The Riskiest Thing You Can Do Right Now Is To Simply Keep Doing The Same Old Thing.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Are you happy with your life today?

Time is a blessing, that ticking clock has been sent to remind you that your life is valuable.

It’s also finite, it has a beginning and it has an end AND if you don’t like what you are doing right now, if your career doesn’t wow you… then why are you still doing it?

Family responsibilities, the need for financial security or some other cheating, lying, stealing reason?

A good dream won’t you make you poor, if you think it through, if you plan it well, if it truly adds value, then it will provide for you financially ten times over.

If we’re truly honest we’re standing still for one reason only… we’re afraid to change.


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time To Start Living


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It’s the odd, eccentric, poor and beaten down soul who will most likely change the world.

If you’ve ever felt like a reject then you are in good company.

Many of the worlds most influential people had incredibly tough beginnings, Jim Carrey dropped out of high school and lived in a tent, Harry Houdini begged on the streets as a 12-year-old and Frank O’Dea, the founder of the biggest specialty coffee chain in Canada, pan-handled for money in his mid twenties.

There is something about being on the outside that gives a person a unique perspective. Trials, challenges and obstacles shape a persons character in a way that privilege never can.

Being normal and being popular, usually equates to being comfortable and having a perspective that agrees and assimilates with mainstream thinking.

Mainstream people are quite predictably, usually pretty happy with the status quo. Not so those eccentric often persecuted souls, who have lived a life outside the white picket fence of normality.


Hardship Shapes Character

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2013 Copyright Seven Sentences – Hardship Shapes Character

Why It’s Important That You Don’t Quit

Let’s be honest, most of us have had a moment or two when we felt like quitting.

The pathway of pursuing anything significant is lined with obstacles, distractions and almost impossible challenges.

It is important that we don’t lie about the difficulty of our task BUT it is also very important that you do not quit your dream.

We’ve heard it said that people often quit just before they may have had a major breakthrough… but this is in itself is not the “sole reason” for keeping on with your dream.

Never give up.

Because when you give up, something in you dies and you assimilate to a kind normalcy that makes its home amongst the walking dead.

Don’t quit today, instead reaffirm your commitment to your dreams… they are important and you matter.


Dreamers Creed

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This One’s For You.

For the geek turned guru; we see you here at Seven Sentences and our hats are off to you for persevering beyond the status quo.

To all the lovely women business owners who refused to fold themselves to fit neatly in a binder of someone else’s corporate dream; kudos, our girls need to see you stand tall…so stand.

To all the creatives who have been mocked for dreaming in 3D and believing with all your heart; don’t stop now.

To the late-bloomer, if you have breath in your body today, now is a great time to begin; no excuses.

To the newbie dreamer, don’t let anyone tell you what your dream ought to be, you see it clearly, take massive action; you can do it!

To the one who has failed, mourn the loss and then get up, try again; decide to be new, better and more intelligent moving forward.

This one’s for you because you deserve it, have a great weekend.


Dreamers Creed

Be Inspired Daily By Seven Sentences


2013 Copyright Seven Sentences – The Dreamers Creed

To Whom Are You Listening?

To whom are you listening?

The voices that feed your soul each day…are they propelling you forward or sending you backwards into a constant tail spin?

Are these voices of truth, voices of the past or surreptitious voices that teach you to abide and agree with its version of “right” no matter what?

Voices that stifle are a droning ostinato; the voices that catapult are dynamic and melodious.

Can you hear the contrast?

Whatever the source of your inspiry, room should be given for a gracious challenge of thought, careful internal reflection, significant personal growth and the ability to change.

And in the absence of these freedoms, I’m afraid whomever you’re listening to, ┬ámay not actually be FOR you.

To Whom Are You Listening

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To not dream is to not live

There is nothing special about hiding.

In real life it’s not fun to hide; and it’s important to realize that no one is actually looking for you.

Waiting to be discovered is essentially a form of hiding.

Don’t wait… don’t hide… don’t hope in such futile things.

Just be you, celebrate who you are and take authentic risks everyday.

Nothing happens when you hide, progress is not made, your career isn’t developing, the world is simply getting older and you are becoming increasingly disconnected.

It’s never too late to stop hiding and start living.


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To Not Dream Is To Not Live

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There Is Great Power In Simplicity.

My biggest problem is trying to do too much.

I have too many projects, too many ideas and not enough time.

Does anyone else have this problem?

As a school of fish confuse a predator, too many ideas cause an extra-ordinary lack of focus for any entrepreneurial soul.

It is important to realize that although each idea or project maybe a world beater on it’s own, you have to create a list and pick them off one at a time.

Mostly, we refuse to focus on a single idea because we are afraid(fear) to trust our instincts and make a choice.

Your power is diluted when you refuse to make choices; choose a pathway and take action.


Power In Simplicity

Be Inspired Daily By Seven Sentences


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