I Felt Grubby After That Phone Call

There are some really scummy tricks in sales and marketing, and companies use these tricks to prey upon good people.

They are disgusting, anti-relational techniques that work to take away your choice and manipulate you into making a decision.

You feel dirty, demeaned and grubby after walking through the process.

I know this because I just wasted 15 minutes of my life talking to a lady in New York, who I thought was offering me a free membership to a distinguished business society BUT instead of course she was trying to sell me a very expensive membership. She only mentioned that I had to pay anything at all at the very end of the process, just before I clicked off.

Genuine business is NOT the act of fishing for a prospect instead it’s the act of extending your hand and forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

Be a genuine human being in your business dealings AND do everything in a way that is respectful to every person involved.


Pursuing Greatness

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Please Send This Email To Any Leader Who Is Afraid Of Social Media

It has been said that we are afraid of anything that we can cannot control and this is certainly true of social media.

Many corporate leaders, for example will claim that they do not like social media because it wastes time, steals employees productivity and does nothing to improve their bottom line; they also live with an inherent fear that an abhorrent employee might go awol and tweet profanity after profanity on the company account and cause irreparable damage to their brand.

So they let their own fear win AND they either avoid the social media channels altogether OR they put their controlling hands around its neck, throttling any life out of it, insisting that their messaging remains dry, impersonal and without a sense of humor — in other words puerile and SAFE.

But it does not matter the cause, FEAR ALWAYS hurts a brand, and trying to avoid or control the way your staff members use social media is quite possibly the most damaging thing you can do to your brand.

The truth is you are NOT actually afraid of social media, you are terrified of giving voice to people other than yourself because you cannot control the words that they may say.

Control is only required in the absence of “shared vision,” AND likewise freedom and employee empowerment can only exist when every member of your organization is liberated and allowed to add their unique voice to the collective corporate vision.

The growth that comes from such empowerment is exponential; your organization’s point of difference in the marketplace lies solely in the rich diversity of the people who work with you in your company – will you let them speak?


Pursuing Greatness

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Please Let The Money Take Care Of Itself

The west is still wild, it’s a different kind of fight but it’s just as dirty.

The 21st century sees many of us fighting, squabbling and sometimes deceiving others ALL to get ahead and build our own little kingdoms.

When we focus solely on the dollars, we take our eyes of the main prize – the hearts and minds of those wonderful people all around us.

Some would call them treasures in jars of clay.

It takes a brave leader to understand that the money will always take care of itself when an organization focuses 100 percent of its attention on investing in its people.

100 percent – surely that is too much?

Try it and see.


Changing Your Business

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Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero

The danger of simply drifting through your years, without challenging how you spend your days is very real.

It is quite lazy to fall in line, take a check every week and get by giving away 8-10 hours everyday towards somebody else’s dream.

Perhaps there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this for a time – BUT the bravest souls refuse to remain comfortable.

There are hundreds of people just like you who have given up the comfort of the 9 to 5 to risk it all.

These people ARE our absolute heroes.

Even if they fail, when they risk it all to follow their dreams they succeed big time, because they’ve refused to remain asleep — they have inspired us all to stay awake, to chase our dreams and make a difference in our world.

We owe them big time – send them this blog post to say thank you.


Pursuing Greatness

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Your Dream Was Made To Be Shared

Our “vision” leaks.

We leak because we are full of holes.

But don’t try and plug the holes, that would be like blocking off the spout on a watering can and then trying to irrigate your garden.

Your vision is meant to be shared.

We are designed to leak, that’s primarily how we give; the essence of who we are drips on the ground as we go about our daily business.

As you follow your dreams, build a business, start a non-profit, write a book, or lead your organization, every step forward you take involves the sharing of vision.

Please ensure that you refill, refocus and re-imagine “your vision” on a regular basis, this way the inspiration inside of you will never run dry.

Sharing Your Vision

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The “One Thing” That Will Make Your Life A Success

It doesn’t matter  whether your writing a novel, starting a business or running a fortune 500 company, if you never achieve “this one thing” then all your other achievements may mean nothing at all.

You may not agree with me on this, that’s okay, I’m the one writing this post and it’s just my opinion.

All the problems in the world may be traced back to this one issue AND if you don’t deal with it in some shape or form with the “work of your life” then you probably won’t be doing work that matters.

What I am talking about?

I’m talking about that awful distance between individuals, the gap between people groups, between family members, between countries and between religions… anything that causes a lack of equity, anything that separates one from another.

Does your work in some ways, close this gap or does it increase it?

It’s a tough question but it’s an important one, what is your answer?




Pursuing Greatness

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Facebook May Be Only Part Of The Problem

Facebook has taken a turn and you and I and all of our friends are to blame.

There have been many articles of late arguing Facebook makes us lonely, is bad for us and is completely unreliable giving us strong reason to just delete our accounts.

However, today I’ll take it one step further and posit that parts of Facebook make us, both individuals and groups, terribly dishonest.

#Selfies — a selfie alone isn’t harmful but the insidiousness of an entire album of selfies taken daily, speaks volumes about our culture.

No longer are we satisfied with merely stimulating responses from our peers through sharing and updating instead we’ve graduated to evoking an anticipated response.

It seems we are now creating prototypes of ourselves checking with each picture snap that the lighting, background and costumery all depict the theme in life we’ve chosen to present us in our best light; we are our own social media analyst keenly aware of the best content, caption, and time to post.

And while there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to look one’s best and to feel affirmed in it, I believe we’ve traded this very  normal human desire in for a more gluttonous self-absorption — so hungry are we now, that we require others to join in on the gorging — and this my friend is very wrong.


The Problem With Facebook Selfies

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