Why 2012 Has Been A Tough Year

This year has been a super tough year. We had our first child last December and he decided not to sleep at all for the first nine months.

Oh we love him, we love him very much… BUT…

We literally didn’t sleep for more than two to three hours a night for nine months, it was torture.

Sometimes the secret to success is simply surviving, breathing air and keeping on going.

In the toughest seasons, pursuing your dreams with any sort of vigor is next to impossible.

It’s important that in these seasons we refuse to let go of hope, simply keep putting one foot in front of the other, live from meal to meal, knowing that although famine has come, rain will eventually follows.

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3 thoughts on “Why 2012 Has Been A Tough Year

  1. So much about parenting gets easier… and so much gets harder at the
    same time! As your son gets older, you’ll find that it’s not his crying
    that keeps you up at night, it’s fears and anxieties about trying to
    keep him on the right path, trying to keep him from getting into
    trouble, and wondering whether or not you’re doing it right. I’ve been a
    dad for 12 years am still figuring it out. I don’t have all the
    answers and I don’t think I ever will, but I think parenting is what
    they’re talking about when they tell you that the most rewarding things
    are the most challenging. The crying will stop, other challenges will
    arise, and through it all, you’ll consider yourself lucky to be a

  2. With 4 daughters in our house, ages ranging from 13 to 4, I can assure you that we do continue to revisit this theme of survival. Putting one foot in front of the other, making each next right decision, and correcting course moment by moment are skills that continue to develop. Thanks for the inspiration to meet the challenges head-on.

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