Lie 2: You Must Be Single Mindedly Focused.

Distraction is another form of deception designed to prevent you from living out your dreams. This is a friend (enemy) I personally know only too well.

Surprisingly, the greatest form of distraction is obsession.


That’s right, there is a wicked lie that insists that we must be single mindedly focussed and determined if we are to ever succeed with our dreams.

This is a wicked lie that often drives a dreamer to isolation, loneliness and divorce. Self-absorption closes our minds to the influences of others, it inhibits the sacred power of collaboration and it destroys everything that it touches.

Self Absorption Kills
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2 thoughts on “Lie 2: You Must Be Single Mindedly Focused.

  1. maximizing “all” on a singular focus certainly leaves us unbalanced and myopic – I agree in whatever passion we are pursuing, more isn’t always better. If you love green, a splash of red makes the green even greener.

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