent bull shit has to stop.

It’s stinkin’ thinkin’ to believe that there’s ONLY one or two ways to get to the end of a finish line and you know it.

There are innumerable ways to get in shape, facilitate an online business, raise children or start a business.

YOUR life must be lived at a pace that best fits your personality, dreams and resource; anything else is a lie and you are bound for injury.

You may be just the pioneer your peer group needs in their lives, so don’t fail them by blending in, wow them with the authenticity of your actual self.

Life lived under the pressure of another’s insecurity = #FAIL


High School Is Over
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