Why No One Ever Gets Confused By An Oreo Cookie

The original dark crispy, vanilla creme -filled sandwich cookie that we all now know and love as the Oreo, actually debuted as a biscuit called Hydrox in 1908.

The Oreo emerged four years later and stole the show leaving Hydrox to be dubbed “a copycat”.

Interestingly, Oreo has now become the generic name for all black and white sandwich cookies, but the truth is, once you’ve eaten an actual Oreo, it cannot be confused with another.

Why, because what is in the Oreo cookie itself IS its brand.

Likewise, your content IS your brand: no one should be able to confuse who you are and what you are doing with that of another business.

How can you tell if your brand is successfully blazing its own trail on the internet… perhaps the absence of traffic to your site proves that you are missing the mark when it comes to communicating YOUR brand clearly and creatively.

Because there is no other business brand like yours, you can not do what other brands are doing; so do us all a favor, step out of the shadows and take your rightful place in the business world, you deserve that much.


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Raise your profile and become a Thought Leader in 2014

A secure leader understands the importance of sharing just about everything they know.

This is NOT done in an arrogant, dictatorial, top-down way BUT in a manner that involves just as much listening as it does talking.

Sharing is never a trip down a one lane bridge.

I am surprised to find that many very good CEO’s and business leaders are not taking advantage of the social media channels to share what they know with the rest of the world.

They are either afraid of educating their competition OR they do not fully appreciate how significant their own voice is.

I’ve heard it said that there is a “book” in everyone; translated to the 21st century this also means… there is a “blog” in everyone.

We desperately need what you have AND so we’ve developed a very unique program that will amplify your voice and transform you into a Thought Leader in 2014.

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The World Has Changed… Have You?

Sitting here on a lazy Sunday afternoon, thinking how much better off the world is because of the internet.

Yes, better.

We’re connected because of the internet, otherwise we would NOT know each other at all; and you would have never read a thing that I have written.

The internet allows for a thought or idea to pass directly from its creator to the recipient(s) without any help or interference of a middleman.

The potential for purity and clarity is increased, because there isn’t a publisher to alter your message, or weaken the appeal of your idea.

Of course a good publisher should strengthen your message and add value BUT without directly connecting to your recipients they are simply guessing as to the effect of their work.

Your work, your business, your creative project has now become a collaborative effort between you and your recipients — are you listening?


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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

The title of the blog is taken directly from a great Dr.Seuss quote.

It reminds us that nothing last forever and that it is imperative that we enjoy every moment.

There is so much life to be found in the gratitude of the moment AND in the fond memories we have of the past.

But there is tension here for sure… loss is always painful AND yet good memories are like eternal treasures — lamps that light our way forward.

You can hold both grief and gratitude together, one in each hand, it is possible to smile and cry at the same time.

We mustn’t deny the truth of our past in our ruthless pursuit for a more positive way of thinking, that’s called faking it.

Your story demands that you not divide yourself in any way… that you be authentic and honest about where you are.


Smile because it happened

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What Baby Boomers Can Learn From Us Thirty Somethings

Dear Baby Boomers,

You were the epitome of what it meant to grow up during an era of significant social change; but alas this change is still upon us.

We “Thirty Somethings” know a thing or two about change — for you taught us loads.

And we (and the generations following us) are the barometers of such change during this current era… for this is OUR time and the future of OUR children rests on OUR shoulders.

The internet is a major medium for catalytic change; it really does work and what happens there REALLY does matter.

While the internet is open to all, how things change is actually determined by a new school of thought; central to all change is the online concept of “relationship.”

You see, we, Thirty Somethings care deeply about our readers, clients, followers, online community members and we don’t just want something from them, we want to do our thing for them and with them.

It isn’t about selling, dogma or winning arguments anymore, it’s about something else, it’s about friendship and connection.


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What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Business

There really is NO one size fits all strategy for your online business marketing.

Why is this?

It’s frighteningly simple: innovative business owner + niche market = the need for highly specialized approach.

But no one in online marketing will ever tell you this.


Because it disqualifies their services and they just want to sell you their generic, one size fits all template model; sad, but true.

Don’t listen to them, you are super unique, with innovative thoughts that your audience is in real want of knowing.


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The Riskiest Thing You Can Do Right Now Is To Simply Keep Doing The Same Old Thing.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Are you happy with your life today?

Time is a blessing, that ticking clock has been sent to remind you that your life is valuable.

It’s also finite, it has a beginning and it has an end AND if you don’t like what you are doing right now, if your career doesn’t wow you… then why are you still doing it?

Family responsibilities, the need for financial security or some other cheating, lying, stealing reason?

A good dream won’t you make you poor, if you think it through, if you plan it well, if it truly adds value, then it will provide for you financially ten times over.

If we’re truly honest we’re standing still for one reason only… we’re afraid to change.


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