The 4 Truths About Blogging – Straight From My Heart

The First Truth:

With an internet connection and with a few immensely powerful words that resonate deeply with human truth any fool can now change the world.

“I am such a fool and I search daily for the kind of truth that will resonate deep in the hearts of others, do you?”

The Second Truth:

Although millions will try and impart significant change upon the world through this medium (blogging) today, very few will succeed.

“Finding deep human truth and communicating it clearly in a profoundly powerful way is a very difficult thing to do.”


The Third Truth:

Unless you invest your resources in going deeper and finding out exactly what it is you have to offer the world, you will most likely fail.

“We must always journey to the point of vulnerability to discover the truth within ourselves, only then can we honestly connect with others.”


The Fourth Truth:

I believe that you have something very significant to share with the world; it’s in the perspective of your heart and NOT in the cleverness of your mind, find it and you will connect with others in a powerful way.


Truths About Blogging

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If there is one thing that makes me angry it’s the manipulation and the control of other people.

It’s drives me to the point of inner fury.

So many organizations, so many small businesses, so many parents and teachers are guilty of this crime.

In many ways the point of the manipulation and control is to force others to acquiesce their dreams, to lay down their own future for our good.

There is often a sense that this is okay because we are paying them, like money confers a sense of ownership on another’s life.

Truly good worthwhile work doesn’t stifle people, it grows them up, it propels them towards their dreams, it’s not about ownership it’s about leadership.

Think about the people who you have the privilege of leading – what are their dreams, if you don’t know — ASK.



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The 7 Crucial Elements To Successfully Following Your Dreams

[Print this out & put on your fridge, the mirror or your office wall]

1. You choose to be deeply connected to the inner reason behind your dreams.

2. You choose to be free (from the opinions of others) to choose your own path.

3. You have a plan to build up the resources required to achieve your dreams.

4. At any point in time you choose to pursue “dreams” that are achievable given the resources that you have.

5. You have a roadmap to follow that gives you directions to achieve success.

6. You choose to build a team around your dreams, making your dreams a communal pursuit.

7. You must turn the pursuit of your dreams into serious business that adds value to others and returns value to you and your team.


Following Your Dreams

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This “one thing” is robbing you of life every day.

There is no “rightful” place for arrogance, that evil kind of pride that elevates one person above another.

Pride is a very subtle thing and it maybe hurting your business, your career and relationships far more than you realize.

Pride is something that we all suffer from, and something that we are all tempted by; pride has universal pulling power.

Why do we always need to take the credit for our achievements, for our financial success or for the empires “we” are building?

The bricks and mortar that we are building with, our talents, our relationships, our financial intelligence, our physical health, our work ethic, even the place and time of our birth, have been bestowed upon us without our choosing.

To claim “any success” as our own is to invite upon our souls a great and dark deception.

The only solution is to live an appreciative and grateful life, centered in deep humility, thankful for all that you have been given.


7 Steps To Killing Your Ego

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Be Very Careful This Blog Post Could Kill You

The way you treat others is a direct reflection on the feelings that you have for yourself.

Sometimes we’re more gracious with ourselves than we are with others, but mostly I think, our outer dialogue reflects deeply the inner life that we’ve cultivated.

If we’re constantly critical of others, then it is most likely that we’re deeply critical of ourselves. If we’re kind and gracious to others, then there is a good chance that we live predominantly from a place of grace — that we have learned to be loving and kind to our inner person.

Where are you at in your inner person? Have you honestly cultivated grace and learned to forgiving and gracious with yourself?

It all starts in the dark, messy confines of your broken heart – will you let kindness in?


The Kind Inner Life

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Don’t let a lack of money get in the way of your dreams

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by a lack of money, this is especially so for people with big dreams.

Money opens doors, and it is undeniably an essential component of nearly all dreams, but it’s not the only component and it’s CERTAINLY NOT the most important piece of your puzzle.

The most important piece in the puzzle is… you… the big dreamer with an incredibly courageous story.

When we get overwhelmed financially we tend to forget about the crucial resources that we already have right at our fingertips… other door openers, like our story, our relationships, our creativity and our time can all be leveraged to significantly advance our dreams.

At The Seven Sentence Blog we are passionate about helping people turn their “dreams” into a serious busines, where they are adding considerable value to the world AND getting rewarded well for it.

If you have a big dream and you are feeling a little stuck financially, I would encourage you to take a “resource audit” and look at all the tools that you already have in your dream chasing toolbox.

A lack of money does not have to slow you down or stop you from pursuing your dreams.

P.S: I’m hosting a FREE WEBINAR on this topic at 11AM PST today. You can watch it live or on replay right here.


I want you to take off your clothes

Life can be a dirty business.

In case you have not noticed people (including myself) are not always nice and a lot of mud can get thrown — and mud sticks.

In the busyness and the pressure of adult life it’s also very easy to pull on clothes that were never made to fit us. We can easily make dishonest agreements about the sort of life that we’re going to have and the sort of life that we will never have.

In short, many of us are walking around wearing muddy ill-fitting clothes (a metaphor for the outer life) that are inhibiting the genuine expression of our souls.

Have you lost all sense of the pure, unadulterated, childlike passion that used to burn like a fire inside of you?

Don’t worry, a person who is sick with cynicism doesn’t require a new heart, all that is required is a change of clothes.


Beat Cynicism

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