I wrote this post especially for you…

You are brave.

I am talking to YOU specifically.

You stand alone, on the edge of poverty, constantly misunderstood, ruthlessly pursuing your own unique form of creative expression.

Even though monetary success is yet┬áto find you — YOU are a genuine artist.

We need you and we love you, because you color our world in your own vivid and unique way AND you make life better for all of us.

No one fully understands the sacrifices that you have made for the passion (that art) that you carry within you.

We value you – never stop creating and never cease sharing.


Brave Artists
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3 thoughts on “I wrote this post especially for you…

  1. Wow. I needed this message in the worst way and it came at the very moment I was about to give up on my dream, throw in the towel and live a colorless life of doing what everyone expects. Thank you. Your daily notes are always inspirational, but this one will be copied and pinned to my mirror!

  2. Thank you for another awesome and encouraging post. This is the year I do plan on accomplishing my goal of publication, and a bit of monetary reward would do nicely also.

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