Seven Ways To Grow Your Artistic Career With Social Media

Seven Ways:

As part of a new seven sentence series of guest blogs we are asking influential people to write helpful seven blogs for artists on how they can use the internet to benefit their careers.

The first is from Lori McNee a professional artist and blogger. You can find her on Twitter @lorimcneeartist  and her blogs, Fine Art Tips  and Lori McNee.


Seven Ways To Grow Your Artistic Career With Social Media:

  1. Networking: First of all, social Media enables artists and creative people to easily find and connect with other like-minded individuals.
  2. Relationship Building: The power of social media enables us to turn our networking contacts into valuable relationships and life changing opportunities!
  3. Branding: Social media is the perfect place to develop and strengthen your brand identity in order to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Marketing: Social media is a free art marketing opportunity, for example, send out special updates announcing gallery openings, art exhibitions, artist gatherings, chats, art promotions and new available art.
  5. Drive traffic: Easily direct your social media following with links to your website, Esty store, Flickr portfolio, video channel, art gallery, recent blog post, or newly created piece of art.
  6. Contests & Giveaways: Hold your own Facebook or Twitter contest or giveaway and grab attention by offering a free print, painting, mug or t-shirt to your top re-tweeters or loyal followers.
  7. Hashtags: Be sure to use the power of a ‘hashtag’ (the # symbol, ig: #arttip, #art) to further refine and target your audience with your tweets and Pinterest, and Google Plus updates.


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7 thoughts on “Seven Ways To Grow Your Artistic Career With Social Media

  1. I’m sorry but this advice is so generic as to be utterly useless. First, “strengthen your brand.” The sentence means virtually nothing, just the latest jargonistic sloganeering. Further, to say that social media is the “perfect place… to stand out from the crowd,” goes beyond merely useless to downright misleading. Social Media (which is not a “place” and you will fail if you think of it that way–they are channels) doesn’t allow you to differentiate oneself from the crowd… it IS the crowd. It is how you speak to that crowd that matters.

    1. For someone who is new to this, this info is really helpful! I agree with the points given, it is nothing new to me but to an artist just starting out, this is gold!

      I do see social media as a space, place that CAN differentiate you from the crowd. Perhaps those aren’t the right words though and YES the crowd are those that are drawn to what you put out there on FB. And it is all about the connection and I’ve realised some will connect and some won’t – that’s the reality.

    2. Agreed. So disappointed. I got a great basic commission contract from Lori’s website, but this advice looks like it was copy pasted from an ad. Anyone who’s ever looked at a blog could’ve figured this out.

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