Why Every Artists Needs To Get DRUNK!

Drink deeply from the well…

We are not as strong as we think; we depend on things in the natural, things like oxygen, food, shelter, water, love. It is our dependency that makes us human and it is our frailties that make us whole.

Such a move away from dependency will ultimately kill the body; likewise if we move away from the things that sustain our creative souls, then our creativity will wither and die.

What is it that inspires you? Drink from it often. Cherish it always.

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11 thoughts on “Why Every Artists Needs To Get DRUNK!

  1. I drink often and routinely from the word of God. It’s life-giving to me, and has been in many dark and not-so-dark times in my life. I read stories of people who have persevered and lived through hard things. I read history, because I can always learn from those gone before me. Thanks.

  2. My husband inspires me every single day. I watch how he plays guitar and composes pieces. We walk and talk and laugh. After 15 years, every day is more growth and love. That inspires me to do all that I do. Oh, and myself. I inspire myself too. Go me!

  3. My inspiration comes from the quest to improve myself and my self worth. I have been blessed with so many gifts. I believe these come from always trying to do the right thing. It seems the more I try to treat humanity as I would want to be treated, I receive such beautiful rewards. Pure Karma.

  4. I get inspired from hearing other creative people talk about their work with ENTHUSIASM. When you can tell that they’re doing what they love and they’re just into it, it makes me want to take my projects by the horns and turn out the best work I can… creativity and enthusiasm breed more creativity and enthusiasm…

      1. I would say it is more difficult, but very possible to be inspired on your own… The same way creative ideas come to us, I believe that thoughts that are inspirational/motivational can come to us too… sometimes, it’s the same thing. I’ve had thoughts for projects that get me all amped up to work on them as soon as I think of them. That’s inspirational, right? Once I start working on the project, I’m spurred on by my progress. Seeing something getting done and getting done well is a great driver for me. So yes, I think we can be “self-inspirational”, but I also think it doesn’t happen as often.

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