Hey Friend – Are You Still There…?

Is anyone listening?

This is a place of great vulnerability, when you stand on center stage, blinded by the stage lights unable to see into the faces of your audience.

It takes great faith to be an artist… or perhaps you can be a fool given to self abandonment or folly.

A writer experiences this feeling of foolishness when she picks up her pen and begins to write that masterpiece that perhaps no one will ever read.

If you are a genuine artist you are faithful and brave, even on the days when you are too afraid of your own folly to even begin.

You are brave because even though you lose today, you will fight tomorrow; believing with such valor that the path set before you is yours.

Be encouraged, your audience is waiting on the other side of the stage lights.


Artistic Bravery
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11 thoughts on “Hey Friend – Are You Still There…?

  1. Yep. I’m here. I get these posts in my (other) inbox and greatly enjoy these daily doses of inspiration. Thanks! But you made me realize a little feedback is nice to have on occasion. You’re doing great, Bro. Keep it up.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now. This is the best one yet. Creative people tend to be a little, well, odd sometimes, but this world would be a sad sorry place without creativity. This blog encourages creative people to begin or continue being brave in the face of possible rejection.

  3. Your posts are always satisfying. I find very few blogs that I feel the same way about. Very few. I have about 30 guitar scores in a stack. I have been composing since 1995 or so. Only now am I beginning to share them. Feels great and terrifying all at once!

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