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Your inbox is most likely awash with formula driven marketing campaigns.

Believe it or not people go to school to learn how to write this irresistible sales copy; it’s the kind of junk that gets good honest folk buying stuff even when they don’t need it.

I detest formulas, mostly because they, more than anything else will completely rob you of your creative power. But I also dislike them because they can force you to assimilate and become like everyone else in your field of work; you cannot stand out when you are following a formula.

Formulas are everywhere, there are formulas on how to write screenplays, formulas on how to write a compelling blog post, there are even formulas for joke telling.

The trouble with a formula is that it engages your mind but it sidesteps and avoids the vitally important issues of the heart.

Promise me that you won’t let the formula driven shaman teach you “one more method” that robs you from the glorious magic of that blank page — start with nothing and see what happens.


Get Rid Of The Formula

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The World’s Biggest Lie about blogging

Many business owners and artists report to us that they have repeatedly been told that they must have a blog to thrive in the 2014 environment.

As with everything, the smallest deceptions often propagate the biggest lies — let me explain.

There are approximately 250 million blogs online (Snitchim) and the majority of these blogs have zero readership.


Because there is simply nothing remarkable about these blogs, there is nothing unique about their content and the blog owners do not have an effective strategy to share their content and develop their audience.

The truth is having a blog that no one reads, will steal hours from your day and it will almost certainly be detrimental to your career and your business.

There are really only two choices to pursue, either do not blog at all, or make certain that the content you choose create and share is so remarkable and unique that it cannot possible be ignored.

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The Biggest Lie about Blogging

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The Internet was made for Goats and not Sheep

Recently, we stumbled across the info-graphic below in a Google Hangout; everyone was sharing and commenting on Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Entrepreneurs like he was the some kind of Messiah for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting their own business.

Of the large number of people who commented and shared, no one dared to disagree with any of his 12 points; this in my opinion is a problem, a big problem.

The social space gives everyone a voice, it’s meant to be a global debating chamber where we are each encouraged to think clearly, to argue strongly, and to share our own opinions with a lot of conviction.

Too often, we subjugate our own voice and surrender our own powers of deduction, bowing to the lordship of others who have more apparent success and influence.

The desire to follow others by simply treading safely in their shadows will keep you unremarkable and uniform; conversely when we are brave enough to weigh and then reject (where necessary) the opinions of others, we grow, we become mature, we become truly remarkable.

For example: in the info-graphic below, I completely disagree with Mark Cuban’s rule #2 — in my opinion an exit strategy is a critical part of most start up business plans, it’s a critical element because the true entrepreneur does not wish to make one particular business their entire life; there are many ideas and businesses for an entrepreneur to start and then release in their lifetime.



How Stereotyping Can Kill Your Business

What makes one business a success and another a failure?

It may appear as though there are a lot of factors involved in determining whether a project fails or succeeds, but perhaps underneath all these factors there is one single primary determinant?


This may sound random, but I want to unpack this a little…

Stereotyping is based on generalizations and assumptions, it’s a lazy choice which provides us with a false kind of assurance that we actually know the people that we work with (our partners) and work for (our market).

Underneath it all, perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge and listening that leads us towards failure?

Take the time to ask good questions and be prepared to spend significant hours reading and listening to the opinions of others, only then will you truly understand the diversity of your market and only then will you be able to create a truly unique product or service.


How Stereotyping Can Kill Your Business

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A Small Thank You (To Non-Profits)

Written by Athaliah Renee

It’s hard work changing the world; and there are many people for whom changing the world is a formidable, ghastly thing.

But not you, you’ve dived right in; you are bringing light, love and resource to places where there is an ugly dearth — you are not afraid.

Your heart’s desire is to make things right for those who can not lift up a hand for themselves, and day after day, you are indeed changing the world.

Thank you.

For every need that you’ve met in the life of someone who can not make it on his own.

For every year that you’ve restored to a child, woman or man through kindness, love and self-less humanity.

Thank you.


thank you letter non profit organization

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A Time To Be Silent

Written by Athaliah Renee


When silence makes her entrance into the day…she is like a sweet, melodic rhapsody.

She is to be savored and allowed an expanse of time to unfurl herself.

It is the presence of silence that allows the mind’s rich timbre to make herself known.

Can you identify the sound of your inner voice in the mellow ostinato of quiet, simple, soundlessness?

She is confident, knowing and authoritative; he is firm, resilient and powerful.

If you go too long without listening, hearing, and waiting for  –  your voice can sound foreign with an unfamiliar cadence of speech.

Silence must have space to do her perfect work, to fill you with assurance and knowing, to bring peace and to enable you to know yourself — make room to be silent.



Practicing Silence

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6 Simple Things For The Creative Leader To Embrace

Written by Athaliah Renee


Today is day six of #21daysofshine and the practice of purging the negative thoughts and embracing courage instead have led to an awfully eventful week –
here are six simple ideas that I hope inspire your week into more brilliance and less self-doubt:

  • When you prepare for the unexpected…the unexpected rarely fails to show up.
  • Fresh air breathed in deeply can calm the most fearsome heart — do this often and repeat.
  • Bounce houses are NOT just for kids.
  • Calling someone unexpectedly and asking them how they are getting along creates genuine relational currency.
  • An encouraging word given away freely is bound to circle around right back to you.
  • Saying “yes” to something new can open a door to an entirely new world of life and opportunity.



Leaders Embrace Courage

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