Your “Seven” Words

You are remarkable.

Even if you do not appreciate these words right now — here at The Seven Sentence Blog we believe that there is a remarkable and unique purpose for your life.

There is a specific role that only you can play.

We must not allow ourselves to be discounted, discredited, or pushed into somebody else’s box, there is no person, no failure, no life choice, that has the right to steal away from you the gift of who you are and what you have to offer.

Never before in human history has the playing field been so level, technology is providing a voice to so many people who would have previously have been discounted.

We write this blog everyday to inspire brave people just like you, right across the world, to be themselves and to pursue their dreams and to use technology in a genuinely remarkable way that connects likeminded people together.

You are remarkable — we want you to believe it.


Write down your life dream (your why) in Only 7-Words in the comment section below.


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