Are You Ready To Stop Drinking The Kool-Aid?

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

You are remarkable.

Every human being is; any person who has bought a child into the world understands this.

But we get tamed, domesticated, whipped into line, socialized, educated into a form that belies just how remarkable and how unique every single human being really is.

You have been drawn away from your own remarkable reflection, you have been coaxed into performing the lines of a different character in the same play.

If you want to be remarkable, you have to tear up this script, it is time to live in the moment, it’s time to improvise, it is time to ask deep and difficult questions that you know you need to answer.

Do not be afraid when you hear someone knocking on the door, his name is opportunity and he has been waiting for this moment.

Open the door, leave this life behind, embrace your own reflection — the Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking has been killing you.

P.S: In tomorrow blog, we’re going to begin looking at the practical aspects of doing remarkable work

Living Your Own Life

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Finding Treasure In A Crappy Jar of Clay

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

We are often afraid of staring into our own reflection, we are afraid of what we might find.

But if you want to live a truly remarkable life you cannot be afraid of your own reflection, you cannot run from your own shadow, you must embrace every single footstep that you’ve ever walked.

A remarkable life, is an open life… (Tweet).

…a remarkable life is not an arrogant life, it doesn’t hide behind a wall of pride, it doesn’t have time to embrace the pretense of believing that it needs to be better than everyone else.

A remarkable life can find a find a 40 Carat diamond underneath a mountain of shit, it sees the unlimited potential in human beings no matter where they are from, no matter what they have “done.”

That is right, if you are going to do truly remarkable work on a daily basis you are going to have to work with people in some shape or form.

But do NOT do only the superficial work that merely scratches the surface… do deeper work that strongly influences the lives of others.

Remarkable work is simply about engaging with other human beings in a powerful way — you could be mechanic, a divorce lawyer, a realtor or a priest, your job is not that important, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Living A Remarkable Life

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Beware Of The Wolf With The Silver Tongue.

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

I am tempted to refer to you as a shortcut junky (Tweet).

You have literally invested tens of thousands of dollars on online program after online program — the gurus (dealers) have shown you a “guaranteed “roadmap to success and you have gleefully bought their drug; over and over again.

You are hooked on the promise, you are in love with the wolf with a silver tongue.

The truth is the wolf is devouring you from the inside of your wallet out.

Unfortunately the wolf is leading you away from those deeply important questions that you must ask, by providing you with superficial solutions that offer you a false promise of success.
“All I need to do is to follow these steps, invest in this piece of software, join this mastermind group.”
It won’t work because you are following somebody else’s script, you have avoided journeying way down deep to the inner recesses of who you are, to that place where you discover all that is remarkable and unique about you.

Online Training Programs

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The Human Heart Always Beats For Something More

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


Yesterday (read here) I stated that hard work always begins with asking very difficult questions. These are not complex questions, they are soul deep questions.

The truth is if we only ever ask superficial questions, then we will never engage our audience on a deeper level (we won’t even be fully engaged ourselves). If we don’t know “why” our work is important on a deeply human level we will succumb to the superficial and our work will soon become dry and utterly meaningless.

To do work simply because it is fact of life, to do this kind of work without thinking or feeling, this is simply unacceptable – don’t you agree?

There is more for you than the simple monotony of a 21st century existence — so much more.

The human heart always beats for something more (tweet), it yearns for deeper things, it longs to leave an eternal footprint that remains forever etched into the sands of time, long after the sunset.

P.S: Tomorrow we continue this theme of living a remarkable life and doing work that truly matters.

 Why Work Matters

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The Hard Work That No One Wants To Do

Written By Geoff Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

You will do anything to avoid doing the really hard critical work that would ensure your success.


I don’t know, I do care though and deeply so.

You know that “thing” that you know you should do; you are avoiding it, you’re avoiding it by doing everything else that doesn’t really matter at all.

It is easier to stay on the surface, to follow the rules, to avoid taking a risk and asking yourself the really hard questions of life.

The hardest work nearly always involves asking very difficult questions (Tweet).

Questions like “why does work matter to me” and “why must I succeed” and “what happens if I fail?”
P.S: You must ask these questions if you wish to succeed. To be continued tomorrow…

Being Remarkable

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Playing Small Is Stealing Your Life Away.

Written By Athaliah Talbot - Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog

Failure is gut-wrenching.

And although it is a normal part of the journey toward building out a life, it is no less jarring when it occurs.

In fact, we deliberative personalities will often evade the feelings of of failure at the costly price of never growing into our most courageous, biggest selves.

In always playing it safe our lives are discreetly stolen away; it’s subtle trickery to believe that being small is serving us well.

Have you ever noticed that your best ideas are overwhelming: how could you possibly successfully accomplish such tremendous things without a failure or two or three or ten?

It is time to begin thinking about your great big self as an ongoing process of taking risks and failing (sometimes miserably) rather than a series of perfect, deliberate choices.

You were made to create grand things and this can never happen by playing small.



Growth Through Failure

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It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams

Written By Featured Guest Blogger and long time Seven Sentence blog community member Michelle DeSpain.  Check out her incredible blog over at the Late Bloomer Revolution.

Hello, my name is Michelle, and I am a Dreamer.

For nearly 44 years of my life, I was exceptionally gifted at dreaming, but I was a bit of a slacker when it came to acting on those dreams.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the ridiculously simple secret for propelling yourself out of Dreamland and into Actionland:

Let go of fear and embrace the other f word aka faith. (Tweet this)

Wholeheartedly believe in yourself and your abilities. Surround yourself with friends, family, mentors, and coaches (like my coach, Geoff Talbot) who believe in you, too.

And remember:

It’s never too late to LIVE your dreams!

Late Bloomer Guest Post

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2014 Copyright Seven Sentences - Late Bloomer Guest Post
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