The 1st Step To Changing Anything — Especially The World

At a time when violence, fear, and economic recession have collided together to wreck havoc, it is absolutely miraculous that anyone would have the energy to change the world at all.

Why not clamor and cling to your “individual truths”; why bother anymore when it all seems so difficult?

But a dream to change to world is not about imbuing the harsh truth of our reality with a rose tinted perspective.

Changing the world is not about imposing your closely held ideas, perspective or ideology, in fact changing the world and influencing culture involves quite the opposite.

“In order to change the world, we must first understand others and love them more than we love our own aspirations”

Change almost always begins with hunkering down, observing, listening and waiting….

Go slowly, change comes from understanding not imposition.


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One thought on “The 1st Step To Changing Anything — Especially The World

  1. “Change comes from understanding, not imposition.” This is so well said. And do we ever need change. Athaliah, thanks for such thought-provoking posts. We need to provoke our thoughts towards change.

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