Loyalty is the only currency that really matters

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

When it comes to any kind of business only a few metrics truly matter.

Are you measuring the wrong things?

Don’t let your ego get in the way, don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to strip off your shorts and take part in some juvenile measuring contest (yes I just said that).

Your web traffic, the size of your email list, even, dear I say it, the size of your bank balance, these are at their best indicators of health, but at their worst they are meaningless talking points that may massage your ego with their sweet little lies.

What matters?

Loyalty matters.

This is the only truly significant metric — simply put — the number of people who would move heaven and earth to help you and your business thrive.


write without thinking


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How To Stop “THINKING” When You Are Being Creative

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog

Nothing will get in the way of your writing process like over thinking (Tweet)

The logical mind is constructed in a such way that it desires to get things right and because of this you can spend a lot of time staring at the blank page thinking about what you are about to write.

This is unhelpful and unnecessary.

Heavy concepts, deep thinking and an “overarching need to be good” are strangling the life out of your pen. The logical mind has its controlling hands around your creativity’s throat and it is preventing the “ink” from flowing.

What to do, what to do, what to do?


Free your creativity – grab a piece of paper and a pen, look at the clock and for the next “seven minutes” write every single thing that comes into your head.


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2015 Copyright Seven Sentences – Write without Thinking

You and Your Dream

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


You used to have a big dream — and even that is an understatement.

It wasn’t just a big dream, it was a humongous dream, it was a dream that took you from the gutter and threw you into the stars, it was a big glorious, wonderful, impossible dream and it was yours and you owned it.

What happened?

Why have you allowed life to beat you down and rob you of the glorious vision that you once had?

There maybe nothing as evil as the curse of the status quo, the acceptance of life in the gutter, the love of the mundane without purpose nor pleasure, the welcoming of a life without real life, this is truly welcoming death before its time.

The truth is, there is only one thing that will rescue you from the chaos of the present day, and that is the eternal hope of your dreams, these have been given to you for a specific reason and a specific purpose.

It is time to dream big again!


Dream of being a vet

When Life Throws you a Rooster (Part 2)

Today’s Seven Sentence Blog post is written by regular contributor Dr. Keaton Smith, a Veterinary surgeon, blogger and author.

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, late one evening, I found myself staring at a huge Rhode Island Red rooster with a broken leg.

I later explained to my receptionist that it might be a good idea next time to consult me on out-of-the ordinary things BEFORE telling someone, “Sure, our doctor works on anything!” but here was Mr. Farmer’s rooster in all his floppy-legged glory.

I consulted with the owner and he insisted that I was the only hope—kinda like I was Ben Kenobe listening to Princess Leia. After refreshing my memory on avian anatomy, I decided to do an external fixation involving 16-gauge cattle needles and putty-weld from the auto body shop.

It worked!

The owner was so thrilled, he immediately went home and called the newspaper and the next day I was front page news—the entire front page.

The moral of the story is to never be afraid to walk through a strange door that has been opened for you,  because my business took off when I was brave enough to fix a rooster’s leg with cattle needles and putty weld.


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Dream of being a vet

When Life Throws you a Rooster (PART 1)

Today’s Seven Sentence Blog post is written by regular contributor Dr. Keaton Smith, a Veterinary surgeon, blogger and author.

Sometimes life throws things at you whether you are prepared or not, as was the case with “Mr. Farmer’s” prized rooster—and yes that was actually his real last name.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I most certainly didn’t want to work on a mean red rooster that particular day, but I’d say the rooster didn’t expect to get kicked by a horse and end up with a broken leg, either. After Mr. Farmer had called all the other veterinarians in the area and no one would see the poor farm animal, my receptionist said, “Sure, our doctor works on anything!”

Now see, that’s where things take a turn for the funny, because I used to tell my staff that if the animal had a femur and the owner had a checkbook, I’d work on it.

In a super-busy moment on a different day, my receptionist grabbed my attention and said, “A lady on the phone has a dog that’s had three puppies, but can’t seem to deliver the rest, so what do you want me to tell her?”  I told her to inform the owner that I could give it an injection and she would spit them right out, which became, “The Doc said he’d give her a shot and she would vomit up the rest of the puppies.”

In life always, always say what you mean and mean exactly what you say—it leads to less confusion.


P.S: Tomorrow, I will tell you how I fixed that Roosters Leg.


Dream of being a vet

Keep chasing your dreams, because those who matter are watching you.

Today’s Seven Sentence Blog post is written by guest contributor Wes Roberts,   a wild older man, a big dreamer and an Co-Architect of the future through leadership and mentoring.

At my age, 73, I have dreamed many dreams…some dashed…some accomplished…and yet some still soar.

In my opinion, when one stops dreaming there is a certain death that begins to creep up on the soul long before it stops breathing.

However, as we age, there is a definite responsibility for each one of us to keep doing our part, small or large, to make this world a better place than when we arrived and began.

Daring to continue dreaming is a part of what keeps our souls alive and gives fuel to how we live each day of the rest of our “wild and precious lives”

…thank you, Mary Oliver for those words!

Whether you are old, young or somewhere in between, whether you want to admit it or not, those coming along after us are watching how we dream and what we do with our dreams, and young people are are naturally drawn to the older folk who do dare to keep dreaming, seeking us out, watching how we live into and beyond both our failed and successful dreams.

Honest dreamers dare themselves to keep dreaming no matter their age or the outcome of those dreams (Tweet).

In the early 1600’s Miguel de Cervantes wrote the famous novel, Don Quixote, from which the musical Man From La Mancha gave us the stirring song, The Impossible Dream,  listen to the words by the artist, Brian Stokes Mitchell, who made it famous, and never give up on your dreams.

Let’s talk about the shitty stuff

Written by Geoff Talbot — Co Founder of The Seven Sentence Blog


We don’t really like to talk about the shitty stuff…

…those hard life lessons, those massive failures, those long dry seasons, those experiences that wear us out, test our courage and cause us to question whether we are on the right path at all.

The only time we like talk about these things is in retrospect, because in retrospect, talking about them makes us seem courageous and brave, honest and yet overcoming, in retrospect we seem like people worth following.

But in these moments, in these hard dry seasons, when we are stressed, burdened, stretched, financially broke and almost literally covered in shit, we deeply fear those people who are standing around watching — we fear that they would not come anywhere near us if they knew the actual present truth of our predicament.

So instead we put our best suits on (over the top of our shit), we spray ourselves in the finest cologne, hoping beyond hope that the stench of our current circumstance won’t break through the thin veneer of our success.

It’s a lie I personally cannot live anymore — for years now I have been walking through very long, harsh, dry seasons of failure… and yet today, I have decided to refuse to be labelled as a failure and I refuse to wait to speak about this until I am rescued by some providence in the future.

NO, I am successful today — though I am surrounded by so much failure, though I am literally covered in my own shit some days, so aware of my own infractions, stressed many days beyond measure, I am successful because I keep walking, because I keep choosing, because I keep, oh so, imperfectly loving those closest and nearest to me — you may not want to look at me and you may choose not to follow, but if you look and if you follow you will at least see not some thin veneer — instead you’ll see the real me.
Dream of being a vet