The Fatal Mistake You May Be Making With Your Blog

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


The truth is you can write a blog, create a v-blog or record a podcast about any topic that you choose — the real question is not what are you blogging about but who are you blogging for yourself or others? (Tweet This).

Many corporate businesses, realtors or small business owners make the mistake of constantly blogging about their own company, rather than simply using this medium to build trust with their ideal clients and consumers.

Many artists blog constantly about their own lives, their own creative processes or their artwork RATHER than asking exactly what it is that their audience needs.

The problem stems from a kind of social narcissism, the #selfie gone crazy; this overwhelming tendency to be obsessed with ourselves.

The cure to this sickness is to ask outward questions and listen to the stories and problems of others, allowing yourself to be emotionally and intellectually affected.

Then ask the really important questions… “what is it my readers need and how can I connect with them emotionally?”

Blog creatively and blog personally, no topic is off limits when you are blogging for others. (Tweet).


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