Self Empowerment Will Make You Lonely

I expect today’s Seven Sentences to be particularly unpopular.

Do you believe in “self” empowerment? Do you believe that you can fix your own problems without the help of others?

Where does this desire to become “whole” or “powerful” come from anyway?

Unfortunately an excessive focus on oneself does not make a person larger, the more you focus on yourself the smaller you will become.

If a soul “could” succeed in empowering or healing themselves without the help of others, then the end result would most certainly be arrogance and pride.

Is it time to fall outwards instead of looking inwards?


Problem With Self Empowerment
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6 thoughts on “Self Empowerment Will Make You Lonely

  1. that I need help cannot be gauged without looking inside…so the process of healing starts with aloneness….and as you take comfort in your efficiency and capability to cope , you realize along the way that even when you thought you were going it alone…there were others who were around helping the healing process…thats wisdom….
    some days that help was issued by seven sentences….

  2. I’m not sure I’m quite on board with you. I think, and this is just my humble opinion, that I need to better understand myself to connect better with the universe. A balance of inward and outward gazing is the key – remembering that the only thing that I am all that is… (i.e. I am connected, I am all one – alone).

  3. I find it extremely difficult to trust people so I tend to keep my problems to myself. Also that’s how I was raised. My parents always admonished me not to put my problems in the street. The few times I do share usually backfires on me. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. The last time I tried to communicate to a friend how I feel she did not understand and I don’t have money to pay for therapy.

  4. I was reading old journals recently and was embarrassed to realize how obsessed I once was with all things me. Glad to say I got over myself and finally realized that I didn’t need to be slim, fit, fashionable, confident, outgoing, focused and organized, to be a writer. I just needed to write. Maybe I should write a self help book about how to quit reading self help books.

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