Do You Want A Happier Job in 2013?

Just so you know… I am still using SPAM titles from my Junk email box as blogging inspiration.

Today, I simply want to talk about the “titles” or “headlines” that we use to name our creative work; because if we are wanting attention then we need to think very carefully about what we call our work.

The primary purpose of a title is not to summarize or encapsulate the work that we have created.

The purpose of a title is to simply invite a person to read more, or dive deeper into our creative work (in the case of a painting or a song) etc. It has to have a hook or an offering, this is especially so with a blog title.

“What will make them click?”

Of course most people want a happier job, and we also want it NOW and not later.

The trick to finding a good title or name for you artistic piece is to simply start telling others about it BUT when you are talking try and notice the part of the story that is most interesting to them… within that subject matter lies your title.

Importance of Titles
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