If you want more success then this is essential…

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


Creative collaboration requires that we lose our sense of self-centered creativity.

This is a major struggle for very many artistic types. Perhaps we think of this as protecting what is most valuable to us, but in truth there is a type of self-absorption that alienates others and limits our own creativity.

We cannot be precious about our work if we wish to grow creatively.

There is exponential creative power waiting to be harnessed in the collaborative process.

This fear of creative collaboration has killed me for long enough. How about you?


The Power Of Collaboration
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20 thoughts on “If you want more success then this is essential…

  1. Just added you on twitter! I think that collaboration is extremely powerful. Artists are definitely creative in their own minds, but if you can put two creative types together and allow them to work together and adapt to each other’s creativity, then amazing things happen. I have seen it multiple times within the industry that I work in and we’re all about sales and helping provide value. 

    I also look at creativity as business strategy, innovation, etc. That’s an art within itself.


  2. yea, collaboration is key… it’s amazing the synapses that start firing when 3-4 like minded people put their mind to a creative project.

  3. Self-centeredness… vulnerability… insecurity…
    Sometimes allowing othesr to build on one’s ideas, also allows one to bask in the feeling that our idea alone was not enough.

  4. Hi Geoff, Totally agree with the above. Throughout my life I have found it has been far better to share with others & to have others share with me their gifts, talents, energy, thoughts, ideas & perspective in all areas life as well as in the creative process. It can make something that was one dimenisonal 2, 3  or even 4 (totally out of the box) dimensional; something that only sees things from a limited perspective into something that sees things in a bigger & broader & more dynamic light. Makes life far more interesting & colourful. As it is written in the most read book in the world, ie the bible, 2 are better than 1. Looking forward to reading more of your posts & thoughts.

    1. I am very much early on this journey of collaboration… mostly I think my failing is due to wanting to prove myself. It’s crippling because any form of creativity usually involves at least two people..

  5. I have a friend who is a song writer.  When he works on his songs, he will bring them to me to see if I can add or take away or even understand the point he is trying to make.  I also do the same with my poetry.  I allow him to read some of my more complex poems and get his opinion.  I am not really sure this would be classified as a collaboration, but it does help us to connect with something beyond our own idea or to add what was obviously missed.  

  6. I agree, that collaboration can be incredibly powerful. I do though tend to think there is a balance. I think it is important to walk through collaboration often and apply all that is learned in personal writing too. There is something significantly special about writing something that is all yours and yours alone. While collaboration is vital at some step in the process, I tend to think some solo work is equally important. So much can be learned in a collaborative session that should apply to all one’s work as a whole I hope. Again, only my personal thoughts. No education or lengthy professional writing experience to draw from here, only basing that on limited experience and work that not much of anyone short of a few class mates and friends have actually read. : )

  7. Geoff,

    I love this article.  I have always
    believed in the power of working together, paying it forward and promoting
    other people who are doing wonderful things on this planet.  There is plenty of room for all of us to be

    Karma is one word that comes to mind. The more you give, help and inspire
    others the more you will get in return. 
    Not always from the same people but you create such great energy around
    you and that attracts success and people who support you in your endeavors and
    your support them.

    That concept is what Motivational Whisperers is based on.  We are a family/team of self improvement
    experts and we all support, motivate and promote each other. That is why
    Motivational Whisperers is so successful it has great karma!  Thanks Geoff for putting out positive
    articles like this.


  8. I love collaboration because it induces the best types of brainstorming. You can’t possibly come up with ideas on your own the way you do when you work with others. It stimulates creativity.

  9. I just got done with a Lifespan Psychology course in which we were grouped with other class mates to prepare 4 collaborative essays. In the essays, we all had our own input which ultimately had to all fit together into a cohesive paper. I really enjoyed the interaction, the differing views, and the overall increase of ideas.
    I think this could be a great way to solve problems and learn. Conversely, I think a lack of collaboration can cause problems in the real world.

  10. Great post Goeff. Collaboration is a vital part of growth for every creative. I find it amazing what springs forth whenever I rub shoulders with other creatives and most of the time it’s just a matter of being present and attentive to other peoples ideas. Awesome blog too by the way.

  11. At the risk of sounding like a brutal cliche – 2 minds are better than 1. As such, I agree – creativity is meant to grow. Naturally when we consider growth we know that there are certain additional factors – nourishment, environment etc. Working with others allows us to nourish our creative minds in an environment primed for growth.

    Plus, if all else fails and paranoia sets in, just remember… Copyright law states that once your words are on a page – they are your creative property and subject and as such are copywrited.


  12. Collaboration is how we all got here. Without the meeting of Two no One is born. It’s the dynamic tension and the flow between us that fertilizes creativity. Someone to bounce off and engage with. Someone to listen to, share with and enjoy. This is my response to you and your post in seven sentences.

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