Why are you working on a Saturday?

Someone once told you that if you work hard you will be sure to succeed.

That’s probably why you are working today, even though you are tired and worn out, because you believe that turning up on days like this will guarantee your success.

Although I admire your perseverance, I do not wish to be like you — let me explain.

Working long hard hours will not guarantee you the kind of success that you are looking for, AND although you may actually “succeed” you will be so tired from your labor that you will never taste the sweetness of your victory.

I’m sorry but they lied to you when they told you that success was all about hard work; success is about something else, success is about smart work.

Smart work is difficult because it requires you to slow down and re-evaluate every decision that you are making.

Are you building an empire, a career or a business that will give life to yourself and others, or are you building something else, a fiendish monster that will steal the best years of your life without care or regard for your own happiness?


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One thought on “Why are you working on a Saturday?

  1. I work on a Saturday because my job schedule requires me to do so. The Monday-Friday ~ 9-5 crew is only part of the workforce. Many people work shifts (me) and have days off during the week as opposed to a corporate Saturday/Sunday off. Retail, Food service, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, office cleaners, transit workers and museum security officers (like me) normally work weekends, holidays, evenings and nights. We shift workers are not recognized by our 9-5 brethren but we often do the jobs that nobody else wants to do or tries to avoid by chasing the corner office dream.

    Walk around your city at night and see the Nightbirds at work while others sleep.
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