How To Change The World On Monday Morning

You may not want to hear about “changing the world” first thing on a Monday morning — but this has to be discussed.

We are in desperate need of thought leaders in every arena of life; men and women who want to obliterate “the box”, affirm others in their pursuit of being great thinkers and to help others say yes to an authentic life.

The job description for being a world changer could be off-putting to some, but not to you; you’re just the right person for your time.

Before you jump in head first with all your credentials and qualifications, I admonish you: research, observe, listen and wait, repeat.

The world is full of headstrong men and women who know what is best for everyone else.

We don’t actually need anymore of that nonsense.

Instead, try meekness, hold back and learn first, be humble and keep your head low, very soon you’ll be the talk of the town.


How To Change The World
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4 thoughts on “How To Change The World On Monday Morning

  1. Such a profound message in 7 sentences. What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning and a brand new week where anything is possible. Brilliant. :)

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