The Advantage of Keeping Your Business Small And Agile

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

The lightest player on the field is almost always the most agile.

Why do we spend so much time in the gym trying to bulk up; to become physically imposing?

Is our heavy lifting and our physically imposing structure affecting our mobility in an environment where flexibility and agility are the key ingredients to success?

If you keep your business small and your overheads low, then you remain mobile and able to adapt quickly to any changes in the market.

The secret to remaining small and flexible is to have strong business to business relationships, where you outsource work on a project to project basis.

Rather than having one company that does everything, flexibility is enhanced by having a small company that outsources work to a number of trusted strategic partners.

Do you want to be big or do you want to be flexible?


keep your business small
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Creating Extraordinary Stories For Your Business

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

Your brand can simply be defined as the collection of stories that others are telling about you when you are not present.

They can be good stories, they can be bad stories, most likely, people being people, for most brands they are a combination of the two.

It is the extraordinary stories that have the potential to spread virally online.

Great customer service, doing a great job, being friendly and polite, these are good stories but they are not extraordinary.

Extraordinary stories place your brand outside of the box, they are formed when the rules of expectation are not only broken but utterly destroyed.

When you do something that makes no financial sense, when you set aside your own needs, when you give generously without expecting anything in return, you create the opportunity for the telling of an extraordinary story.

It is as much about being fully human as it is about being truly remarkable.


Creating Extraordinary Stories
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A Seven Question Interview With Real Estate Personality Herman Chan

Today’s “7 Question – 7 Sentence Interview.” is with Herman Chan a real-estate personality, writer, speaker and video blogger. Check out Herman’s very entertaining blog Habitat for Hermanity or follow him on twitter here.

1. The internet is continuing to change the way that people are buying and selling houses, in your opinion what is the number challenge that most realtors are facing with this advance in technology?

The realization, that in the era of big data and syndication they are no longer the gate keepers of information, the role of the agent is not about access but about consultation; the secret is not the next new shiny tech app or gadget , it is understanding the shift in mentality.
2. You have been described as a “real estate personality” how much of your rise to prominence as a “personality” has been planned and how much of it has just happened?

LOL! You cannot plan on being a personality I just did my thing, worked hard, and consistently put myself out there on the internet, my blog, and my videos, and ultimately media started picking up on me — it didn’t hurt that I have opinions and have cheekbones to die for.
3. When you appear online or on television you don’t only speak about real estate, why is that?

I wanted to stand out from the crowd and not be one of those “realtors” who drones on and on about real estate all the time; you have to broaden your topics if you want to attract a wide audience.
4. What is different about your approach to marketing and selling property to the Millennial generation?
“This was such a fascinating answer, I broke all the rules and I actually Herman answer in 7 sentences”
Well, I am right on the cusp of that generation, so it comes pretty naturally for me. The average age of the realtor in USA is 57 yrs old and the average age of a first time buyer is 28.

As millennials have matured, they are now at the point of their lives where they are buying, marrying, starting families, so they will start to drive a large portion of real estate market. What agents must expect to know about millienials, is that they are tech savvy, live on-line and consult a what others think before making a decision (from family, to facebook friends, to strangers on yelp).

They also prefer you share the same world view as them. You are not just a paper pusher, opening lockboxes and chaffeuring them around. They want to know a bit more about you personally and stand side by side with you as a partnership.
5. If you could change one thing about real estate what would you change?

I think the bar to entry is set too low, I wish there would be more stringent education and professional standards required from realtors — too many ding dongs out there trying to sell homes.
6. Random question — who are 3 influential people throughout history that you admire more than any other?

  • Madonna — I created and taught a course about her at UC Berkeley
  • Hatshepsut — i was captivated by her bio in 6th grade, she crowned herself pharoah and commanded a peaceful 20 yr reign — gurl power!
  • Man-Ching Kwan — my great grandfather, who brought hollywood to Hong Kong, against all odds, he chased his dreams…and made them come true (read about him).

7. If you, Herman, could be endowed with one supernatural power what would it be?

Shape shifter — because its the only way i’ll ever have 6 pack abs.

What Matters
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Technology leaves you without an excuse.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

From a psychological perspective it always feels good to have an out — an excuse that you can make at the end of the day if you don’t achieve the kind of success that you were looking for.

For some people, these excuses aren’t just an insurance policy, they are powerful disqualifiers that prevent them from even getting to the starting line in the first place.

There are 3 main disqualifers:

  • I don’t know the right people (my family isn’t “connected”).
  • I don’t have the financial resources required.
  • My time and opportunity have passed, no one will take me seriously anymore.

Unfortunately for the victim inside all of us, technology is completely trashing every excuse that we may wish to make… for the cost of an internet connection you can now connect with whoever you want without getting permission from anyone.

Power of Technology
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How “deadlines” can kill creativity.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog


Whilst I appreciate the principle of “deadlines” I am not sure whether I like the idea of panicking and working/creating from nervous energy.

Although I am sure it is better than creating nothing at all.

How much does the love of what we do drive our productivity? I mean loving the process, the shaping the creating, the finding and the discovering.

When we work this way “finishing” can almost be like grieving.

We get nervous when we focus on the finish line (our ill defined notion of success) rather than dwelling in the beauty of creating.

Don’t think about the end; just stay in the moment.



Growth Through Failure
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Transform your life

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

Go in the opposite direction in every way, but be authentic.

The truth is… many of us need to change not just the way that we are using the internet, but the entire way in which we are living and doing business if our desire is to have an authentic and remarkable presence online.

We cannot have a remarkable online presence, if we are living a really contained, small and uninteresting life.

Are you living and breathing remark-ability?

Remark-ability is more of a direction than it is a destination.

You have to change, you have to grow, you have to become more fully who you are, and you have to want this if it is going happen for you.

Remark-ability is not a magic bullet, it is instead a magical kind of life.

What Matters
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Break the rules or remain in prison

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

The only way to get genuine attention is be authentic, remarkable and unique.

Before you throw out all the rules, read the rules and then break them big time (Tweet).

What are the rules for your particular business online? What are you being told that you must do?

How can you obliterate the rules with one fantastically creative, foot stamping, establishment defying blow.

Simply serve the principle behind the rule but do not worship the rule itself.


What Matters
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