Why It Aint Easy Parenting Artistic Kids

I’m sure that I confuse my parents quite a lot.

After going to college(university) and graduating as a Veterinary Surgeon; my future was apparently safely mapped out in front of me.

I would never touch poverty, I would most likely always be gainfully employed in a profession that was easy to comprehend and simple (and with some pride) to explain to others.

Then I went and gave it all away.

From their perspective, I am sure this was a foolish mistake, risky beyond measure, difficult to understand.

From my perspective, it was an obvious choice, to waste my years doing something that I liked BUT that didn’t fullfil my passions; or to take arms against a sea of troubles and give into the dreams that had been in my heart ever since I could remember.

Yes, I have touched poverty on more than one occasion, I have walked, I have stumbled and I have fallen and I have failed far more than I have succeeded BUT at least I have been faithful to the dreams inside of me.

parenting artistic kids
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10 thoughts on “Why It Aint Easy Parenting Artistic Kids

  1. This is such an important post, Geoff. I am married to a classical guitarist who was “encouraged” to go into music education. Not exactly the same to compose a mult-movement piece and teach tah-tah-tee-tee-tah to second graders. I think music teachers are extremely important, but they have to want to be there! After seven years of it, my husband opened his own guitar studio, and we have never looked back.

  2. Oooofff! Power-filled!! One of your most valued posts!!! Thank you!!!! With you, and yours, Geoff!!!!! For you!!!!!! All the way!!!!!!! :-) You are one amazing soul, crazy-wonderful, focused, scattered, creative to the max, for whom I do give our God thanks! Extra glad we connected in this past year. You are a rare treasure on our planet…you and your bride and boy. What a sacred privilege to be your friend and one of your mentors. Now………..get running. lol

  3. It ain’t easy parenting an artistic kid even when you’re an artistic parent! Both my girls are artistic, but the younger one is break the mold & throw it away artistic! Oh boy, a challenge, but then being artistic myself perhaps gives me some creative skills to call on, and, of course, loving her with all my heart doesn’t hurt either.

  4. We currently support one daughter studying her passion at UCLA (TFT School) and another that currently “feels” MIT bound. We have told them both we will make sure their education is funded as long as they are in love with the learning process and fully engaged and then…when they emerge…I want them to look for a problem to solve not a job. It is this gem of wisdom I live by “to look for a problem to solve, not a job” that has kept me engaged, passionate and relevant in work I love all these many years. And this mindset has required me to reinvent myself more than once. Brilliant post again Geoff. I find myself looking forward to opening each of your emails like a little gift each day.

  5. I just had this conversation with my mother about my 16 yo son. He thinks he wants to be a dentist and I support that. But I was telling her it was important for him to also know it’s okay to change your mind – even well into dental school. I can’t imagine anything worse than being “stuck” doing something just because you started doing it. Good for you!

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