7 Secrets To Creating Great Blog Titles



1. Write your post first, then try and identify the hookiest, most intriguing segment of your post; somewhere in this segment exists the genesis of your title.

2. Great blog titles are not about the post or about the writer, they are written for your reader, the more you make your title about them, the more success you will have.

3. Very short titles do not usually work when shared via social media as they are too generic and non-specific; think of your title as a newspaper headline; try and say something.

4. Avoid being SEO heavy in your blog titles, keyword phrases are often large and cumbersome, they may alienate your reader.

5. Don’t guess, test your title options by posting them as standalone tweets or status updates on Facebook, what do people like, what are they re-tweeting?

6. Think about using the law of opposites (read), find a title and then reverse it completely (i.e. This blog post would be titled “7 blindingly obvious ways to create a terrible blog title”)

7. Follow these rules and then break them, you will surprised at what may work.


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2 thoughts on “7 Secrets To Creating Great Blog Titles

  1. I’m following your advice, Geoff. Today the word ‘pig’ made it into my title. :) Could go either way!

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