I have only 60 seconds left to live…

If I had 60 seconds left to give “a message” to the world this is what I would say…

“Your dream matters”

It matters because your life matters and your dream represents the wonderfully combined expression of your heart, your mind and your creativity.

You can become fully alive only when you are pursuing your dream.

Don’t settle for the status quo – the ordinary, the safe, the secure, or you will waste your life on the pointless and the mundane.

You see there is a giant gap between the world in which we live, a world where there is oppression, poverty, injustice and all kinds of suffering AND the ideal world, the world as it should be, a kind of heaven on earth.

Your dream is a gift from heaven AND when you genuinely pursue it, you build a bridge between two very different worlds and you make our world infinitely better.


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60 Seconds Left To Live

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Good News: I’ve fallen in love again

It is easy to forget what first captivated us and fueled our hearts with great passion.

Failure, busyness, lust for money, discouraging voices, our own fears and doubts are common gremlins will attack us or distract us in a futile attempt to steal the dreams from our soul.

To be honest, I’ve forgotten my own dreams and my love of inspiring others to chase their dreams for far too long.

But passion never leaves us and our dreams don’t evaporate into thin air, they wait patiently for us, trusting that our affection will return.

Recently my affection has returned, as I’ve realized again that our world would be a much better place if more people were inspired and equipped to chase their dreams no matter what it cost.

AND so, I have been inspired to create a really unique program that will give a lot of life to other peoples dreams.

More details will follow tomorrow – but for now tell me what you would do with your life if money was no concern at all.


Living Your Dreams Is Important

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Why leadership doesn’t have to be a lonely

As a young man someone once told me that if I wanted to be a leader then I would have to accept that I would be lonely.

I didn’t want to be lonely so I decided not to lead.

They were of course stating an untruth — leadership can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps the point that should be made is that “pleasing people” should NOT be the primary goal of a person in any form of serious leadership.

The lonely leader is usually the autocratic leader AND there are many other ways of leading, such as servant leadership, where we are very much friends to those we lead.

Do you agree?

In addition, healthy leaders choose to foster friendships with other leaders, so that they have a place of understanding and so that they never fall prey to the dangers of isolation.


Is Leadership Lonely

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3 Things To Do When You Lose Your Passion

Living your dream is risky, messy, uncertain business.

It is exhilarating, life-giving and empowering to choose to live out the depths of your very heart and soul; and unfortunately it can also be exhausting and full of tremendous trials.

The phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” can quickly become your mantra when you feel underwhelmed with the process of seeing your own dreams come to life. On the day that happens, and when your fire threatens to burn out, don’t faint… here are three ways to refocus and recalibrate an active passion for your dream:

1. Be mindful — Take some time to go over past journal entries or notes about this dream; be awed once again by your raw desire, zeal and boundless vision to see it through.

2. Be wise — Turn off the noise of websites, social media channels and other competing media that may be frustrating you and your journey.

3. Be human — Remember that “low” moments are a part of the journey toward actualizing your dreams; remind yourself that these moments are temporary, make room for them and by all means, keep looking ahead.


3 Ways To Refocus Your Dreams

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So you are angry and frustrated on Monday morning.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of people out there who solely want to make a lot of money.

But you — you want something else — you want to fill in gaps and add value to our world.

Many times our greatest ideas are born out of deeply painful frustrations or terrible injustices that we witness or experience.

Sometimes the little frustrations can accumulate into one big problem.

A genuine entrepreneur listens… these feelings of frustration and anger at injustices often highlight an inequality or a gap that is not being met by the status quo; be aware of these feelings, don’t simply explain them away, they are of great value.

Ask questions.

How can you fill the gap, how can you add value, how can you make the frustration go away?


Frustration and entrepreneurship

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Listen: Your Voice Is Truly Remarkable

Ideas are often overvalued.

The unique actualization of an idea is always undervalued.

You have a very unique voice and a unique perspective, every person does, but very few of us access this voice and learn to express it in a remarkable way.

A genuine artist treasures their voice, it’s their craft which they hone and develop and it gives life to a lot of people.

You, as an artist are always far greater than any one idea or piece of art that you have developed or created.

Sometimes we meet artists whose creative expression has been halted because one of their “ideas” has been roadblocked by the business of art.

If this is you, let your identity come from your unique voice and not from the works of art that you have created — keep working, we need you.


Remarkable Artists

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Quit thinking “small” and become a GIANT.

It might be time to stop thinking “small.”

Do you run a “small” business?

Language is very important and when we use words like small we are often subtly downplaying our own goals and expectations.

Why not instead be business people who have “infinitely big” ideas?

Big ideas acted upon in small steps have huge potential because we have not limited their size in our planning or our language.

It’s important to create businesses and build dreams in a scalable fashion, but growing through big ideas should always be a non-negotiable goal.

This growth doesn’t have to be outward, it can be inward, it can be deeper, richer, fuller or more focussed — this kind of growth is important because it makes you better.


Problem with small business

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