Why You Should Never Tell An Artist To Get A Real Job!

The way we define and value art is probably killing us all slowly.

I think musicians get to play all day in heaven; after-all they’ve probably spent every second of their earthly lives justifying their passions to a cold and calculating world that weighs a person in dollars and cents.

That’s a barren, dry, thoughtless way of looking at economics (people) without ever pausing to consider the intangible.

For just once imagine living in a world without any music, without any art, without any stories, without any entertainment?

No thanks.

Yet somehow because we cannot easily measure the value of these things, people want to say crazy, unhelpful stuff like… “get a real job.”

As if adding color to a drab world or lightening up a soul with a soft tune isn’t good enough work on its own?

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11 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Tell An Artist To Get A Real Job!

  1. Oh, so true! Being married to an artist, I know how difficult the work can be. Everyone sees the finished product and says it is great, but no one sees the time and effort needed to make it come to fruition!

  2. Good point. I have callouses on my left hand finger tips from practicing guitar that make a construction worker look as if they never worked a day in their life. Disdain is obviously the norm when it comes to making a living at the arts. It has been supremely satisfying to make it work in the face of that disdain.

  3. Thanks. Sadly the real jobs we get when we make are are often an insult to our intelligence. Low low pay and long hours which make it even harder to practice our practice. Your words are soothing.

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