How Our Dreams May Lead To Freedom

Creative People all have dreams and most of them are worth chasing.

But what is the end point of our dreams? To be successful, to live a good life, to make money and then die?

Surely, there is something else, something more that is calling us forward.

Although we don’t see it, perhaps we perceive it?

For me, I sense a deep stirring taking place inside of me as I move towards my dreams.

Something is being broken and I am being set free

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6 thoughts on “How Our Dreams May Lead To Freedom

  1. Creative people are often simply pragmatic
    Dreams are more often the illusions of the untalented and non-creative
    If, indeed, as it seems, you mean dreams as ‘goals’
    In the sense of dreams in sleep
    The dreams are the mind’s way of untangling it’s circuits
    Or, in some cases, releasing what’s been too intolerable to let out while awake
    So, far from being broken, dreams represent repair

    1. Oh Roger… the pragmatist can be a dreamer AND I’m not sure I’ve ever met an untalented or non-creative soul… I have met (and been myself at times) plenty of misguided ones.

      I appreciate you commenting in seven sentences… dreams do represent repair, both the ones we have while awake and those we dream while asleep

  2. Welcome to freedom, by the very action of thinking, writing and talking about it. You are a good guide into freedom, Geoff. You know the journey. You live the journey. You encourage the journey. You invite the rest of us on the journey. Thank you! Now…when will you be free for some Skype moments? :-)

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