Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Why did God make Mosquitos?

Sometimes the things that cause us discomfort and pain, really seem to have no higher purpose in this life.

But they exist and they bite, and they suck and they itch.

It’s difficult to rest when you are covered in mosquito bites; they irritate us.

Irritation is an essential component of any creative process, it stops us from entering complete rest, it reminds us that we’re human.

Would life be better without mosquitos?

Yes it would be; but their presence keeps us alert to the fact that there is still much to do and that earth is not yet heaven.

Why did God Make Mosquitos
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7 thoughts on “Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

  1. The mosquitoes, I do believe, came with the fall of man when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. That is when the equivalent of the imperfections of man and the rest of the creation came into being. Of course, this is a spiritual manifestation; God knows how/what He rendered it, but of course, evolutionists have their answer, for what it is worth…unfactual, nonempirical (who was there to observe it at the time.) and incapable of being “proven” except as philosophical argumentation and exercise which most people mistake as scientific argument, but which isn’t.

  2. In reality, the question is moot because there was and is no god – nor any of the other 4000 or so gods that humans have worshiped over the last 5000 years or so. Mosquitoes were around long before human beings
    and will probably be around long after – unless, of course, we continue to believe these silly myths and even act on them.

    Irritation has nothing to do with the creative process – though if you mean frustration, exasperation, desperation, pain … i.e. real feeling, then I’d agree with that – but that is not irritation. Irritation arises
    from such things as knocking over the paint pot or tripping over a power cord – it is not creative – it is disruptive and generally a petty annoyance though, admittedly, In some cases it will escalate to quite severe destruction.

    Mosquitoes have their purpose as part of the food chain and life’s ecosystem. They are food for dragonflies, many small fish and even Salmon and Trout. There are also some 3500 varieties of mosquito and most of them don’t bite humans or do so only in particular physical locations. In any case, only the females bite – so you wold only need to kill 1 of each pair to stop yourself being bitten, though that would still be 3500 and
    clearly it would have been impossible for Noah or anyone else to distinguish those 3500 different mosquitoes with the technology of the time.

    Mainly though, my problem wth this piece is the suggestion that by being as destructive as was (supposely) the case with both Noah and god, the results will manifest as creativity. I can’t accept that the World
    would be better without mosquitoes and probably, if they could think about it, neither, I think, would many fish agree.

    Incidentally, mosquitoes have been around for around 90 to 100 million years, so as is the rest of biblical myth, they existed long before the time of the silly story about Adam and Eve.

    1. Thus Spake Roger.

      Your first sentence is arrogant and underwhelming. Where is your proof? Not the proof that there is or isn’t a God or gods, but the irrefutable proof that you – specifically YOU – KNOW.

  3. I have no negative comments to make.

    I take this the way I think you meant it.

    I will always have tiny little things to distract me.

    My goal is to let God fulfill His epic purpose in my life.

    This post has given me a much needed boost.

    I’ve been inundated with mosquitoes lately and have let them distract me from my goals.

    I’m going to throw on the mosquito net of grace and keep going.

    Thanks Geoff

    1. In fact, what the mythical god supposedly dictated was that clean animals be taken in 7 by 7, not 2 by 2 as is popularly believed. It is also unclear as to whether what was meant was 7 of particular species or 7 male and 7 females. Some believe that there were 7 because the nonsensical tradition of live sacrifice was to be continued in the Ark and the odd 1 was for sacrifice.

      The fact is that it’s all nonsense but, of course, those who refuse to think and utilise their intellect will stick to ignoring the reality and continue to roll out arrant nonsense.

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