Neglected And Lonely HouseWives Searching For Love

Again this blog title came right out of my spam folder. This appears to be trying to appeal to some misogynistic kind of fantasy.

This has been the most difficult headline for me to use as inspiration this month.

I guess I am raging against the manipulation of a stereotype and it’s affecting my creativity. Use what angers you in your creative process.

We must be careful with our creativity and our online marketing strategies that we do not demean (the housewife) or take advantage of the vulnerabilities (the lonely man behind his computer) of others in any way.

It’s just not kind and it will dilute your brand and cheapen your story if you do it.

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2 thoughts on “Neglected And Lonely HouseWives Searching For Love

  1. Great point and so important to point out, Geoff. I do get that icky feeling from some blogs, email letters, and the like.

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