Finding Heaven on Earth

Is your fist clenched around the steering wheel of life?

Are you fighting your neighbor to make certain that you get your piece of the pie?

You may get your piece of pie but will you find your peace on earth?

Heaven isn’t a fancy home, a successful career, or a certain amount of wealth…

And you won’t find your heaven through fighting for it, insisting upon it, by exercising discipline or through some self-empowerment secret.

If your hands are tight, if your body is tense, if your soul is anxious THEN you are most likely heading in the wrong direction.

Peace is found in the surrendering of everything, trust the driver, be the passenger for awhile…look, listen, believe and relax.


secret to finding heaven on earth

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Is it time you went back to the start?

Have we simply become too busy, too grown up and too sensible to be concerned with the stuff of dreams?

Life has a way of sucking the hope from our bones, we can become brittle and dry very easily.

None of us started this way; as children we were bright, full of hope and we believed in the impossible – what has happened?

Simply put, inspiration leaks.

You had a dream once…what is your dream now?

Perhaps it’s time you went back to the start and began to dream again.

Be like little children.


New Beginnings and Dreams

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Read this if you are NOT passionate about your work

Did you know that on average you will invest 88,200 hours of your life at work?

The greatest proportion of your waking life will spent at work. Don’t you think that it is important, therefore, that your work becomes something that you are incredibly passionate about?

Too many people spend the best of their years submissively serving somebody else’s dream.

The risky thing on earth is to live an unexamined life.

Are you passionate about your work? Could you become passionate through changing your perspective or is there something else that your were made to do?


 Loving Work

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Avoid Making The Worst Decision Of Your Life – Part 2

Yesterday we threw out the rulebook as we talked about the dangers of purchasing formula driven success online.

Today, I want to look at what I believe it really takes to succeed online.

To establish success it is imperative that we first discover what is truly unique and remarkable about the voice of an individual, an organization or a brand.

Just as there is nothing truly compelling or remarkable about a person who only communicates with cliches and popular language in real life, so it is with a business that has yet to establish its own unique voice.

How do you find your own unique voice?

It takes time, you have to ask yourself difficult questions, you have to throw off the voices of others, you have to do some very deep work often with an experienced facilitator.

Yet, at the end of the day, it is the only work that truly matters, your brand deserves to be an oracle, calling others to it in a very unique and compelling way.


Worst Decision Of Your Life- Part 2

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Avoid Making The Worst Decision Of Your Life – Part 1

The time to throw out the rulebook is now.

Many a smart online entrepreneur has probably been waving their rulebook at you lately, telling you that they have found the secret recipe that will grow your business, launch your career or make you into the next guru, blah, blah, blah.

Of course the rulebook is actually their license to print money because they are using it to promise you success and charge you a crap load. I hate to break it to you but you will almost certainly never have success by following their rulebook or taking their program.

We do NOT subscribe to the rulebook theory, all the work that we do with our clients is about throwing off this crazy notion of “formula driven success.” You are not a formula,  you are  a unique human being with specific gifts and talents and we have to find the best way for you to add value to our world.

Think about it, unless you discover, shape and refine your own unique voice, you will never stand out from the crowd, no matter what formula you are using.


[ Continued tomorrow ]


Place Of Humility

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Stinking Pride Will Kill You Every Time.

Have you been given much?


Have you earned every cent of your endowment with your own sweat and blood?

These are important questions, for they will shape your posture and this posture will greatly affect the way you interact with others.

The proud man stands on the podium of his success shouting, “look what I have done,” and yet the humble (and equally successful) man kneels on the ground quietly proclaiming “look at what I have been given.”

Entitlement has nothing to do with the contents of your wallet, and it has everything to do with the posture of your heart.

Remain in the place of humility and you will be truly wealthy in the only currency that truly matters.


Place Of Humility

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How to make the most of a very bad mood

Emotion is very empowering.

Emotion clearly contains the word “motion” and if you channel the energy correctly, a bad mood can be an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to marketing your business or writing a blog.

In fact the E in E-motion suggests that the emotion is in fact some kind of juicy cyber tool that can really take you places; I believe this to be so.

Most of the very popular blogposts on The Seven Sentence Blog were written when I (Geoff) was under some kind of emotional stress.


Emotion channeled correctly can sharpen your voice, adding clarity and assuredness to a voice that was otherwise veiled by fear.

Next time you are in a bad mood, try writing a blog post and see if you can transform something ugly into something that is beautiful.


Stuck in The Impossible

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