Blog Truthfully – I Am Sick Of You Lying To Me

It’s time to get angry.

About what?

About the way you are not expressing who you really are via your blog and your social media channels.

It’s not high school anymore, too many people are acting like it is, expressing their views in a conformist type fashion.

It’s worse than boring, it’s deceitful, it’s fake.

Nobody cares about a conformist because it’s impossible to know who they truly are.

Stop writing, stop tweeting, stop acting like a pasty, lifeless veneer of a person — get angry, be real, rip open your chest and let us see your heart.


Blog Truthfully
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6 thoughts on “Blog Truthfully – I Am Sick Of You Lying To Me

  1. Athaliah, I’m doing it. Promise! It was hard but after a few sleepless nights, I got over myself. Write honestly or don’t write at all, methinks! Great post!

    1. Hi Tammy… Very cool… it takes a while to become acclimatized to the vulnerability of sharing but after a while it can become as normal as breathing… send us a link to your blog…. G

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