Lie 7: You Need To Know The Right People To Achieve Your Dream

Let me be the first to say it… “privilege can be a real bitch,” but not in the way you might expect.

Often a dreamer may feel discounted because of his or her lack of privilege; if you don’t have a trust fund or you don’t come from a connected family, the mountain before you can almost seem insurmountable.

But privilege without responsibility is a dangerous thing; it creates a lazy mind and a fat uncensored body. Privilege can be a curse and not a blessing.

Whatever your circumstances, you must use what you have been given to shape your forward journey. Your past is your own, you can use it in whatever way you want.

Connection is an extremely overrated commodity when you compare it to the power of your creativity AND your ability to tell your own story in whichever way you wish.


Problem With Privilege
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