Allow Yourself To Make Big Mistakes.

How big are you prepared to fail?

Creativity is about making big mistakes. Without the ability to fail big, we are simply following a recipe that doesn’t involve risk and so the rewards will be slim.

We’re all afraid of big mistakes, but are we prepared to fail anyway?

What is the worst that could happen?

Genius often exists on the other side of a mistake, if only we will risk enough to step into the unknown.

Don’t be right, try and be wrong on purpose.


Big Mistakes
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Quit being someone else’s idea of perfect.

If there is a problem in a popular culture it’s the presence of other people voices in the expression of an individual’s art.

It is of course the popular voice, the voice that sits in the middle of the bell curve that offends no one and challenges nothing. That’s why it’s popular…

Fortunately for us, the genuine artist isn’t in a fraternity anymore, popularity isn’t that important, they’re searching for something that dwells underneath the surface of culture.

They’re searching for their own indigenous truth, those things that makes us all inherently human. It’s more universal than it is popular.

Your real voice matters more than you could ever imagine; you have to work to find it BUT once you have it in your grasp you will never let it go.

Creative Perfection
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Don’t Despair – Courage Always Finds A Way.

What critical qualities define any sort of achievement?

It doesn’t matter whether achievement is winning an oscar, learning to sing, starting a business or raising a child; nothing good ever happens without overcoming multiple obstacles.

It is impossible to achieve anything without attaining the personal qualities of both persistence and determination. When obstacles come and pressure builds, these two qualities enable a person to continue to seek progress, to ask the right questions, to find their way around or through their road block.

Can you build courage, can you learn persistence, can you become increasingly determined?


When obstacles appear, do not panic or flee, simply remain, stare down your foe and wait for courage to come.

Persistence And Determination
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Don’t Waste Time Wondering If You Are Talented Enough?

Certain questions need to be avoided.

The kind of questions that pray on our insecurity, that paralyze us with fear, that keep us bound to a state of constant inadequacy.

These are not good questions.

Don’t waste time wondering if you are talented enough; the question is nearly always asked from a position of insecurity, from a base of expected failure.

As a small child I remember being convinced that I couldn’t swim without holding onto a soccer ball as a flotation device… until one day my father roughly pulled the ball away from me AND I swum like a champion to the end of the swimming pool.

You can do amazing things when you let go of all that keeps you comfortable…


killer creative questions
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“Never mock a person in poverty”

Never mock a person in poverty until you’ve walked a day in their shoes.

Empathy. Listening. Understanding.

It’s just possible that the externally impoverished soul has a wonderful story to tell you. Your judgement will nearly always get in the way of your listening.

Make a new friend, make your world bigger and our world smaller.


Stories From The Street
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Why Comedians Are The Rockstars In Heaven

Imagine a world where nobody ever laughed. I think I may have accidentally stumbled into a living room in hell.

G.K.Chesterton once said that “Joy is the serious business of heaven.”

Changing the world can be a joyless business but what life can be found in bringing laughter to your brothers soul. Don’t aim so high, that you forget that it is the simple things that make the biggest difference.

The importance of laughter should never be underestimated.

There is something holy in laughter, something divine and something pure, comedians maybe the rockstars in heaven.


importance of laughter blog
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Don’t ever mistake my silence for weakness.

Silence is a strange thing.

It is probably misinterpreted and misunderstood more than any other thing on planet earth.

We’re often afraid of silence, in its presence we feel uncertain and unknowing.

Therein lies the absolute power of “nothing.”

Nothing forces us to think for ourselves, to imagine, to create… to act.

Silence or inaction does not by necessity equate to weakness,  it’s a useful tool in creating a gap that only the imagination can fill.

Don’t talk too much, it maybe squashing another person’s imagination.

Power of Nothing
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