The Massive Problem With Traditional Marketing

Most fair-minded people hate promoting themselves; that’s why artists have managers and business people have marketing departments.

In fact the words “marketing” and “selling” have often sent shivers down the spine of many a creative or entrepreneurial person.

We don’t want to market or sell, we simply want to create, we just want to do the stuff.

Unfortunately, we now live in the social media age AND artists and business owners are finding themselves in a position, where, if they wish to succeed, they must market themselves.

But before you quit your careers in rabid fear of having to market yourself, know this…traditional marketing as you once knew it is dead.

What was once called marketing has been replaced by ‘genuine sharing,’ and you don’t need to promote yourself anymore, all you have to do is to simply give of yourself through your own unique expression.

Don’t think of Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel as a marketing platform, instead think of it as another canvas upon which you may paint your story.


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