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Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


Creative collaboration requires that we lose our sense of self-centered creativity.

This is a major struggle for very many artistic types. Perhaps we think of this as protecting what is most valuable to us, but in truth there is a type of self-absorption that alienates others and limits our own creativity.

We cannot be precious about our work if we wish to grow creatively.

There is exponential creative power waiting to be harnessed in the collaborative process.

This fear of creative collaboration has killed me for long enough. How about you?


The Power Of Collaboration
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The Fatal Mistake You May Be Making With Your Blog

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


The truth is you can write a blog, create a v-blog or record a podcast about any topic that you choose — the real question is not what are you blogging about but who are you blogging for yourself or others? (Tweet This).

Many corporate businesses, realtors or small business owners make the mistake of constantly blogging about their own company, rather than simply using this medium to build trust with their ideal clients and consumers.

Many artists blog constantly about their own lives, their own creative processes or their artwork RATHER than asking exactly what it is that their audience needs.

The problem stems from a kind of social narcissism, the #selfie gone crazy; this overwhelming tendency to be obsessed with ourselves.

The cure to this sickness is to ask outward questions and listen to the stories and problems of others, allowing yourself to be emotionally and intellectually affected.

Then ask the really important questions… “what is it my readers need and how can I connect with them emotionally?”

Blog creatively and blog personally, no topic is off limits when you are blogging for others. (Tweet).


Blogging Mistakes
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Keep singing those bad notes.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


A lead singer in a major band was once asked by a fan, “how did you get so good?” He replied,”by singing a lot of terrible notes.”

To be excellent at what you do you do you must persist, you may have to trudge through a cesspool of missed notes, bad stories, incoherent paintings and failed ideas. Artistry is after all a craft; and craft by its very nature is learned.

How can you expect to perfect your craft if you do not allow room for error, failure, mess ups and mistakes?

Embrace your mistakes, for only at this vulnerable place can you harness the true power of your creativity.  (Tweet this).

Creativity is like the wind, it can come in a violent gust or blow softly across the pages of time; just put up your sail and see where it takes you.


Building Your List
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Why Business Books Must Be Short

Written By Featured Guest Blogger David Zinger - An employee engagement expert and author of People Artistry, Zengage, and Assorted Zingers.

(Estimated reading time: 47 seconds)
I believe business books must be short because most of us are stretched with too much to do and not enough time to read.

Most business books have too much repetition and padding.

I just finished reading parts of two books on being short and simple, the great irony was that both books were far too long.

When you read a short book you have time left over to think about it, determine actions you can take, and even return to the book for a closer read of key ideas.

Short books are easier to start and finish.

My own books are designed to be digested from start to finish during one short flight of on an airplane while also giving the reader enough time for a nap before landing

I love books and I implore authors to show me the love by getting to the point while also leaving me time for all the other important things in my life.

What Matters
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It’s never been about “building your list,” fool.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

There are a lot of people online talking about the importance of building your list.

I don’t like it.

This is hokey, network marketing, easy money kind of language.

Stop it.

It is 100% not about building your list and 200% about building an engaged community of people who help each other and positively influence the world around them.

The real question is not how many people read your blog, the real question is how well do you know the people who read your blog?

True value is added only through relationship, if the relationships around you are not even you may be making money but are you adding value?


Building Your List
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You are truly amazing

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

You are truly amazing.

I wonder how many of our readers hear this phrase as a form of flattery?

Yet the line is true, human beings are amazing, even when we are not acting particularly so. And yet for some reason we often pretend at being amazing in the digital space, we hide our flaws and we exaggerate our successes.

This is detrimental because in so doing it actually makes us less than amazing.

The parts of our stories that we maybe tempted to hide, may be the very parts that make us human, that make us real, that highlight our ability to overcome, they may be the parts that highlight just how amazing you actually are.

Nothing invites others into a genuine relationship like authenticity and vulnerability (Tweet This) — any expression of who you are online needs to involve these two characteristics.


authenticity online
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Our Seven Question Interview With A Remarkable Woman

We’re delighted to feature our first “7 Question – 7 Sentence Interview.”  Today’s interview is with Jane Chen the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Embrace Innovations, a company which invented an innovative baby incubator which has already saved thousands of lives the world over. If you to support Embrace, you can donate or investigate volunteering here.


1. You and your team have created an incredible product that can save the lives of literally millions of premature babies every year, can you describe the moment when the idea of “embrace nest” was first conceived?

Embrace started out of a Stanford class in which my team was challenged to develop a baby incubator that would cost 1% of a traditional incubator; in our initial visits to Nepal to do research, we quickly realized we needed something that would look totally different – something that could function without constant electricity and be easy enough for a very basically trained healthcare worker, mother or midwife to use.


2. What is the smallest baby that “Embrace Nest has saved?

One of the smallest was a baby who weighed less than two pounds, who was rescued by an orphanage in China; the baby was kept in our warmer for nearly 30 days, survived, and was adopted by a family in Chicago!


3. Are many “western people” surprised at the enormity of the problem? (remind us exactly how many babies dies each year because of hypothermia).

Yes – many people don’t know there are 20 million low birth weight and premature babies born each year around the world, mostly in developing countries, and that 3 million babies die every year within the first month of life.


4. What sacrifices did you and your team personally have to make to bring this product to market?

The whole team moved to India after we graduated from Stanford to bring the product to market, where I lived for four years – it was extremely challenging personally for all of us, but it has definitely been worth it to have helped over 60,000 babies to date.


5. Did you have any doubters along the way? Could you tell us of one such experience?

Yes, there were people who didn’t believe a team without medical background could get this idea off the ground, and those who didn’t believe we would survive in India – we faced so many nay sayers along the way, but just kept on going.


6. What is the biggest challenge still facing your team at Embrace?

We’re now hoping to start scaling our product globally, and figuring out the best way to do that, as well as innovating on new product ideas for low cost healthcare technologies that address infant mortality.


7. What single piece of advice would you give any other young social entrepreneur wanting to follow in the Embrace team’s path?

My advice would be to take a risk and follow your dreams, because when you really want something, all the world will conspire to help you achieve it (Paulo Coehlo) – I truly believe by taking small steps in what may seem insurmountable, people can change the world.


Interview By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog.


Embrace Baby Incubator
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