The reason WHY you are struggling so much

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,

People act like idiots on the internet and for good reason (Tweet).

Engaging with other people is not an easy thing for most human beings.


Could it be that we are afraid of each other?

Many of us really struggle to talk to strangers, especially if they are very different to us in how they look, sound or smell.

I think we’re a little more prepared to give it a go when we can hide behind the safety of the screen.

But there is still a lot of anxiety, a lot of rabid talking about oneself and not a lot of listening — engagement is difficult but it is very worthwhile.

Online Engagement Problems
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2 thoughts on “The reason WHY you are struggling so much

  1. This is very true. I think it all boils down to wanting to be accepted in society, even though no one is truly accepted. I think once we start accepting ourselves as we are then things will fall into place. I prefer to meet people face to face, and get to know them in person than through the internet. Call me old fashioned.

    1. Great comment… I think that online relationships only have value when we direct them to become tangible, real, actual friendships. Every social media strategy should be directed in this way in my opinion… to grow real relationships

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