The World Wants YOU Not Some Perfect Rendition

You want everything to be perfect.

And there’s no stopping you.

You’re determined to begin when everything is absolutely perfect and ready.

And I totally get it, but here’s the wrinkle.

Every moment you await for the stars to align as a sign to begin is another moment lost…not gained.

It’s your zeal, unique value, and your weirdness that draws others to you not your flawless unveiling; the world wants you as you are.

Your willingness to dive deeply into your passion from right where you are, will always trump the pomp and circumstance of being perfectly ready.


Willing Versus Ready
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The Basics Will Only Take You …. This Far

Written by Athaliah Renee


Years ago, when I first learned to swing dance, I was happy just to know the basic steps. It gave me a sense of security to know when and where to place my feet AND I could join the party, finally!

The thrill of that naiveté however, waned quickly when I was asked to dance by a seasoned dancer.  He assumed that my knowledge of the basics meant that I could maintain my count through his leading… he was wrong.

I learned VERY quickly that the basics were just that and to actually dance meant to follow the leader, to feel his subtle signals to my hands, arms and legs and of course, to respond with my body.

Our businesses are much like this, I think; we learn the basics and feel confident about starting, but the real work of growing a successful business lies in your ability to discern, shift and respond as necessary.

If you’ve had a similar experience with your business or other ventures in life — I’d love to hear from you and share horror stories — please leave a comment in the comments section below.



Grow A Successful Business
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The Only Way To Win With A Big Dream.

We are thrilled to present today’s guest post. It is written by our friend and acclaimed thriller writer “Rebecca Jean Downey.” Check out Rebecca’s latest book ‘Devil Eye” right here.


Are you an Olympic-sized dreamer?

The big dreamer understands that the word dream is not just a noun, but it is also a verb to be exercised at every turn in the run toward greatness.

The Olympic training table includes protein for sustainability, carbs for energy, and water to keep the dreamer hydrated.

Big dreamers have sustainable schedules that honor their capacities while building supersized strength and flexibility, both of which provide big dreamers with the staying power to persevere—even as their competitors are falling by the wayside.

Big dreamers sprint ahead of their competitors because they are driven by the carbs of passion and desire, essential nourishment in the diet plan of every Olympic dreamer.

Olympic-sized dreamers drink daily from the fountain of life, refreshing themselves and embracing the destiny of their souls while never denying it; thus enabling the big dreamer to be joyous as the dream draws near.

If you are an Olympic-sized dreamer, also remember to fill your suitcase with spiritual tenacity, as well as your innate talent, because both will be challenged by the competition as you charge toward those big dreams that God has placed in your heart; are you packed?


With A Big Dream<
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Give Your Self -Doubt The Fight Of Its Life

Written by Athaliah Renee 


Have you ever noticed that every amazing idea you have is often accompanied by an infinite number of doubt-filled internal rebuttals?

And for every passing second that you don’t act on an amazing idea, the self-doubt can fester exponentially, drowning out your brilliance, leaving you feeling…not so brilliant.

Ugh, I hate that and I refuse to fall prey to it any longer.

This spring I’m committed to starting new thought habits* to succeed in my personal and professional life but I don’t want to do this alone.

Beginning Wednesday,  3/12 I’m devoting 21 days to putting my trashy little hater right where she belongs … in the trash.

I would love it if you’d join me, here’s how:

1. Each day, write down the trashy thoughts that invade your courageous brilliance, take those written thoughts and tear them to pieces and place them in the trash — it’s where those nasty thoughts belong.

2. Take a creative picture of your brilliant idea of the day (in words, a short video, you in action) and be sure to share on Instagram and twitter using #21daysofshine –that’s where I’m letting my true voice shine –see you there.


*This is part one of a three part series to encourage new thought habits to support and aid in your personal success.

New Habits To Succeed
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The magic is in you, it’s your special gift to the world.

If you want to see better you may have to close your eyes.

It sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

But if you want to be a person who has a strong vision for something truly unique, then maybe it’s time to quit looking sideways and turn your eyes inward instead.

What am I talking about?

In such a busy world it is easy to get distracted by what everyone else is doing; such distraction causes us to copy a little here and a little here, without ever exploring the really unique offerings that lie latent deep inside of us.

The magic is in you, it’s your special gift to the world.

I believe that you care passionately about something real and that it needs to come out of you.

Unlocking Your Special gift for The World
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What I learned as a Veterinary Surgeon

Knowledge is overrated.

This could be disturbing news for anyone in the knowledge delivery business.

In my experience intellectual people often like to assume that their knowledge will carry the day and miraculously market their business in a way that involves almost no effort on their part.

This is wishful thinking.

During my time in the Veterinary profession I witnessed many supremely talented veterinarians completely fail to build a reputation with their clients by relying solely on their knowledge and expertise as a relational marketing tool.

Unfortunately knowledge is neutral and cold when it comes to impacting people on an emotional level.

What really works to cause a word of mouth viral spread, what absolutely works to create the kinds of stories that people simple can’t stop sharing is something much simpler and more humble than knowledge… welcome to the power of kindness.

Tip to grow your business
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Finding Heaven on Earth

Is your fist clenched around the steering wheel of life?

Are you fighting your neighbor to make certain that you get your piece of the pie?

You may get your piece of pie but will you find your peace on earth?

Heaven isn’t a fancy home, a successful career, or a certain amount of wealth…

And you won’t find your heaven through fighting for it, insisting upon it, by exercising discipline or through some self-empowerment secret.

If your hands are tight, if your body is tense, if your soul is anxious THEN you are most likely heading in the wrong direction.

Peace is found in the surrendering of everything, trust the driver, be the passenger for awhile…look, listen, believe and relax.


secret to finding heaven on earth
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