Stinking Pride Will Kill You Every Time.

Have you been given much?


Have you earned every cent of your endowment with your own sweat and blood?

These are important questions, for they will shape your posture and this posture will greatly affect the way you interact with others.

The proud man stands on the podium of his success shouting, “look what I have done,” and yet the humble (and equally successful) man kneels on the ground quietly proclaiming “look at what I have been given.”

Entitlement has nothing to do with the contents of your wallet, and it has everything to do with the posture of your heart.

Remain in the place of humility and you will be truly wealthy in the only currency that truly matters.


Place Of Humility

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How to make the most of a very bad mood

Emotion is very empowering.

Emotion clearly contains the word “motion” and if you channel the energy correctly, a bad mood can be an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to marketing your business or writing a blog.

In fact the E in E-motion suggests that the emotion is in fact some kind of juicy cyber tool that can really take you places; I believe this to be so.

Most of the very popular blogposts on The Seven Sentence Blog were written when I (Geoff) was under some kind of emotional stress.


Emotion channeled correctly can sharpen your voice, adding clarity and assuredness to a voice that was otherwise veiled by fear.

Next time you are in a bad mood, try writing a blog post and see if you can transform something ugly into something that is beautiful.


Stuck in The Impossible

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How To Put The Soul Back Into Your Business

Are you really proud of your business?

I hope so.

It is actually very easy to let the busyness of life and the pressure of making this “thing” fly, steal the soul from everything you do.

If we’re not careful everything can become “dollars and cents,” and we can forget that our business was and always will be about adding value to the lives of the people whom we love.

Sometimes to move forward we have to first go back.

When we re-establish a pure connection with our “why”, our creativity blossoms and we find exciting new ways of adding value to the lives of those we cherish.

Do you remember why you started your business?


Growing A Business With Heart

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How To Find Your Family On The Internet

The concept of family is different for everyone.

For some family is blood, and there is a strong sense of unity and togetherness. For others though, life is very much a journey on your own, out there cutting new tracks, bravely putting one foot ahead of the other, with little understanding or support from the family you were born into.

If this is you, please don’t make the “I’m on my own” agreement with your soul.

Because although there is a family made from blood, there is also a family made from soul and spirit and this family is available to all who seek.

How can you find your family on the internet?

You must no longer hide the interior of your heart from the world, stand proudly and without shame, hone and share the unique purity of your voice with others and the family of your dreams will begin to gather — you are not alone.


How to find your family on the internet

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When you are stuck in the impossible


How many times have you heard that word?

How many times do you say it yourself?

I think we journey through long seasons of the impossible, where our dreams seem so very far away.

I understand these seasons, actually I am in one right now, and it is painful and difficult, actually it feels impossible.

What do you do when you are stuck in the impossible?

I try and understand the valley for what it is AND I try not to lose sight of that glimmer of hope sitting far away on the horizon; for there I faithfully believe I will find my dreams patiently waiting for me.


Stuck in The Impossible

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When you are standing in a place of doubt

Valleys are dark places, you rarely get to feel the warmth of the sun and the ground is often thick with mud.

It’s easy to get lost in a valley, you begin focussing more on the mud and the cold than you do on your destination.

After a while, the alluring image of your original destination (your dream) drifts from your mind; you begin to build a home in the valley, survival takes over and the sense of adventure is lost from your soul.

Have you made peace with the valley and given up on your adventure?

You need to know that this valley was never meant to be your home, it was a trial, a test, a season of hardship designed to sharpen and train you for the mountains ahead.

Perhaps it is time to burn your house in valley, sling on your backpack and get moving again?

An incredible mountaintop experience awaits you with a magnificent view over a thousand or more valleys; do not remain stuck in the cold valley of doubt, instead head towards the warmth of the sun and live.


Dealing With Doubt

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Crush The Enemy Of Your Dreams With These 3 Weapons

The start of something new always seems to bring a natural resistance.

By fighting off the “dream demons” that tend to impede our ability to press forward in business and life — we empower ourselves.

On my own journey, at the start of new things I’ve incorporated a few key practices that have halted the enemies of my dreams right at the threshold…I have NO desire for them to get a foothold in my heart or mind.

Here are three practices for you to wield in your own life…

1. Take out the trash regularly — our minds have a way of getting cluttered quite easily when we are starting something new, simply take the messages, thoughts and ideas that are working against you and discard them; you can physically model this by jotting down your negative thoughts on paper as they come and then simply trashing them.

2. Adjust your sightline — It’s so very easy to be overwhelmed emotionally and mentally encumbered with all that you do not have, I encourage you to change your line of sight and to gaze upon what you DO have, as these are the things that will aid you in moving forward.

3. Be an intuitive leader — start-ups (whether a business or passion project) often render us a staff of one, wearing many hats; be sure to stay busy in the things that matter the most and if you’re wondering what to do next, think about what you truly desire and allow that to be your guide…trust your ability to lead yourself in this.


3 Things To Empower Your Dream

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