Tired of a Messy House – FREE Maid Service

Believe me, there are times in life when I would have killed for a free maid.

It’s not that I like making a mess, it’s just that I hate wasting time cleaning up… BUT… I feel so much better when the house is clean.

Right now my desktop is way too busy, way too cluttered AND I need to reorganize; I wonder if there is such a thing as a cyber maid?

Creativity is messy and there are times for keeping things a clean AND then are times to simply work through the mess knowing that you (or your maid) can clean it up at the end.

In general, in the early genesis of your creative process, don’t be clean, be messy. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, it’s impossible to complete the puzzle if you just pull one piece of the puzzle out of the bag at a time.

In the beginning get all your ideas out on the table, then take a survey and see what you have.

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2 thoughts on “Tired of a Messy House – FREE Maid Service

  1. Yes, today my thoughts were messy. Unable to afford a maid, my wife and I had to clean them up. I made a list of 6 items on a napkin and banged them out. Now I can get back to creating. But the house, yes. Some day I’d really like to outsource that. Oh, and grocery shopping, banking, and Target runs.

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