The Top 5 Ways Women In Business Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

You can be  your own worst enemy — here are the top 5 ways in which you may harm yourself.

i. You self sabotage relationships, confusing those who are FOR you with those who really are n0t — beware of flattery: Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

ii. Professional growth areas are left unmanaged for extended amounts of time —  you begin to feel out of touch, your lack of continued growth leads to feelings of inadequacy.

iii. You consider your own “emotional health” to be unimportant as you pursue your dreams — as a result small problems quickly become mountains causing even more stress in your internal life.

iv. You believe that attention toward your physical health through exercise and healthy eating is just a time suck, because you have not mastered self care your poor physical health will eat away at your dreams and your self esteem.

v. Financial stability – you risk it all without providing a secure base for you and your family — constant financial anxiety leads to poor decision making.

Which of these 5 do you most relate to?


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