It’s a Lie – You are not on your own

Isolation will destroy your passion and we can not let this happen.

Crusaders are particularly susceptible to isolation and when we have a passion for changing the world, it is very easy to feel as though the world is against us and that we’re on our own.

Never go on a one-person crusade – this is a very foolish thing to do and you will almost certainly lose.

Instead of trying to change the world on your own, build a tribe of like-minded people who carry the same passion as you do; together you will have the weight of great influence on your side.

Quit believing the lie that you are the only one who cares the way that you do, there are others everywhere who feel and think just like you.

Where are they?

They are in your community, they are in our schools, our churches, our sports clubs, our businesses, our social media circles, etc — call to them and form a family of friends who are passionately pursuing the same cause — life is far better with company.


Changing The World

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If you want to remain lonely and untrustworthy then you should NOT read this blog post

Scary perhaps, but we will think “MORE” of you when you are brave enough to share your failures.

Maybe it’s time that you shared exactly how you’ve screwed up with the rest of us. Your failures may have been painful, but they are also a very valuable tool in your leadership kit bag.

A lot of people want to be influential “thought leaders” and give inspirational Ted Talks but very few of our leaders are prepared to dial back the rhetoric, embrace vulnerability and let us in on the most painful parts of their journey.

Openly sharing your mistakes provides us with valuable sign posts and warnings; your mistakes lead us away pain and towards more success AND this is the role of a genuine thought leader.

Conversely, if you simply share your successes with us, you are guiding us blind down a dangerous path where we will almost certainly meet our doom.

Your scars are incredibly beautiful, your failings make you trustworthy, we want more than your success, we want your genuine leadership.


Vulnerable Thought Leaders

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Why don’t you love me anymore?

Why is success so important to you?

Passion matters, and as leaders we must not let our position OR our “perceived authority” over others eat away at the deep passion that lives and breathes inside of us.

Many of us were first drawn to leadership out of a deep love and passion for people; when this passion dissipates we often turn to uglier, less fruitful means of leading others — abuses of power, like control and manipulation.

The temptation is to do whatever it takes to get others to follow our instructions.

But you don’t need to turn the lights on when the sun is shining AND you don’t need to resort to squashing others when you lead with great passion.

Remain in love with the team that you lead, know them, listen to them and understand who they are as people.

Perhaps it is time to remember again your original dream and to focus on making a real difference in the lives of others.


Leadership is Loving People

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Bad News: I am Dying

There are two types of people in this world…

  • Those that might do it some day.
  • Those that must do it today.

Which group are you in?

If you are in the first group there is a good chance that you will never pursue the “great adventures” that are lying dormant in your heart; you have most likely made comfort your king and complacency your lover.

In an effort to strenuously encourage you to move into the second group and really find the life you want, I wish for you to read this final sentence out loud…

“I am dying, my days are numbered, each day that I surrender to comfort and complacency is a day that is lost forever.”


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You can make a good living as an artist

To the Artist whose knees are shaking,

“Their voices are very loud, but they shout with fear, do not be afraid, they are not projecting with any kind of authority.

You know what I am talking about. Those voices that ring in your ears reminding you that you will never make a sustainable living from your artistic endeavors. Those voices constantly reiterating the need for you to get a real job.

Tell them to shut up.

It’s time to think differently and to say “no” to ever assimilating to that cold, barren world, where there is no room or value for your artistic expression.

Why not start using the incredible creative power within you to imagine new ways of monetizing your art — the possibilities are infinite and endless and you can make a wonderful living from doing what you love.”

Keep Creating


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Your Dream Matters

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If you keep on procrastinating nothing will ever happen

Your dream matters.

It matters because it’s yours. It wasn’t given to anybody else, it was entrusted especially to you.

Too often we delay pursuing our dreams because we believe that we’re not ready or that the time is not yet right.

This is simply our fears sabotaging our dreams.

Remember that tomorrow is always tomorrow and that if you keep on procrastinating, nothing will ever happen.

Don’t wait any longer, the best time to begin is right now.


Your Dream Matters

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For The Money Conscious — Smart Spending Looks Like This

One day, when I was a teenager I had a “vintage shopping experience” that changed my shopping habits forever…

I was won over at shop #1 and amazed at the quality and longevity of the pieces; I was quickly convinced that shopping this way would be wise for my pocket book and the environment.

Of course this meant that I shopped less often and could only get what I truly needed when it was available.

At the start of your social enterprise or non-profit business, there are loads of shiny new toys and accessories shouting out at you “Buy me”, “You need me”, “You can’t do this without me” and so on…

The fact is, in chasing the shine and glitz at the start, we tend to over spend, botch priorities, and miss the adventure that comes with building slowly — adding things as we need them, when we can actually fund them.

This year, as every year here at The Seven Sentence Blog, we are keeping our overheads low and our expenses at a minimum — we choose this consciously because it’s good for us and you, our community.

So how are you managing your impulse to spend in business this year?


Smart Non-Profit Spending

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