Your College Degree Means Nothing Without This…

If I could have a dollar for every time I heard a person say,

“I studied ______ but I can’t do anything with that degree now.”

Do you feel as though your studies are null and void because it simply doesn’t translate into real life provision?

You are not alone.

My own past life as a Classical Greek Language scholar is cause for such pain.

But your education must work FOR you, it does not employ your labor, nor should it be allowed to limit how deeply you can experience the world.

Academic study in most cases simply prepares us to think analytically and critically, so that we may then do something else.

In the end, it’s your education, you must own it and use whatever you learned from it for the good of humanity.


My College Degree Means Nothing
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6 thoughts on “Your College Degree Means Nothing Without This…

  1. Yes, Geoff! B.A. in psychology here, but the experiences I went out and created were what made that degree worth it. Even when I went back for my M.Ed., I didn’t use it as others might think I “should” – I made it work for me!

  2. Some sarcastic fellow once observed about college degrees that “Everyone knows what B.S. is. M.S. is More Of The Same and Phd is Piled Higher and Deeper.” I don’t know that I’d go quite that far, but it IS true that many business people have succeeded grandly and changed the world dramatically with NO college degree. Something to think about, huh?

    1. Hear hear, I have learned wisdom from life. I took a few years of college classes and even though I didn’t receive a degree, I received numerous certificates. I have learned to hone my critical thinking skills through the education I did receive. Maybe I should have turned this into seven sentences? Excellent post Athaliah.

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