You Didn’t Go Unnoticed — I See You

No one likes to go unnoticed.

This is an important thing to understand if you are going to run any kind of online business.

Going unnoticed is a dangerous thing, it’s what makes the world such a lonely place for many friend I have yet to meet.

Notice People

Whether it is in your art or in your business or simply in your life…

Notice People

If we have deep discussions about worldly things, if we spend our lives trying to make the world a better place with our high ideals but if we fail to notice people…?


noticing people
Notice People


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One thought on “You Didn’t Go Unnoticed — I See You

  1. Geoff, I read so many of your posts, but I couldn’t let this one go without comment. My husband and I sit in a cafe every morning, and we write. Although it is technically my morning work space, I love to interact briefly with those around me. Through those brief interactions I have learned so much about the people who work here. We have also met one of our close friends. Just by noticing…

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