An Odd Fat That Fights Belly Fat

What is this fascination that we have with image; if only we had the same fascination with health.

Total health.

What does it mean to be social responsible as an artist or even simply as a human being?

Is it simply accepting the fact that our actions and our words actually affect other people?

Often creative people who are emotionally alive and free feel like they should be able to say and do anything they please.

Freedom of the individual.

There is nothing sovereign about such freedom for it is consumed with itself, instead ask another question “how do I abandon myself so that I can live a life for others?”

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2 thoughts on “An Odd Fat That Fights Belly Fat

  1. I have never enjoyed doing for others without getting something in return. When I am happily doing for myself with abandon, I am a far better husband than when I am mindlessly serving others. I think serving others has more to do with our own image than we’d like to admit. We may be saying the same thing in different ways.

    1. Yes maybe so, thanks for your honesty. I feel like we come alive when we have the faith to let go of ourselves…. But this is painful as we fear greatly not receiving back in return….

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