WARNING! Being a “Mommy Blogger” could be killing your career!

Written By Athaliah Renee – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


Being a mom is an immensely high calling; being a work at home mom is worthy of a gold medal +.

And many of us moms have taken to the web to share an area of knowledge that we’ve acquired on our journey as a result of being a mom; this is fantastic.

But if you have an online business and you identify yourself primarily as a “Mommy Blogger” hold the phone, I do believe you could stunting your own growth.

For in identifying yourself in such a way, it’s possible that you could be missing out on an entire market of really amazing, lovely people who happen to have no children.

Yes, you are a mother and yes you have a blog, but perhaps in your heart you are also an entrepreneur or a thought leader with even more to offer the world than you first imagined; still unsure?

Here’s an exercise:

I am a mom who often blogs about __________, so actually I am a _________ (entrepreneur/thought-leader) who happens to be a mom, who uses blogging as my medium to share information and insight about __________ which could help all sorts of people on the web!

If you find that this exercise renders you a Mommy Blogger solely, no worries, keep at it BUT if not, it’s high time you start recognizing the value of what you have to offer to many, many more people.


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Why Most Businesses Are Doing Social Media Wrong

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


Cyberspace is a noisy world.

Without the right strategy and the creation of unique content it is almost impossible to use your website and your social media channels to grow your business.

Simply being in the social space because you are told that you should be could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless man-hours — you need to have a unique voice and a strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd.

In our experience, the way that many Corporates are positioning their businesses in cyberspace is simply dead wrong and it is seriously hurting the value of their brand.

What’s the solution?

Social media isn’t about saving time, reducing your marketing budget or staying in touch with the latest trends, it’s about something else, it’s about a much older, much more noble idea…

Social Media puts your “shop assistants” into the living rooms and offices of your clients; it extends the reach of your brand by increasing your ability to listen to your base on a person-to-person level.
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Doing Social Media Wrong

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7 Terrible Ways To FAKE Good Communication Skills

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


This week, we’re sharing with you 6 of our best posts from 2013. Discover 7 terrible (and hilarious) ways in which our “leaders” may be faking good communication skills. Tweet it to others so that we can all keep an eye out for office fraudsters (Tweet Here)


1. Always keep moving and never stand still long enough for anyone to raise an objection.

2. Look people in the eye and refuse to blink, and you may fake self-confidence.

3. Use a collection of big words to answer simple questions and your knowledge will be never be questioned.

4. Listen all the time BUT avoid giving your opinion about anything.

5. Write a script for every type of conversation you will ever have and learn it until you know it by heart.

6. Pander to the affection of your audience by always giving them the “right answer.”

7. Start every interaction with a power handshake and use cliches liberally and with lots of energy.


Fake Good Communication Skills

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We wrote this blog post “especially” for YOU!

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


The Seven Sentence blog is primarily written for those people who are brave enough to stretch outside the status quo.

What is the status quo?

We would define the status quo, as being a place where a person is completely satisfied with their own life and with the way the world operates.

If that describes you then you are totally okay with us, it’s just that we’re NOT writing our blog for you on a daily basis.

But if you are someone who hungers for more, if you are someone who has a dream; perhaps you want to grow your business, rock the art/entertainment world, or significantly influence others with your unique perspective – then welcome home, we write Seven Sentences for you everyday, and we want to inspire you to use the internet to live your dreams and change the world.

Please email this blog post to likeminded others – we want to grow our community further and we would love your help.


7 Steps To Killing Your Ego

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A PRIVATE LETTER to the one I love

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

To the one I love,

We have not spoken in quite some, something is wrong, something is deeply wrong and I know that you feel this at the bottom of your soul.

I know you think that it shouldn’t be wrong because that you feel as though you’ve done everything right.

BUT there is a huge difference between NOT doing anything wrong and doing everything right.

Right requires that you step off that safe little ledge, that you leap down into the unknown, that you take a risk and put yourself in danger of making some horrendous mistakes.

Lover, in your desire for safely and security, you have imprisoned me in a cage, starved me of food and clothed me in filthy rags.

And yet, I know, I sense that within you lies the smallest amber of great passion and love that you still carry just for me.

I am your dream, I am your greatest passion, I am your reason for living — please let me out of this cage, I wish to love you.

I am your creativity


Love Your Creativity

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Yeah you screwed up BUT so what?

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

I seem to be writing a lot about mistakes this week.

Did you know that many of the great moments on movies were actually mistakes? Can you name any of them? I am going to add some in the comment section below through-out the day, so feel free in check in later.

The power of a mistake is that it throws us off balance and it subverts our preplanned agenda (Tweet this).

Agenda’s tend to make us unavailable to the present moment, they stop us connecting with our present circumstances and the people right in front of us.

What is the best mistake that you’ve ever made?


Value of Mistakes

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Why Labels Don’t Work Anymore

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


Happy Friday People,

We are in a new era and it’s one where labels don’t really work anymore.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for many of us to define exactly what it is that we do.

If you asked 7 different clients/partners of ours what it is that we do, you would almost certainly get 7 different answers.


I believe the internet has broken down the systems and structures of the old world and the roles that we play are no longer about labels, instead they are about need, function and opportunity.

Our goal is to no longer help you in a predefined way, our goal is to help you in with whatever need you may have.

Has the renaissance man has been resurrected – what do you think?

Labels Don't Work Anymore

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