Why Real Artists Are Always Activists

Artists and social activism have a long history.

Wherever there are social or cultural causes, you will find visual artists, musicians, writers, photographers and orators.

What is it that draws the artist to activism?

Perhaps it is the opportunity to express unadulterated belief or to unmask and humanize what has been shrouded; to stand with those who have been forsaken.

Whatever the reason, if you’re an artist, now is not a season to shrink back from standing against the dark things of this world that steal life and freedom from others.

Perhaps your voice against injustice has been muffled due to being overwhelmed with your own economic obligations BUT there is always good in giving yourself to those who can not speak or act for themselves.

Wake up, the world needs you in it, fighting for those who can not lift their eyes to see the light of day.


artists are activists
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9 thoughts on “Why Real Artists Are Always Activists

  1. I agree with what you have said in this blog. I have a question about artists being activists. Are they engaging in activism for activism sake or are they actually getting involved and making a difference?

  2. When we see a true artist visually, or hear an artist through music, I believe that they have a social responsibility to act on behalf of those that couldn’t otherwise act them selves. There is power in their performances that we believe in. One day I will be in their shoes as I’m trying to become a film director, writer and producer and I can’t wait to have the power to help the cause of activism.

  3. I personally believe in using our natural creative abilities to shed light to important issues and to get the attention of people in order to educate and bring about change. Its great when creatives use their talents to entertain…but its even better when you can entertain, inspire, move people to change, and make a difference.

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