Only Very Creative People Have This Trait

I detest creative snobbery; the kind of snobbery that you often witness when you walk into the “coolest” creative agencies in town.

Creative snobbery alienates other people, it makes you feel dumb, clumsy and worst of all, uncreative. This is of course a lie, when it comes to creativity all people are created equal.


Surely you don’t believe that anyone could be Mozart?

Not everyone is born to play the piano, but that same of level of “creativity” is inside every person, it’s just expressed in a different way.

Only the most secure, creatively free people can see the creativity locked up inside another (read), they call it out allowing it to speak and in doing so unlock unlimited possibilities.

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24 thoughts on “Only Very Creative People Have This Trait

  1. Creativity takes so many forms. When someone tells you they don’t have a creative body it’s usually because they’ve failed to recognise that fact. There’s often no need to call out the creativity in someone because they’ve already been using it. They just didn’t notice.

  2. I can’t stress how strongly I agree with this. It is my hope someday to teach a community ed class to adults that don’t believe they are creative. It hurts my heart to see people believing they lack creativity and even talent because of the art snobs, elitists etc. My Mom has talent, but she was never encouraged and now in her 70’s just doesn’t even feel much like trying. I am no Rembrandt or whatever, but I have realized that truly the desire alone is enough to be me. Because after all, Rembrandt is no Karen Rainwater, either.

  3. I believe that everyone can train themselves to be more creative… it’s just about training yourself to (cliche alert) “Think outside the box”. I think that doing that and incorporating your own voice in your thoughts are what creativity is all about.

  4. I also detest creative snobbery, and although I agree that it comes in many forms and can be developed and improved upon, I’m not sure I agree that every single person has equal capacity or creative ability. Degrees of natural talent-in all disciplines- vary greatly between individuals. I could work out every day but I’ll never be an Olympian.

  5. I agree… not everyone has the technical prowess to have killer piano chops – but some familiarity with the machine and some open mindedness and Im sure everyone can do SOMETHING – even if its cool to just them.

  6. You almost lost me with the title – but I agree with everything you said! I believe the creative snobbery you talk about is a false pretension and at times can be a false attempt at self preservation.

    Everyone has unique talents and their own ways of being creative – by encouraging others to use their strengths – we all benefit! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. i considered myself not creative not too long ago. Mostly due to the creative snobs you describe. it feels good to finally not care what people think. I feel more alive than ever. love this post, Geoff!

  8. All good teachers know this is true. As a college writing teaching, I work daily trying to convince my students that they do in fact have something to contribute to the world in some way. I try and use writing to teach my students how to tap into that creativity, the artist and creator within all of us.

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