Why My Wife Won’t Let Me Lose My Accent

I once knew an actor who went to New York from New Zealand and within 5 seconds had picked up the worst New York accent that money could buy.

He didn’t just use it on the stage… he spoke with it all the time.

I once asked my wife before we got married if she would still love me if I didn’t have this accent; she replied that she would not.

Why would you love someone for not being themselves?

Appeasement is a dangerous road to travel on the internet or in Hollywood.

If you lose your voice, you lose yourself and you might as well just go hop in the big old box in the ground and pull the lid over the top of yourself.

Your tone may change, but your accent, what you believe, how you look at life, that is your unique gift and you should never ever give it away.

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7 thoughts on “Why My Wife Won’t Let Me Lose My Accent

  1. I agree with your wife 100%. I can’t hear my accent, of course. But, I fear losing my Southern accent living here in Minnesota. I am so very grateful when someone asks me where I’m from, because then I know that part of me is still intact. I was a theater major. I was asked to lose my accent. I tried. It stuck. I’m glad.

  2. I used to feel somewhat awkward about my marked Greek accent, until I saw that it can actually work as a branding feature. Yeah, I’m the Greek gal who teaches her language and writes stories inspired from Greek myths! Perfect!

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