Why Your Art Will Lead You Towards Poverty – Part One

The genuine artist is royally screwed; we live in a world where your “art” will not always be valued in the way that it should be.


Because what you do is not “tangible,” it’s not measurable. it’s not an easily packaged commodity that a man a suit can ship off 3 times a week.

I would argue that “art” is more spiritual than it is physical.

Although spirit is the most solid, tangible, ever-lasting thing on planet earth; in our small minded, dollar focussed, narrow ways we have not yet found a way to measure its value.

How valuable is a memory?

Is it not all we ever have?

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P:S: To be continued tomorrow

How A Genuine Artist Enriches Our World

The London Underground System is way down underground. On a bad day, it’s dark, deep, overcrowded, claustrophobic and stuffy.

The City of London first auditions, and then permits only the finest musicians to busk in the cellars of their fine city.


Because they understand that music is like refreshing food to the souls of the tired, weary commuters that journey through the transit system everyday.

The music filters through the tunnels and when it reaches your ears it does something to your soul.

This is the role of the genuine artist… to reach people, to connect with them in the mundane subways of their souls.


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CONTROVERSIAL : The Entertainer Versus The Artist

Entertainment versus Art – it’s an age old debate for sure.

But first let it be said that we should not allow ourselves to be drawn into the dichotomy of western thinking, that forces us to pitt one choice against the other.

In fact that in my opinion “is the problem.”

Art should never be separated from entertainment; these two entities were designed to be lovers and not foes.

What do I mean?

When we separate art from entertainment, Art has a tendency to be selfishly introverted, inaccessible and lonely.

And, when we separate entertainment from art, Entertainment has a tendency to become self indulgence, superficial and greedy.


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The Most Important Blog Post Ever Written…

Everyday I talk with creative people who struggle from this very deep and  personal problem; this is a most important blog post that attempts to address this very important issue.

“My parents do not understand, why I do what I do?”

Is this true of you? Or are you a parent struggling to come to terms with the choices that your son or daughter is making with their lives?

Please it is vital that you understand one simple point.

For an artist NOT to paint, or an actor NOT to act, or a writer NOT to write, well this is like death to their soul.

Success or failure, poverty or otherwise, it does not matter, it is simply disingenuous for a creative spirit to do anything other than create. It would be like living a lie, a slow insidious sickness would overtake their souls and they would slowly drown in a bucket of sadness.

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 P:S: This issue is so important that I broke my own rule and wrote an extra eighth sentence.

The Genuine Artist’s Gift To The World

What is art?

Surely it is a like a flower in the field, or the roar of an angry lion; surely it is the expression of genuinely wild and pure creativity.

People who are good with numbers, often fail to see the value of an artist in today’s western world.

This makes me sad.

Imagine a world without music, without beautiful paintings, without the stories that shape us, change, enlighten and entertain us?

A world without art, is a world without color.

It’s a world where the lion never roars and the flowers in the field never blossom.


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Where Is God?

Where is God?

He doesn’t live in that cupboard by my bed; I just looked, and he isn’t residing alone in the pages of a book either.

If God is anywhere then surely he has to be everywhere right?

Perhaps the question is just as important as the answer?

Where is God?

This is not a religious blog, so please don’t leave comments designed to sway others towards believing your own particular brand of truth.

A genuine artist is compelled to search for meaning, for purpose, for truth, for justice, for equality, too search for the deep truths that lie behind universal human pain.

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Please Take This Personally… Please

I have something important to tell you; could you give me a minute of your time?

Thank you.

We often exchange pleasantries, I often write inspirational little tit-bits BUT seldom do we go straight to the rock face and read what is written in the ancient stone.

“This is it.”

It’s time to stop letting the seconds tick endlessly by; it’s time to stop being afraid; it’s time to stop blaming your parents; it’s time to stop reading and start doing.

Otherwise you will regret it and become severely depressed and unfulfilled in your future years.

Excuses don’t change what is written in stone.


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