Leaning Into The Struggle For Success in 2014

Like many others, I grew up struggling and those struggles seemed to always beget more struggle, there was never a silver lining in sight.

And while my bi-vocational parents were loving and lovely in so many ways, we struggled financially —  and THAT type of beginning is difficult to shake.

The path to success as a business owner is narrow — and even narrower if you are female, minority, foreign born, differently-abled or a single parent.

The resistance to rising to the top is real and it exists not just in the economics of the journey but even moreso powerfully in our minds, our memories and our expectations; so how DO YOU handle being knocked down by the business of your business?

Truthfully, over the years my heart and my brain have not been savvy enough to always know the difference between the kind of struggle that begets more struggle AND the type of struggle that begets success; and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Leaning into the wrestle and deciding to dive deeply into risky waters seems counterintuitive when the risk is already so high and the waters threaten to capsize the operation; and yet we MUST find the courage to do so!

If you’re like me and you’re learning how to recognize the kind of struggle that exists along the path to success, I’d love to work with you — Email me here  — Together we can help each other immeasurably in 2014.


Achieving Success From Struggle In 2014

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The Person Will Steal The Dreams From Your Heart

He comes like a thief in the night and while your defenses are down he will rob you of everything you hold dear.

He may appear in many different forms but his favorite disguise is to appear as a concerned friend.

His sickly sweet voice will tell you to retreat, to play safe, to save money and to keep on doing what is familiar.

Do not be fooled, he is wicked, he is despicable, he is the enemy of your dreams.

Though he may pretend so, he cares not for your physical or mental health, the success of your dreams or the growth of your business, he is instead completely consumed with himself.

Your bravery frightens him.

For his name is fear and he is a lonely old despicable foe capable of such destruction and yet utterly devoid of love.


Dream Stealer

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Why Any Good Business Owners Will Choose To Be Creative In 2014

On Friday, I strongly emphasized the need for an artist to embrace both sides of their brain, and to consider a business-like approach in 2014 (read here).

Today I’m turning the screws further and I am going to ask all the business people out there to consider something radical…

You maybe an expert at using the logical side of your brain, perhaps you’ve already come a long way in your business through making safe and well researched business decisions, but now there is a ceiling over your head and you will NOT grow unless you also embrace your creative side.

In 2014, any marketing that does NOT “embrace the creative” will be not cause your business to thrive.

Yes, you can continue to spend a large amount of capital on print ads, direct mail and online advertising — BUT your ability to engage the human being on the other end of your marketing will be seriously limited.

If the social networks are the veins which connect us all together, then creativity is surely the lifeblood that pumps through these veins and energizes us all.

It’s the unique, the weird, the wonderful and the different that gets our attention and creates within us a hunger for more.


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Make GREAT MONEY from your art in 2014 without having to get all salesy

2014 is pounding on the door and we believe that it’s time you started making a healthy living from your art!

During the last century there was an increasingly popular trend towards specialization. People became defined by their unique gifts, they were either accountants OR artists, musicians OR scientists, writers OR Doctors… it appeared that it had become almost inappropriate for an artist to stand up and say that he or she was also good at business.

Death was at diversity’s door and very soon the final echo of the renaissance man would be heard no more.

Then abruptly, everything changed, the development of the internet instead put a gun to the specialists head AND it has pretty much been screaming ever since “diversify or die.”

You cannot be an artist anymore and not care about the marketing or business of your art… the future success of your career demands that you use both sides of your brain.

We’ve developed a Business Marketing program especially for artists in 2014; it’s a program that uses your own creativity as a tool to build key relationships AND sell your work — don’t worry you won’t have to get all salesy; there are 2 spots left so fill out the form below and let’s talk.


Did You Say “Hello” To 10 People Today?

I’ve often written about the healing power of talking to strangers.

Most of the time we resist the urge to break the mold AND we inadvertently pay homage to fear and remain trapped inside our own heads.

I hope you didn’t do that today… today was the 41st anniversary of “World Hello Day.” This day is celebrated in over 180 countries and purpose of the day is for the people to send a global message to our leaders encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.

I think about it a lot of bad shit probably happens because ordinary people like you and me refuse to say hello; we make islands out of each other.

Not being known is a terrible thing for a human being, the isolation breeds even more fear.

Hello, is a simple and yet powerful word, it breaks the ice, literally, around the hearts of our neighbors.

World Hello Day? Susbcrribe Here

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Why Shrinkage Occurs In Cold Weather

Let’s be honest, cold weather shrinks things; things that shouldn’t be shrunk.

The temperature around us effects us greatly, it changes our moods, it influences our demeanor, it challenges our personalities.

Of course “cold weather” metaphorically speaking doesn’t have to simply refer to the weather outside. The “cold” could be a slow patch in your business, it could be a down turn in the economy, a death in your family, the break-up of a relationship or the betrayal of a friend…

How do we respond when the damp, cold winds of “life” bluster and crash against our weary souls?

Do we shrink, do we remain stationary OR do we stoke the fire within us, strongly pushing against that bitterly cold fiend?

The cold has no right to own you, there is after-all warm blood pumping through your veins; so remain dignified and erect and refuse to shrink, you are best when you are at your biggest.


Difficult Seasons In Business

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Great Moments Require Only One Ingredient

Plan, prepare, stretch, get down in the blocks the gun is about to go off…

Now quit thinking about your preparation, tear up any script that you’ve written about how this next segment of your life is “supposed” to go.

All you have is this single moment — and it’s yours.

The present requires that you leave your past behind; it also demands that you stop fantasizing about your future.

If you want to live a great life, then stand resolutely in the spotlight of the moment.

You can’t outrun the now, so don’t even try.

Great moments require only one ingredient — all of you — nothing more and nothing less.


Living In The Present

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