We are more productive when we know what we want

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

What is it you want?

Let me be honest with you, the internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities for anyone blessed enough to have some kind of computer and an internet connection.

It is easy to feel as though the world is your oyster when you have this kind of opportunity.

But there is, in my opinion — one BIG problem.

Many of us who jump online to take advantage of this incredible opportunity have yet to do the difficult work of “really” asking what it is exactly that we “really” want.

It’s like going to the grocery store without a shopping list or even having any idea as to what it is, that you might wish to eat this week…

Don’t waste time online, first do the hard work of finding out exactly what it is you want.


Online Productivity

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The BIG PROBLEM with being on too many social media channels

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

Imagine that you are chronically busy, scattered, running from place to place, barely having enough time to breathe.

This is not such a difficult thing for many of us to imagine.

It’s like being everywhere but at the same time being absolutely NO WHERE AT ALL.

We feel like we are not making any progress because we are never present in one place long enough to form any kind of meaningful relationships.

As in life also in social media; do you really need to have a presence on all those channels?

Did you know that the average small business reports to spending anywhere between $23-63K/year on their website and social media efforts (Borrell Associates) and yet Forbes reported that last year 60% of those businesses are seeing no return on their investment?

The problem is simple, no relationships are being formed because you are behaving like a scattered shop assistant, moving so fast through your online store that you have not stopped once to look a customer in the eye.
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too many social media channels

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Very Little Actually Matters

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

I know you want it to mean more than it actually does.

I know that you think that what is SO imperative to you should be vitally important to everybody else.

But the world doesn’t work that way.

What truly matters on a global scale is actually “not too much.”

What am I talking about?

We can get so wrapped up in our own world, in our businesses, in our finances, in our families, in our politics and in our religions that we can very easily lose sight of the things that universally matter.

Things like unconditional love, dignity for everyone and unqualified friendship towards strangers.


Little Actually Matters

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What do you do when you make a bad mistake of social media?

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

Most people are terrified of making mistakes on social media.

From the risk adverse CEO to the self-starter who just put their foot in their mouth on twitter, making a bad mistake on a social platform can seem almost life-threatening.

Fortunately, the biggest mistake you can ever make is to never take a risk and cross over into a dangerous mistake laden minefield of being truly human.

I say make GIANT MISTAKES, or at the very least put yourself in the vulnerable position of being capable of making them.

In real life relationships always grow through conflict, we make mistakes, we err, we offend, we tell that off-color inappropriate joke at the wrong time.

And, so it is on the social media channels, your followers, fans and supporters are not terrified of your mistakes, they are actually frightened of something far more sinister — that you are some kind of inhuman troll, looking to take advantage of them.

Be real, be human and honestly connect with others in both the good times and the bad.
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We’ve decided not to hide from that, we are both human and trustworthy in our frailty.

We decided to get back on the horse and run the webinar again.

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To the insecure CEO who does not know who his or her value.

Written by Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder of the Seven Sentence Blog
I want to start off by saying that every person on the face of planet earth is of equal value.

That we are not all aware of the immense value that we each carry inside these “jars of clay” is beyond question.

You are valuable.

We need what you have to offer.

Who am I talking too?

Today, I am talking to our CEO’s, our Government Leaders, to those who have accumulated a wealth of experience both life and in business.

It’s time to share everything that you’ve learned with others, the legacy you desire to leave behind you depends upon it.


P.S: Social media via a blog is one of the best ways to generously share everything that you’ve learned, if you are ready to share them please contact me here.


The New “C Word”

Today’s Guest Post is by Helen C. Holt. She is a freelance ghostwriting and copywriting specialist. Find her on twitter @writesideup


On a day to day level, it feels as if nothing is happening. It’s like planting a seed and sitting there staring at the dirt wondering what’s going on:

Is it going to grow?

Did I do it right?

When, when, when?

Emotions seem to come and go, sometimes I feel good about what I’m doing, sometimes it feels like nothing is happening.

The only thing that appears to matter is consistency-what I do day in and day out.

New goal: be consistently consistent.


Importance Of Consistency

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How To Beat The “SHITE” Out Of Your Anxiety

Written by Geoff Talbot



It is an enemy that anyone whose starting something or wanting to change anything faces on a regular basis.

Anxiety is crippling, it steals our minds, it paralyzed our hands and it numbs our hearts — but only if we let it.

Anxiety does not have to win, it’s an average foe that many of us face, if you are feeling it right now, you normal and you are not alone.

How do you beat the “shite” out of anxiety?

Through a preplanned strategy that outlines actual tasks that you are going to perform every day…

When you are anxious don’t think too much, simply work your way through the list in front of you, every step forward you take is a punch to the face of anxiety — he will grow weaker by the minute.



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