Knowing Your Story Will Keep You Straight

There is a piece of advice I give all any writer I work with; and typically what works in fiction also works in life.

Why are you writing this particular story?

What is the personal, internal, emotional reason for picking up the pen and choosing to express yourself in this way?

I am sure this is important for other art forms. There is both safety and power in intimately knowing the story that we are trying to tell.

You should be able to sum up your story in seven words or less; in actual fact your story can often be contained in a sound, like a groan, a cry, a laugh or a sigh.

When we know the emotional reason for our story, fighting for what we are trying to achieve is as easy as breathing.

knowing your story
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3 thoughts on “Knowing Your Story Will Keep You Straight

  1. Love this post! Going to the gloomy really helps me stay focused when composing. I am not a gloomy person and don’t really understand this, but it does help. Maybe it’s beneficial for my composing to honestly face the parts of my life that are not so perfect.

  2. Great piece! This just confirms what I wrote yesterday. My writing definitely goes easier and I stay focused when I know the story!

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