Little babies need help

I must disrupt your Friday right now because these little babies need help!

One of our regular readers, social entrepreneur Jane Chen (read here) is doing something remarkable and she needs your help.

Jane is the Co-Founder of a company that has created an incredible product that has saved the lives of 150,000 premature babies in developing countries. Her product keeps babies warm and a fraction of the cost of an incubator.

Why does Jane need your help?

Because there are still hundreds of thousands of premature babies dying needlessly in different parts of our world.

Click on her innovative Kickstarter Campaign here. Buy a product and give generously. It has already been covered in Newsweek, Fox, Oprah Magazine and Town & Country. Together we can make a difference.


P.S: Yes, this is more than Seven Sentences but I thought the smallest of us were worth it!

Maybe it’s time you got a little dirty!

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


Thought leaders change the way that people think.


Because they have first identified either a problem or a gap in the way that others are thinking. Thought leaders think differently, but they also have the ability to effectively communicate new ways of thinking to others.

A genuine thought leader leads by example; they don’t just think about things, they also implement.

If you want to become a thought leader then you must by necessity become a person of action, you must put your shoulder to the plough and put your hands in the dirt.

The people who change the way we think are invariably those who have spent a considerable amount of time at street level, struggling, fighting and pushing against the status quo.


How To Become A Thought Leader
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Welcome to the Land of Ordinary

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 

There is an alternative to chasing your dreams — it’s called the status quo. It’s a formula driven life, where nothing really changes. It’s a safe and predictable life, where you follow the script that somebody else has written for you.

 What is your status quo?

Can you recognize the voices that are directing your choices every day?

 “Play it safe, assimilate, build security, be a good citizen, procreate a little but not too much, assimilate some more, be a good parent, act responsibly, be a kind grandparent, move into assisted listing, forget the names of your children, starting slurping from a sippy cup…”

Many people will say that there is nothing wrong with the status quo — they say this as though “doing nothing wrong” should be the key decision making sieve that we put our choices through on a daily basis – what do you think?


I grew up racist
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Light that candle in the darkness

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 


Courage demands only one thing of you, it demands that you finish (Tweet).

It is not courageous to bravely take risks for a time, only to retreat when you get close to either success of failure.

It is not courageous to give up because you’ve failed 100 times.

It is not courageous to settle for comfort in a world where there is still so much poverty, darkness and war.

I was lying actually, courage does not demand only that you finish, it also demands that we work together and that we work on improving and finishing things together.

Courage is a team sport.

Courage does not accept cynicism and futility as truth, instead it chooses hope over the status quo, no matter how dark or demanding the challenge.


Light that candle in the darkness
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Visit The Most Creative Place On Earth…

Where are you most creative?

It’s tempting to think that certain physical environments are more conducive to your creativity than others, take Paris, New York, or that quiet spot in the bush where you like to sit down and paint, for example.

In a similar fashion we often think of certain people as more creative than others (read).

But I don’t think that the “physical space” you find yourself in really has anything to do with the creative power that you possess.

Instead creativity is found most abundantlyin another more intangible space… it is found in its highest concentration in the “relational space;” that gap that quite naturally separates you and me.

Our creativity serves as the most powerful connecting force possible when we use it to engage others, to move them emotionally or to inspire them towards a more abundant life, to let them know a little of who we actually are.

Too often we turn inwards to find our creative power, rather than facing outwards and giving our creativity as a gift to others (Tweet).


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Give me some space

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 

Everyone needs space, space to think, to process, to communicate, to express themselves and to take in the world.

Listening provides us with space.

Too often, when we market our business or attempt to build a brand on social media we don’t consider space to be an important part of our messaging, as a result we ramble, we oversell, we talk to much and we alienate the very people who we are trying to attract.

It’s like a piece of music without any quiet beats, or a film without any breathing room, it’s exhausting and overwhelming.

When you are thinking about your messaging, whether it be writing your blog or your online content stream have you considered the importance of silence?

Radical I know, but if you are trying to build actual relationships with your brand then you are going to have to provide “your intended” with a little space to breath, think, process and eventually interact with you.

Or you could just keep on talking…?

NOTE: Do you want more people to actually interact with your brand online? Find out how one of of my 90-Minute sessions could help here.

importance of space in messaging
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You can love more than ONE person

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog. 

You could read every single page of every single website in cyberspace, you could know the name of every singe person on the face of the earth, you could hold special knowledge and insight that earns you millions of dollars, you could have everything you’ve ever wanted and still have nothing.

There is a big difference between having and not having —> and if I had the choice I would rather not have and I would rather not know.


Because an empty hard drive is full of infinite possibilities, there is space to learn, to grow, to move and to interact, likewise, one receives more value at the buffet table if they arrive with an empty stomach (Tweet).

Yet with people, whether it be our work colleagues, our friends and family or even in the social spaces on the Internet, it is so tempting to enter every interaction filled to the brim with the assumption of knowledge, and drunk with self-importance.

We’re in love with only one person and sadly it’s not anybody else.

If we really want to make waves in our world, we will do better if we empty ourselves and come to the table curious and hungry, open to love and learning and a thousand different possibilities.


The Most Boring Places on Earth.
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