Allow Yourself To Make Big Mistakes.

How big are you prepared to fail?

Creativity is about making big mistakes. Without the ability to fail big, we are simply following a recipe that doesn’t involve risk and so the rewards will be slim.

We’re all afraid of big mistakes, but are we prepared to fail anyway?

What is the worst that could happen?

Genius often exists on the other side of a mistake, if only we will risk enough to step into the unknown.

Don’t be right, try and be wrong on purpose.


Big Mistakes
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2 thoughts on “Allow Yourself To Make Big Mistakes.

  1. Some of my best compositions were born of a mistake. Our blog was a stupid idea. We do not know the first thing about writing, but we are doing it and having a blast. My most asinine mistakes are good for a laugh years and year afterword. Hail to MISTAKES!

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