How Being JUST A Mommy Blogger Could Be Killing Your Career

Being a mom is an immensely high calling; being a work at home mom is worthy of a gold medal +.

And many of us moms have taken to the web to share an area of knowledge that we’ve acquired on our journey as a result of being a mom; this is fantastic.

But if you have an online business and you identify yourself primarily as a Mommy Blogger hold the phone, I do believe you could stunting your own growth.

For in identifying yourself in such a way, it’s possible that you could be missing out on an entire market of really amazing, lovely  people who happen to have no children.

Now if Mommy Blogging is your thing, these seven sentences aren’t to frustrate you — this is for the Mom Entrepreneur and Thought Leader who is wrestling with this term AND her online presence; still unsure?

Here’s an exercise:

I am a mom who blogs about __________, so actually I am a _________ who happens to be a mom, who uses blogging as my medium to share information and insight about __________ which could help all sorts of people on the web!

If you find that this exercise renders you a Mommy Blogger solely, no worries, keep at it BUT if not, it’s high time you start recognizing the value of what you have to offer to many, many more people.


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