Cast Iron Gates And Open Hearts

If you live in a castle on a hill with big gates, a high-tech security system and a collection of well-meaning friends at your disposal, it is most likely that your personal safety seldom feels threatened.

I don’t live in a castle on a hill, but one day I would like too.

Many corporate leaders, ground breaking entrepreneurs, successful athletes, famous artists and high ranking government officials have achieved well in life; their reward is their well earned luxury, it’s their guaranteed security, and their castle on a hill.

To the leaders who own castles, I write this post without cynicism or judgment, actually — I admire you greatly but I do have one question for you…

Could the cast iron gates that were originally purchased for your safe keeping, potentially act as a prison cell around you?

When you try and keep others out, do you find yourself locked in?

If you want to truly live a significant life, you may have to pull down the cast iron gates and think about opening your heart.


Forgotten Dreams

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – Forgotten Dreams

I’m Tired And Angry And I Don’t Think I’m Alone.

From Athaliah to women in business everywhere: 


I’ve been wracking my brain over what to write to women in business today.

I’ve fallen short on every single topic, mostly because I’m tired; that’s right, I’m tired AND angry.

Tired of hearing how fearful we are (mostly because of our “little hater“), how plagued we are with self-doubt to the point of not being able to live our dreams, tired of the statistics showing how we are just barely rising to the top alongside our male counterparts. I’m tired of watching the sad eyes of women look away in shame at not being able to invest in themselves — “not this time, not this year“.

And I’m tired of hearing the stories of women who go at it alone, minority women who disproportionately can not get ahead enough to change their own story, and courageous women who for lack of resource can not afford  ”membership” fees to exclusive male-run, women-in-business “communities”. #dontgetmestarted

When I read about or hear the stories of women who are brilliant yet can not seem to get ahead it makes me outright angry — and I don’t think I’m alone.

Now what are we going to do about it?

P.S:  I’m doing something about it RIGHT NOW — I am running a 10-week intensive for women who have small budgets and are just starting out in their business. I have two spaces left, we start in 2 days.


Don’t say “no”, fill out the form below instead to change your own story.


How I couldn’t find my Mama in a crowded shopping mall

It was terrifying, all I could see were the legs of strangers, I screamed, I cried, I grabbed the wrong woman’s hand, I screamed again BUT no matter how loudly I yelled I couldn’t find my mother in that crowded shopping mall.

I launched an exciting new product, I shouted about it on social media, I did a massive email blast, I grabbed the hand of a marketer who I believed could help me, I screamed again, no matter how much shouting I did I couldn’t find my customers in that crowded market place.

But if you build it they will come… NOT TRUE.

And yet you must build it, because this dream, this business, has been conceived inside of you and it must come out.

Shouting and screaming is a terrible way to market any product or business, your dream is important and it deserves our focused attention.

Strangely enough, I may have got lost in the shopping mall BUT I never got lost at my own birthday party – perhaps because everyone at my party knew me AND was interested in my success.

If you are launching a product or a business don’t throw your baby to the wolves and try and launch it in a crowded market place; instead throw a birthday party for your “baby” and invite everyone you know who will love it to come and celebrate.


Launching A Product

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – Launching A Product

Can you hear the voice that is calling you?

Do you remember what it was that first drew you to your artistic profession?

It’s easy to forget.

Ambition always has the potential to rob an artist from his or her first love.

You maybe hungry for an oscar, a grammy, a booker prize or some other kind of peer-to-peer recognition, but what else are you hungry for?

What do you long for?

Perhaps your external ambition is subtly attempting to rob your soul of some deeper internal glory.

There is always so much more to discover — LISTEN to the voice that is calling you deeper.


Artistic Depth

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – Artistic Depth

A LOVE LETTER from your Forgotten Dream

To the Lost Dreamer,

Have you forgotten me, I was once your dream, remember?

My observation is that when people like you forget their dreams, a great sadness takes over their lives. It’s not a weeping kind of melancholy, but a slowly encroaching cynicism. That crazy sense of “the impossible” that once gleamed bright with passion in the whites of your eyes no longer lingers my friend.

Dreams like me get forgotten for all sorts of reasons all of the time; but the biggest and greatest dream thief of all is the terror we call “disappointment”.

Are you disappointed that I never met your expectations?

I wish you could have more patience with me friend, I miss your company — I have not passed from your life, would you trust me again?


Your Forgotten Dream


Forgotten Dreams

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – Forgotten Dreams

The Problem With Imbalanced Leadership In A Non Profit Model

If we were to do a free word association exercise and I said “non profit”, what would be your response?

Altruism, advocacy, cause, underprivileged, fundraising, lack of funding, poverty, and aid are just a few that come to my mind.

Because I’m a visual person, a picture also comes to mind, and it’s surprisingly not that of a child or an animal; instead I see a young man or woman, well meaning and…broke.

Unfortunately, many non profits fail at the difficult and arduous task of fund raising and instead they ride on the currency of their staff’s self-sacrificial zeal for social change.

I think the real elephant in the room when we talk about the problems of non profits failing to secure adequate funding is, imbalanced leadership; humanitarianism does not repay student debt and altruism does not cover rent, EVER.

Non profit leaders, your highest responsibility to the men and women who have aligned themselves to the mission and values of your organization is to give them every opportunity to succeed both now and in their future careers.

Perhaps the needs of your cause will be met when you commit first to battle and provide for the primary needs of those who stand with you.


true meaning of Accountability

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences - Leadership Problems In Non Profit Sector


Accountability WITHOUT Grace is the stuff of the Gestapo

For many of our business leaders accountability and self-discipline are almost interchangeable concepts.

The result of this kind of belief system is a faux perfectionist life “of incredible tension.”

Because no matter how hard we try and beat our own humanity into shape we each remain very imperfect and unresolved.

Accountability without grace is an awful thing, for it forces us to hide our flaws AND these disdainful imperfections are actually the very things that make us relatable to the other equally flawed human beings who work with us.

Accountability is more about humility than it is about self-discipline. It’s about choosing to embody a heartfelt transparency that makes it okay for others to be themselves around us.

That is the power of grace, it enables transparency and makes relational accountability possible.


true meaning of Accountability

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences – True Meaning of Accountability


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