Why Mediocrity Is Worse Than Failure

Woody Allen once said that “80% of Success Is Simply Showing Up.”

Many people have misunderstood this quote and they’ve taken it to mean that they are likely to succeed by simply “physically” showing up.

This actualizes itself with the following type of thinking, “I just need to blog regularly to grow an audience OR if you have a product or service (it doesn’t matter the quality) then any fool can make with it money online.

These aren’t just random thoughts, these are actually things that we’ve heard potential clients say.

Unfortunately they’ve missed the definition of “showing up” by a country mile — and so it’s no wonder they haven’t yet succeeded.

Showing up isn’t simply a regular, monotonous, repetitive, physical thing AND there is no recipe in this world made of just these ingredients that will guarantee you any type of success.

You could lie down next to the same person every night BUT unless you give them your heart and soul you will never have a successful relationship – “showing up” is giving all of you.



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Why Enemies Make The Best Friends

There is nothing more unhelpful than a sycophantic friend, the type of person who tells us exactly what we want to hear 100% of the time.

By default we can have a very human tendency to surround ourselves with these types of people, they help us to feel good about ourselves, their smooth talking deceitfully waters the ugliness in our souls.

These type of friends help us to grow, tall, rigid and proud, and left unchallenged we may grow up BUT we do not grow outwards, our perspective doesn’t expand instead it shrinks.

It’s probably better to have enemies than these kinds of friends; people who war against your self-focused agendas, people of diametrically opposed points of views, friends who will challenge you because they care too much to see you slip into your own void of self absorption.

I say that a person without enemies is a statue.

Do not remain still in your perspective, instead step out into the unknown and embrace your “enemies” in conversation.

Your world will become infinitely bigger when you turn your “enemy” into a friend.


Pursuing Greatness

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Why No One Reads Your Blog

The problem is NOT that people no longer read — the problem is that our writing is no longer compelling.

No one wants to read anything that is uninteresting, long-winded, or unsure of itself.

The question you need to ask is this — what will make my writing more compelling?

Does your writing demand readership OR is it simply a part of your blog strategy?

Words matter, they can carry immense power, but they are often used so carelessly, without thought or treasure and fall like dead autumn leaves into a gutter of sludge.

Perhaps no one reads your words because you do not care deeply enough about them?

Or maybe we are just a dumb, illiterate bunch of modern day homo sapiens… thoughts?


No One Reads Your Blog

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The Only Thing That Ever Changes The World

There is only one thing that ever really changes anything…


Think about it, you could give a lonely old man an evening meal, a hot shower and a bed for the night BUT if you don’t go the extra mile and extend the hand of friendship then tomorrows he’s still lonely AND our world hasn’t changed.

If the distance between people isn’t in some ways decreased by the work that you do, then that work is probably not worth doing.

Worse still, what if the words we use or the actions we take ACTUALLY increase the gap and alienate one from the other?

Yes, your changing the world but you’re doing so in a negative direction.

How are the big things in your life (your job, your faith, your political views, your belief system) working to decrease the space between people?


Changes The World

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Obligation Is Like A Dangerous Lover Who Has You By The Balls

Pardon my french in the title – although it were NOT francais more like coarse Englais.

I am steamed up, eyeballs popping out of my head, forehead beet red, if you turned off the light and I would probably glow in the dark.

After writing yesterday’s post (Read Here) I decided to tweet out the following…

“If you had one minute left on earth what would you tweet? #finaltweet”

The responses enraged me, the first few responded with either religion or politics.

Really, you have 60 seconds left on earth AND you want to either convert me to your particular sect or make me into a republican?

How about getting rid of all that obligation and saying something truly human?


Pursuing Greatness

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From My Last Dying Breath

Ever have trouble knowing exactly what it is you want to say?

A foggy brain can affect the way we blog, send emails, write tweets, in fact it affects every form of our communication.

In general, the problem is that the stakes are simply not high enough — hence we waffle and disrespect the recipients of our words.

Before you communicate ask yourself this question:

If you had one minute left on earth with this person, with your last dying breath what would you say?

The fear of death forces even the hardest fool to embrace a place of truthful vulnerability…

Use this when you write and communicate with others — everything you do and say will have much more meaning.

P.S: Please add your last words in the comment section below.

Last Dying Breath

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The Top 5 Ways Women In Business Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

You can be  your own worst enemy — here are the top 5 ways in which you may harm yourself.

i. You self sabotage relationships, confusing those who are FOR you with those who really are n0t — beware of flattery: Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

ii. Professional growth areas are left unmanaged for extended amounts of time —  you begin to feel out of touch, your lack of continued growth leads to feelings of inadequacy.

iii. You consider your own “emotional health” to be unimportant as you pursue your dreams — as a result small problems quickly become mountains causing even more stress in your internal life.

iv. You believe that attention toward your physical health through exercise and healthy eating is just a time suck, because you have not mastered self care your poor physical health will eat away at your dreams and your self esteem.

v. Financial stability – you risk it all without providing a secure base for you and your family — constant financial anxiety leads to poor decision making.

Which of these 5 do you most relate to?


own worst enemy

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