The Advantages Of Using URL Shorteners

When you only have 140 characters, you don’t want to spend all your characters by posting an extra long link like the one below…

It is much better to use one of several URL shorteners and produce a shortened version of your link so that it looks more like this…

The advantage of using a URL Shortener is that you have a lot less text in your tweet which means that…

  • People are more likely to read your tweet in a passing glance – the words in your tweet become more noticeable and are emphasized more.
  • You are more likely to get retweeted – shorter tweets get retweeted at a much higher rate than longer tweets.

There are several great URL shorteners available for you to use free of charge, with applications like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck they are already built into their systems.

Otherwise if you decide to use a shortened url you can check out Owly,  Bitly or


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