Playing Small Is Stealing Your Life Away.

Written By Athaliah Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

Failure is gut-wrenching.

And although it is a normal part of the journey toward building out a life, it is no less jarring when it occurs.

In fact, we deliberative personalities will often evade the feelings of of failure at the costly price of never growing into our most courageous, biggest selves.

In always playing it safe our lives are discreetly stolen away; it’s subtle trickery to believe that being small is serving us well.

Have you ever noticed that your best ideas are overwhelming: how could you possibly successfully accomplish such tremendous things without a failure or two or three or ten?

It is time to begin thinking about your great big self as an ongoing process of taking risks and failing (sometimes miserably) rather than a series of perfect, deliberate choices.

You were made to create grand things and this can never happen by playing small.



Growth Through Failure

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It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams

Written By Featured Guest Blogger and long time Seven Sentence blog community member Michelle DeSpain.  Check out her incredible blog over at the Late Bloomer Revolution.

Hello, my name is Michelle, and I am a Dreamer.

For nearly 44 years of my life, I was exceptionally gifted at dreaming, but I was a bit of a slacker when it came to acting on those dreams.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the ridiculously simple secret for propelling yourself out of Dreamland and into Actionland:

Let go of fear and embrace the other f word aka faith. (Tweet this)

Wholeheartedly believe in yourself and your abilities. Surround yourself with friends, family, mentors, and coaches (like my coach, Geoff Talbot) who believe in you, too.

And remember:

It’s never too late to LIVE your dreams!

Late Bloomer Guest Post

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The reason WHY you are struggling so much

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

People act like idiots on the internet and for good reason (Tweet).

Engaging with other people is not an easy thing for most human beings.


Could it be that we are afraid of each other?

Many of us really struggle to talk to strangers, especially if they are very different to us in how they look, sound or smell.

I think we’re a little more prepared to give it a go when we can hide behind the safety of the screen.

But there is still a lot of anxiety, a lot of rabid talking about oneself and not a lot of listening — engagement is difficult but it is very worthwhile.

Online Engagement Problems

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Avoid Failure With This 7-Point Checklist.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

When your failing or not succeeding as you would really like, run through this 7-point checklist and audit your performance everyday for 3 weeks (Tweet this) — answer Yes or No!

1. You have strong faith and know that if you do the work and keep asking the right questions you will succeed.

2. You have a clearly defined product or service to offer other people (even if this is a piece of art) in return for a fair exchange of money.

3. You are regularly knocking on doors (metaphorically and literally) to tell other people your story and sharing what it is you have to offer.

4. You are building relationships first and selling a product or service second.

5. You have a clear focus for what you need to achieve on a daily basis.

6. When you experience disappointment, you process it with a friend or wrote it down in your diary (failure unprocessed is too big a load to carry on your back into the future).

7. You keep an accurate record of what works and what doesn’t work so that you can avoid making the same mistake repeatedly.

7 Point Checklist

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Why you need to STOP looking at your competitors.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

Competition often breeds fear, it shouldn’t but it does (Tweet This).

Competition should breed remark-ability, it should force all the parties in close proximity to diversify, to find their own point of uniqueness, to find their specific market niche and to create more value.

Too often we become preoccupied with what our competitors are doing, we try and match them on price point or style, we follow them instead of bravely forging ahead and cutting our own path through the forest.

When it comes to your competition who cares what they are doing — I am more interested in what you want to do.

Competitive angst occurs in every industry, sometimes it expresses itself as a form of worship, it’s the reason young filmmakers and writers often struggle to find their own voice — they are too focussed on their heroes, to truly dig deep and express their own voice in a powerful way.

If you must focus on anything, then take your eyes off your competitors and really, really listen to your audience or your market. What are they saying, what do they want and how can you give them a truly remarkable experience?

Competition and Marketing

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If you want more success then this is essential…

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


Creative collaboration requires that we lose our sense of self-centered creativity.

This is a major struggle for very many artistic types. Perhaps we think of this as protecting what is most valuable to us, but in truth there is a type of self-absorption that alienates others and limits our own creativity.

We cannot be precious about our work if we wish to grow creatively.

There is exponential creative power waiting to be harnessed in the collaborative process.

This fear of creative collaboration has killed me for long enough. How about you?


The Power Of Collaboration

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The Fatal Mistake You May Be Making With Your Blog

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


The truth is you can write a blog, create a v-blog or record a podcast about any topic that you choose — the real question is not what are you blogging about but who are you blogging for yourself or others? (Tweet This).

Many corporate businesses, realtors or small business owners make the mistake of constantly blogging about their own company, rather than simply using this medium to build trust with their ideal clients and consumers.

Many artists blog constantly about their own lives, their own creative processes or their artwork RATHER than asking exactly what it is that their audience needs.

The problem stems from a kind of social narcissism, the #selfie gone crazy; this overwhelming tendency to be obsessed with ourselves.

The cure to this sickness is to ask outward questions and listen to the stories and problems of others, allowing yourself to be emotionally and intellectually affected.

Then ask the really important questions… “what is it my readers need and how can I connect with them emotionally?”

Blog creatively and blog personally, no topic is off limits when you are blogging for others. (Tweet).


Blogging Mistakes

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