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  1. The Importance Of Your Talent – Peter Crowell
  2. Death… Why What Your Buddy Says At Your Funeral Doesn’t Really Matter –  Sammy Abebiyi
  3. Irony Versus Sincerity – Dave Harrison
  4. The Importance Of True Transparency – Julianne Harvey
  5. When Social Media Is Dangerous – Sinead MacManus
  6. Setting the World on Fire – Eleanor Biddulph
  7. Then  Life Happens – Darren Sprout


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3 thoughts on “Most Popular Guest Blogs

  1. When people are asked if they are creative they say no.

    Writers and artists call themselves creatives.

    Thinking new thoughts, sparking new ideas, or new ways of using old or existing ideas is being creative too.

    All people are born with capacities to be creative, think creatively, solve problems creatively yet usually by the 4th grad people stop being creative unless they draw, paint, dance, sing, or write stories or poetry.

    The arts are beneficial, useful, helpful

    Yet all life can be improved by each of us being creative each day.

    Believe and accept that you are creative and can become more creative every day throughout your entire life.

  2. What If?

    I can’t write this, I thought.
    What if they hate it?
    What if they ignore it?
    What if, what if, what if?
    What if they like it?
    What if they love it?
    What if, what if, what if?

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