The Secret to Dancing Is The Secret To Life

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

A very famous modern dance teacher was once asked the secret to dancing, she replied, “the secret to dancing is that it’s about everything except dancing.”

Do I need to explain?

The moment you concentrate on “technique” you lose sight of the very reason you loved dancing in the first place. Dancing is about emotion, passion, expression… LIFE.

The secret to film-making is that is about everything except film-making. The secret to writing is that it is about everything except writing. The secret to business is that it is about everything except business.

The secret to success is that it is about everything except success itself (Tweet this).

The Secret To Dancing
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11 thoughts on “The Secret to Dancing Is The Secret To Life

  1. it’s good you mentioned it again, so I could understand this quote for the first time. and yes! its not only with dancing by the way that you shouldn’t concentrate on your special technique when you realize its good what you are doing. Keep it up! Em

  2. The tragic thing is that everything is only
    about the money. That’s what made the 60s and the art behind the 60s so wonderful
    and long lasting, everyone was beyond the money. Things were done in spite of
    the money. Corporate’s takeover of the world means mediocrity. Can’t mass reproduce
    individual talent and greatness. There’s no place for a guru of anything in a
    corporate world. There’s only one Van
    Gogh, and he’s gone. No money to be made there.

  3. I love your 7 sentences blog and signed up to be included.  I myself made an ignominious entry to L.A. with $11 in pennies from a piggy bank. Since then, I have had two marriages, two more children, taught dancing, went into recovery from alcoholism, sold real estate, and in my proudest accomplishment to date wrote a book called Deadly Pleasures.  You keep going kid and I know you will make it and become a star.  If you hold onto your dream and do the footwork there is no limit.. All the best, and God Bless, Mary Firmin, author.

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