Why You OWE it to me to chase your dreams

It is arrogant to believe that you can change the entire world BUT surely we can invoke positive changes in the worlds in which we live.

Your world is different to my world, or our world. Your world is the one that only you see through your eyes, it’s the “neighborhood” in which you live in every day.

You are the central character in this world, yes, many things may happen outside of your control, but you always retain the creative ability to build, to learn, to grow and respond to your environment.

Often as dreamers and big thinkers, we catch a particularly severe bout of narcissism and we believe we can change the entire world; the danger here is that we easily get overwhelmed AND we forget that it is the little things that have most profound effects on the other worlds that intersect with ours.

Our dreams are relative and we need not moralize them or prioritize them in terms of their apparent significance, the dream of a father to provide an education for his son does not have to compete with the dreams of a businessman building an empire that employs thousands of people.

Dreams are NOT necessarily moral things, they are deep passions lended to us to expand and enrich the size of our worlds.

Don’t hide from your dream or compare it to the dreams of others, it is yours to love and yours to pursue.


What It Means To Change Your World

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Guess What Happens If NOTHING Changes?

Do you really want more of the same in 2014?

Is your life that good that nothing new needs to grow and nothing old needs to die?

Surely such complacency is foolish at best.

How can we remain in a place of comfort when many in the world are struggling for food to eat?

The drive to grow, to change, to build, to do something significant with our lives is a vitally important one that needs to watered and encouraged at every opportunity.

What happens if nothing changes?

We grow fat, we grow lazy and we grow old and in the end we are left with nothing  but regret — make plans to change things in 2014.


Danger Of Waiting For Others Be Inspired Daily By Seven Sentences


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Why YOUR VOICE Is Important

Your voice matters more than you realize.

Many people that I talk with in our line of work are a little confused about their voice.

They’ve spent too long in corporate environments where there were rules about when they could speak and when they could not. Come to think of it, many of us grew up in families where this was also a big part of the group dynamic.

As a result we’ve become increasingly uncertain about the value of our voice and our perspective – this is a genuinely terrible thing.

The internet is fast changing this however – and this is a brilliant thing.

Now no one can stop you from speaking, you have your own voice, your own space and your own audience – so express yourself fully.


Why Your Voice Is Important

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The Problem With Your Business Always Begins With You

Like most things in life, the problem with your business is most likely somebody else’s fault.

The market is down,  a problem client is stealing all your time and energy, that grumpy receptionist is scaring everyone away.

In fact, you are according the language used above, completely powerless to do anything about the direction that your business is heading in.

This is of-course part of the big grand lie, that renders us powerless and names us as victims in life and in business.

The truth is, if you want to change your business OR your organization, then the problem always begins and ends with you and the choices that you are making.

The very worst thing you can do in 2014, is to continue down the same old path, playing the same old role, yet naively expecting a different result?

We’re currently putting together integrated business marketing strategies for select individuals and organizations, these strategies put the power of choice back into your hands, they will make your business truly and wonderfully yours again — click here to work with us.


7 REASONS to remain HOPEFUL right now!

Put this on your fridge and remain hopeful at all times this holiday season.


1. Don’t give up, even though this festive season maybe far from festive; even though you are struggling while others splurge and indulge, don’t give up, don’t let go of hope, for she will carry you on her wings.

2. Even though you do not see clearly the purposes for the struggles and difficulties in your life right now, “believe and hope” and know that one fine eternal day you will see these purposes very clearly indeed.

3. Know that your character is being shaped, and that this chiseling although painful has a purpose; the fact that you are being refined through pain does not make it less painful, but it does allow you to cling to hope.

4. Hope has a sick sense of humor, it delights in irony, it finds comedy in pain, it is both an amnesiac and an analgesic; let the lightness of hope guide you through the dark this Christmas.

5. Your entire story is NOT yet fully written and hope understands this, but do not fear instead understand that hope is looking favorably upon you because she alone has read the ending to your magnificent story; hope alone holds the wonderful secrets of your life in her hands, trust in what you cannot see by believing in hope.

6. Hope makes room for new friends and new opportunities, your next life may well be better than the first.

7. Hope is not afraid of the darkness of your current surroundings, she lives in and loves your imagination and she hates the word impossible; hope is your closest friend in the worst of all circumstances.


7 Reasons To Remain Hopeful

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Only the “WEALTHIEST” people on earth understand this.

Before you set your goals and make your projections for 2014, I’d like you to pause for a second.

How do you measure true wealth?

Is a man truly wealthy if he has a billion dollars in his bank account BUT not a soul to call a genuine friend? Is he actually, miserably impoverished, perhaps the poorest on the face of the earth even though he has great monetary wealth?

As we plan out our 2014 and set goals for own growth and prosperity, we should perhaps pause and consider the lonely man, with a heart of stone living in a mansion made of gold.

His is not a path to follow, for true wealth can be found ONLY in the arms of a friend.

How are you planning to build relational wealth in 2014?


Relational Wealth

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When You Think You Are Moving Slowly – Go Slower

If you want to succeed in 2014 (read) then you may need to embrace the life giving principle of moving more slowly.

The desire to begin the new year at 100 miles at hour and to muscle your way through every obstacle (or person) that gets in your way is a tempting one.

You need to stop rushing around trying to be everywhere, because most likely you’ll end up being no where instead.

Going slow in 2014 will allow you to find a new rhythm, it will allow you to pause, to breathe, to be more strategic, to more human and to be more you.

Remember a foundation quickly built will often crumble when the seasons change and the bad weather comes.

Going slow, allows you to build strategically and relationally, identifying who your your teammates really are by your shared common values; when you rush at the beginning of things, you will meet people who simply want to make a quick buck in a short period of time.

I know it’s counterintuitive to the fast moving souls amongst us who are rightly impatient for success, but it’s your depth and not your speed that will impress others in 2014.


P.S: We’re determined to move both deeply and slowly in 2014 AND so we’re looking to work with Only 7 Individuals or Organizations in a 12-month program that unpacks our unique marketing strategies that are based around your authentic and genuine expression. For details, please contact me here