Boredom is symptom —> This is the cure

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Boredom is not a disease, apathy is not your affliction and procrastination is not your curse… no, these things are simply symptoms of a deeper underlying problem.

What is the problem?

The problem is that you have moved away from “what matters most.

Discovering, finding and then leading likeminded others to also discover what matters most, is the primary goal of every Thought Leader.

Dear Reader, what matters most for you?

To often, we get sidetracked by our jobs, our family obligations, our desire for significance and we loose touch with that precious thing that matters most to us, the thing that will lead us enthusiastically through life, satisfying our every need.

Drop me an email or leave a comment and tell me what matters to you… I would love to know.


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – What Matters Most

It’s all about asking the right questions

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

What is it you want?

  • Why are you in business?
  • What kind of future do you want for your family?
  • What sorts of things do you want people to say about you, long after you have shuffled away?

While I often talk about every person having something significant to say with their voice, the only way to find out exactly what this is (for you) is to continue to continually ask questions of yourself.

Too often we ask ourselves an important question once or twice, but then disillusioned by a lack of clarity we refuse to keep asking the same question over and over again until we get an answer.

The only way to find the life you want is to keep looking and to keep asking.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Asking The Right Questions

Why you are NOT allowed to marry your cousin

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

It is stronger than blood, this thing that binds us together.

Too often, we try and grow communities around the superficial things that we have in common, like the color of our skin, the jobs we do, or the specific generation that we belong to.

So we create homogenous back-slapping communities (online or offline), weak circles of connection without the strength of hybrid vigor, without the flavor of diversity, circles with people facing inward; communities where the one feels safe because the one is seldom challenged.

But you want more, we all want more. It is written into our consciousness, into our folklore, the desire to see love cross boundaries, whether they are social, racial or cultural.

Love isn’t supposed to be suppressed or kept in the safe confines of conformity, it’s why the Prince chooses the lowly Cinderella, it’s why you are not allowed to married your cousin!

It is time that we allowed ourselves to be connected by things other than the obvious; things like our passions, our values, our gifts, our strengths and even dare it say it our differences.

write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Interconnected Community

Though you may hate me…

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Our post on Friday (read #NoMore) filled up my inbox with a number of you emailing me either messages of support, or in other cases, harsh words of criticism.

In some online forums people attacked me for being anti-gun, in another forum I was accused of not dealing with the underlying issues of hate and racism with enough gusto — we lost blog subscribers and we gained new ones.

And all of this is good, and just the way it should be for anyone wishing to provoke change.

The worst thing you can do in life is to do absolutely nothing; to keep your head down and offend nobody by really never saying anything at all — even when innocent people are dying.

Your silence is the real killer.

If you want to change our world in anyway you are going to have accept that there will be consequences, you may lose business, people may abuse you, mis-interpret you, and in the worst of cases they may even slay you.

But if you want to live a life that matters, if you want to engrave your footprints deep into the rock (rather than a temporary imprint in the soft sand), if you wish to provoke change in our world then you have to welcome this push back and the consequences for they are a sign that you are on the right track and that you are in fact making a difference.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Provoke Change

It is time to say #NoMore

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Allow me a minute… (use the #NoMore when sharing this post)

The vast majority of you will never pick up a gun and shoot people who are peacefully exercising their right to worship, and very, very few of you would ever contemplate, even the notion of going into a school with an assault rifle to shoot dozens of innocent children.

You’re simply not that bad, not that sick, not that angry?

Your sickness is in fact something so much worse — you are infected with the sin of passivity, of saying nothing, doing nothing, changing nothing in the face of such repetitive evil… this has to change.

How can we simply go to work and continue on with our comfortable lives when our minorities, the weak, the poor, the young and the elderly are losing their lives in such a repetitive and dastardly fashion?

You are responsible, I am responsible , collectively, we are all responsible for this (Tweet this).

We may disagree in regards to the cure for the terrible epidemic of gun deaths that has been sweeping indiscriminately through the United States for far too long,but do not disagree with me on this point… it is simply not acceptable to say nothing, do nothing and not change anything at all, join me and together let’s say #NoMore.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – It is time to say #NoMore



Loyalty is the only currency that really matters

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

When it comes to any kind of business only a few metrics truly matter.

Are you measuring the wrong things?

Don’t let your ego get in the way, don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to strip off your shorts and take part in some juvenile measuring contest (yes I just said that).

Your web traffic, the size of your email list, even, dear I say it, the size of your bank balance, these are at their best indicators of health, but at their worst they are meaningless talking points that may massage your ego with their sweet little lies.

What matters?

Loyalty matters.

This is the only truly significant metric — simply put — the number of people who would move heaven and earth to help you and your business thrive.


write without thinking


2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Loyalty Matters 

How To Stop “THINKING” When You Are Being Creative

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Nothing will get in the way of your writing process like over thinking (Tweet)

The logical mind is constructed in a such way that it desires to get things right and because of this you can spend a lot of time staring at the blank page thinking about what you are about to write.

This is unhelpful and unnecessary.

Heavy concepts, deep thinking and an “overarching need to be good” are strangling the life out of your pen. The logical mind has its controlling hands around your creativity’s throat and it is preventing the “ink” from flowing.

What to do, what to do, what to do?


Free your creativity – grab a piece of paper and a pen, look at the clock and for the next “seven minutes” write every single thing that comes into your head.


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