How To Start Writing When You Have Nothing

I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop in front of me AND I have no idea what to write.

Does that ever happen to you?

What do you do when you have nothing?

To be an authentic artist you have to start with whatever you’ve got… even if that’s nothing.

Especially when there is nothing, when you are empty and vulnerable, that is when you are most ready to be filled. Inspiration comes when we are devoid of hope, when we need it most.

It is a fearful, vulnerable place to be BUT it’s only when you have nothing left, that you are ready to begin.


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7 thoughts on “How To Start Writing When You Have Nothing

  1. Here’s what I’ve been known to do: Start writing. Write about anything. Describe something in the room and let your mind wander from there. It’s free association and it can lead your voice out of you. I do this for drawing sometimes too, where I’ll just start sketching and see where it takes me. I’m hardly accomplished, so take this advice for what it’s worth, I just know what gets me out of the rut sometimes…

  2. I always feel like I have something. But that the details get in the way…the challenge, sifting and sculpting through the details and getting to the essence of the story. Love this entire blog:)

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