The Terrible Yet Never Talked About Lie

What is it that you want?

For most people the answer is “purpose” or “value.” This answer can take many different forms, whether it is expressed as a desire to make money, win an oscar, or make a significant difference in the world through business or innovation, etc.

Even if your own answer is simply… “I don’t know,” the truth in your answer is that you “wish you knew.”

We want to matter, we want to be significant, we long for our lives to count.

The truth is that we each have a purpose and a reason for existing– there is a vital role for each us to play… BUT there is also a grand lie shrouding our eyes, dimming our hearts, attempting to steal what rightfully should be ours.

We’re going to spend the next week on Seven Sentences, dismantling the lies, cracking away the facade so that we can all do more than just dream… we can truly live.


P.S. Tell me if I am wrong in the comment section below.

Lies that steal dreams
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4 thoughts on “The Terrible Yet Never Talked About Lie

  1. I can’t say you’re wrong.

    Passion is an elusive thing, lying just below the surface of who and what we think we
    are. Fear is the lock that keeps us from it. Afraid, we push it into the background of our heart in an attempt to be accepted.

    But every truly successful person, who also displays inner peace, knows that creative passion is the
    answer. They understand that money takes care of itself, and it has less significance when
    we do what we love.

    Personal wealth comes on it’s own because the product of our passion, whatever it may
    be, becomes something sought after by people who will pay us for it.

    Our creative pursuits fill a void that money never can.

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