Make GREAT MONEY from your art in 2014 without having to get all salesy

2014 is pounding on the door and we believe that it’s time you started making a healthy living from your art!

During the last century there was an increasingly popular trend towards specialization. People became defined by their unique gifts, they were either accountants OR artists, musicians OR scientists, writers OR Doctors… it appeared that it had become almost inappropriate for an artist to stand up and say that he or she was also good at business.

Death was at diversity’s door and very soon the final echo of the renaissance man would be heard no more.

Then abruptly, everything changed, the development of the internet instead put a gun to the specialists head AND it has pretty much been screaming ever since “diversify or die.”

You cannot be an artist anymore and not care about the marketing or business of your art… the future success of your career demands that you use both sides of your brain.

We’ve developed a Business Marketing program especially for artists in 2014; it’s a program that uses your own creativity as a tool to build key relationships AND sell your work — don’t worry you won’t have to get all salesy; there are 2 spots left so fill out the form below and let’s talk.


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