The Solution To Social Media Overload

Social media has the power to destroy your business; it can be addictive, superficial and without virtue… when it’s done wrong.

Many of the people we’ve been working with over the past 4 years, have an unhealthy perspective when it comes to social media.

Business people think of it simply as a method of selling their products and services AND individual artists think of it as a way of simply growing their fan base. It’s no wonder they often get anxious, addicted and end up ultimately worn out and disappointed with the results that they are achieving.

The social space is not a place to sell or market because it is primarily a relational space; instead it is a place to share.

It’s a free space where you get to add value and simply give to the people you really like (your customers or fans), this builds the kind of loyalty that money could never buy.

Remember why you like “your people” and you will most likely do a lot better with your social media.


solution to social media overload
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