How The Culture Is Stealing Your Creativity

Everyday I meet fine young Americans who are assimilating beautifully into the world around them; it is almost as though their culture has become their religion. This of course is not solely an American problem, it is a human problem and it happens everywhere.

“Assimilation and conformity to a culture that eventually becomes your morality; not simply the way you do life BUT the way everybody should do life.”

There is a big problem with this…

The culture is stealing your heart, your mind and your life before your very eyes.

Am I being overly dramatic?

To increasingly come alive as you step through the years, you must increasingly be freed up to make your own choices, to form your own views and to express your own unique voice.


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Why It’s Time To Grow Up Now

The title of this blog post really say’s it all.

Maturity is important for artists, we must be brave enough and big enough to see outside our current paradigm AND have a world view that includes all people. This is extremely difficult for people who are saturated within the North American culture.

Truth is not American; for that matter truth isn’t British, Chinese or Iranian either.

An artist is not an artist if they are not pursuing the truth with every fibre of their being.

The pursuit of truth MUST take you across cultural, physical and social boundaries; in fact if the truth is worth having at all it will actually decimate every boundary that separates one person from another.

Do we want to play within the same old cultural paradigms in 2013 or do we want to step out of our comfort zones?


problem with censorship
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What Christmas Does NOT Mean…

What does today’s Christmas have to do with Christ?

Not much actually.

I don’t want to be a grinch and I am not interested in stealing your Christmas but I do ask that you pause for approximately one minute and consider these seven sentences.

The meaning of Christmas is not found in a gift wrapped in a paper. Nor is it found in the fable of a fat man in a red suit carrying a large sack. Nor is it simply a celebration of family.

Christmas is about a different story, it’s the story of hope being born in a shitty manger in a dark, dangerous and lonely time.


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When My Television Is Lying To Me

It’s bullshit, I don’t believe it, I feel like you are lying to me.

Do you ever watch a movie or a television show AND have these thoughts cross through your mind? Or do you just believe everything you see?

Why does truth matter when we are talking about entertainment; when we are talking about a fictional story that is completely made up anyway?

We must be careful not to mistake truth for morality.

Resonance occurs in creativity when our fictional stories resonate with a deeper emotional human truth.

What makes entertainment truthful or untruthful for you?


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Why There Is Little Truth In Popular

Pop is by nature popular AND popular is nearly always superficial and easy on the soul.

As artists’ being popular is a dangerous thing unless all you are really concerned about is fame and money.

BUT then you are probably not a real artist.

I would challenge anyone reading this post to think more about what is anti-popular, to look at the groups and the people on the margins of society and to ask the right questions.

Artists must pursue truth and truth is nearly always unpopular. The popular argument to any discussion about truth is that “truth is simply relative” and so not really worth pursuing in any meaningful way that could invoke change.

So let’s simply keep being popular, let’s keep buying those cool jeans, or that hip car, or that flash house in Malibu.


Popular Culture Critique
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The Big Problem With Traditional Censorship

When a young man arms himself with 3 guns and shoots to death 20 children under the age of 7, we are forced to question all that we do.

We do so not for ourselves, we do so because we are searching to correct, to heal, whatever is wrong with the world in which we live.  One of the things we must question is the diet of “entertainment” that we are constantly feasting on.

Some of the richly conservative people in America would most likely want to keep their own guns AND yet ban violence, cursing and sex scenes in movies.

Would we clean the outside of the cup, ignoring the cesspool of shit that swimming around underneath the rim?

The problem with censorship is that we typically clean the outside of the cup, eliminating or restricting the obvious (sex, violence and swearing) BUT we hypocritically avoid looking at what is inside the cup, we don’t examine the tone of the content that we are ingesting.

What if censorship examined instead the tone of our entertainment, examining the unhealthy hyper-reality… the world(s) without truth, the world (s) without natural consequences, the faux societies on the silver screen that entice and simultaneously alienate our young men from real relationship?


problem with censorship
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