Keep singing those bad notes.

Written By Geoff Talbot – Co-Founder Of The Seven Sentence Blog,


A lead singer in a major band was once asked by a fan, “how did you get so good?” He replied,”by singing a lot of terrible notes.”

To be excellent at what you do you do you must persist, you may have to trudge through a cesspool of missed notes, bad stories, incoherent paintings and failed ideas. Artistry is after all a craft; and craft by its very nature is learned.

How can you expect to perfect your craft if you do not allow room for error, failure, mess ups and mistakes?

Embrace your mistakes, for only at this vulnerable place can you harness the true power of your creativity.  (Tweet this).

Creativity is like the wind, it can come in a violent gust or blow softly across the pages of time; just put up your sail and see where it takes you.


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